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Whitewavemark2 Wed 18-Sep-19 10:02:42

I thought it was time to outline the policies as they get put out for public consumption, of the next Government, in order that it gives us time digest their intentions.


A new Agreement will be negotiated which will ensure the protection of business and jobs by as far as possible, causing the least disruption to our economy and drawing the biggest chance of reconciliation from the factions in the U.K.
This will of course not satisfy either the hard leavers or remainers, but these are in the minority.

The Agreement will ensure that like Norway the UK remains in close single market alignment, ensuring that our protections remain and highest standards maintained.

Northern Ireland will be protected from potential violence, by the U.K. negotiated a comprehensive Customs Union. The farming community will no longer be faced with huge disruption or bankruptcy.

Once an agreement is finalised, it is proposed that it be put to the voter, together with the option to remain.

The voter can finally decide on truth, not lies, because it will be crystal clear what the outcome of each choice will be.

The Government will remain neutral in the voters choice, but will carry out the voters instructions.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 18-Sep-19 10:11:10

Which party has the above in its manifesto?

jura2 Wed 18-Sep-19 10:31:41

More or less the Labour party GG13.

WWmk2 - sounds great, but surely it would be much easier to just stay ?!? Corbyn does not want to continue with Free Movement, but it is an absolute red line for the EU, and they will not accept to do without. (good as far as I am concerned).

Whitewavemark2 Wed 18-Sep-19 10:39:56

The next government acknowledges that there was a referendum which cannot be ignored.

It will not ride roughshod over half of the voters who voted to leave because it recognises their democratic rights

Freedom of movement will not necessarily end but will be part of the negotiations, which will then be put to the public.
This government recognised the huge contribution that immigrants make to this country, both as employees and tax payers.

varian Wed 18-Sep-19 11:26:34

Over the last week the policy of the Liberal Democrats has been debated and voted upon by party members.

The Labour Party has not yet had its conference so who has agreed this policy? Don't party members even get a say?

Whitewavemark2 Wed 18-Sep-19 11:34:22

The next government recognises the vital contribution that business makes to the health and wealth of the U.K. economy and will soon publish policies to provide the necessary environment for business to continue to thrive and grow in a post capitalist economy.

The next government has been looking at best practice in such huge businesses as Glaxo Smith Kline and John Lewis, where employees have a stake in the company in the form of share ownership. This encourages each employee to work towards the good of the company whilst at the same time sharing in the rewards of a successful company.

Thie next Government recognises the contribution every employee makes towards the wealth and success of their business.

The next government will devise a plan which will ensure that 1% of outstanding equity in very large companies, like Glaxo etc will be paid into a fund , held and managed by the employees.
Every employee will receive a dividend each year.

This is widespread and successful throughout Europe. Germany and France being examples that the next government has been studying.

Davidhs Wed 18-Sep-19 11:36:04

I think we have a long way to go before that “Norway “ deal is a runner, freedom of movement will be a big obstacle.
Unpalatable it may be but NI only backstop deal is more likely with a border at Irish Sea ports, then at least most of the U.K. will be out.

Most of you don’t realize there are already border checks at the ports Customs can and do check you for nationality, currency and contraband, so not much will change.

lemongrove Wed 18-Sep-19 11:45:20

Stop saying ‘the next government’ when you have no idea what the next government will be!

winterwhite Wed 18-Sep-19 11:57:44

I'm getting tired of this harping on the 'democratic rights' of the Leave voters. These have been fully respected already. They were hard and faithfully worked on by TM for over two years before it was realised by an equal if not greater number that Leaving created more problems than it solved.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 18-Sep-19 12:31:53

WWMK2 all rather hypothetical until momentum decide what shall be in the LP manifesto at conference?

humptydumpty Wed 18-Sep-19 12:37:21

IMO the order of things should be

revoke article 50

start again with a cross-party group plus stakeholders e.g. representatives of big and small businesses

put negotaited deal and remain in a new, properly-crafted referendum

Whitewavemark2 Wed 18-Sep-19 12:39:08

The next government recognises overwhelming support to nationalise the UKs rail system. After the re-nationalisation of the East Coast Line in 2009, public satisfaction rocketed to 91% as did the profits of £8.4bn. £224 million of which was handed back to the Dept. Of Transport.

It has looked at other countries who have a nationalised rail system which include.

And many others.

All these countries recognise the need for the country wide integrated means of train transport in a post capitalist economy, run from a central source.

It recognises the huge benefits from a rail service run for the benefit of the entire Kingdom, with overall control of timetables, maintenance etc. The profits which are vast can be ploughed back into the railways to ensure we bring our rail service onto date serving a modern post capitalist economy.

At present the government gives a huge amount of funding towards their running (approx£4bn pa) this could in future come from the profit which st present goes towards enormous CEO salaries and share holder dividends.

Each franchise will not be renewed as it comes to the end of its life, and the government will take over the running of each franchise as it ends.

Sussexborn Wed 18-Sep-19 12:49:05

WWMK2 obviously thinks if he repeats himself often enough his thoughts will become facts. My GS used to do this when he was two years old.

At what point is JC going to be bundled in to a car for his “visit” to HM. What has the poor woman done to deserve said visit?

When does the next brain drain begin when all the bright and talented young people finally realise just what they have brought down on themselves?

GracesGranMK3 Wed 18-Sep-19 13:13:50

Whitewave thank you. That will all make interesting reading.

GracesGranMK3 Wed 18-Sep-19 13:15:49

Sussexborn As a grandfather you would think you might have learned better manners.

Anniebach Wed 18-Sep-19 13:21:28

MacDonald - ‘Jeremy there is a cab waiting outside your office.

Corbyn - thank you John, where am I going ?

MacDonald- Bucking Palace to see the Queen

Corbyn - what do you want me to say John ?

MacDonald - as usual Jeremy your script has been written for
you, just read it and repeat

Pantglas2 Wed 18-Sep-19 13:23:50

Ooh Anniebach - stand well clear.....there will be blood.....!

GrannyGravy13 Wed 18-Sep-19 13:43:18

Anniebach fairly accurate ????

Whitewavemark2 Wed 18-Sep-19 14:01:25

The next government recognised the disaster that universal credit has been for the underprivileged. It has set up a Policy Commission, recording and assessing evidence from MPs, Charities, campaigners etc. And found overwhelming evidence that they wanted a radical overhaul of the system and many want it totally scrapped

It recognises that it has contributed to the rise in homelessness, child poverty and food banks.

The next government is proposing to initially to look at a major overhaul of the system, whilst retaining some of the benefit sanctions.

But there is no doubt that the UC as a brand has become toxic and synonymous with cuts and hardship.

Grany Wed 18-Sep-19 16:46:12

The next government

Compensation & Recognition for WASPI woman

Whitewavemark2 Sat 21-Sep-19 09:30:58

The next Government has been developing its economic policies, and people in the most unexpected places have been indicating their approval.

A city analyst told the Telegraph that “We see the magnitude of economic damage of a no-deal Brexit as much higher than the policies proposed by the Labour Party”
Labour has become decisively more economically safe than a profligate Conservative Government..

Senior people in the City have said that McDonnell, far from appearing like a Marxist as his detractors like to describe him, in fact behaves and talks like a bank manager.
The same thing is being said by business journalists. The FT has indicated that Labour policies are sensible as had The Economist.

Labours main policies have public approval

Re-nationalise the railways

Introduce a more equitable tax system

Put more policemen on the streets

Avoid foreign wars that lead to terrorism.

Labour is attempting to tackle and confront the crises of capitalism and climate breakdown, and how it affects people’s lives.

But clearing up the mess left by the Tories will be a thankless task.


GracesGranMK3 Sat 21-Sep-19 11:30:33

I imagine we may get more meat on the bones of the policies over the next few days Whitewave. It will be interesting to see what comes out of the conference.

Eloethan Sat 21-Sep-19 12:25:46

Sussexborn Have you got any relevant points to support your views or are you only capable of making rude comments?

The "brain drain" has been going on for some time now and has been accelerated by Conservative policies - eg wasting money on championing and paying for "free schools" and increasing the number of academies, encouraging schools, colleges and universities to see themselves primarily as businesses rather than places of learning. Additionally, leaving the EU is projected to cause an acceleration of skilled professionals, leaving the UK, especially in the fields of science and technology, since the co-operation between research and academic bodies and the exchange of skills and information will be impeded when we leave the EU.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 21-Sep-19 12:29:07

Actually the brain drain is already happening because many high skilled scientific jobs have left the U.K. and gone to the EU countries.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 21-Sep-19 12:36:47

McDonnell has announced interest free loans for electric cars.