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Sensible discussion on Labour Leadership hopefuls

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Yehbutnobut Wed 18-Dec-19 07:54:43

Just read Kier Starmer’s leadership pitch and was impressed. He’s calling for a return to a broad-church Party, but warns not to lurch too far to the right as a knee-jerk reaction.

It appears he was not allowed to speak during the election campaign which is a shame as he is a powerful speaker and powerful advocate of socialist values.. He is not a fan of McCluskey so unlikely to get his nomination.

Could we perhaps open up a sensible discussion on the likely candidates from those interested, and no just one-sentence put downs?

growstuff Wed 18-Dec-19 08:11:17

For me, Starmer would be the only sensible choice.

In some ways, Labour could benefit from Brexit because it's a "done deed" and Labour will have one fewer issues to tear it apart. Nevertheless, the steps along the way need to be scrutinised and, if necessary, challenged to make sure the country does get a Brexit which benefits the majority. I think Starmer is capable of doing that.

Although he has an image of being an Islington lawyer, he's actually a "working class" lad made good.

Whoever is eventually selected, the first priority must be to listen. I'm not advocating a populist agenda of anti-immigration, being draconian on crime etc, but the real issues people have need to be addressed and not dismissed as bigotry and stupidity.

PS. In my opinion, the other contenders would be a disaster for Labour and, therefore, the country.

GagaJo Wed 18-Dec-19 08:15:39

I also am warming to Starmer. Is he charismatic?

Yehbutnobut Wed 18-Dec-19 08:15:44

Good point about ‘working class lad made good’ his father was a tool maker.

Yehbutnobut Wed 18-Dec-19 08:18:41

Incidentally, all this is purely rhetorical unless you are a member of the LP and therefore eligible to vote. So many of my family and friends have joined since the election already. Cheap and easy on line.


lemongrove Wed 18-Dec-19 08:23:01

Are you asking only for contributions on here from Labour voters yeahbut..... because I would say we are all interested in the direction that the LP now goes in.
Keir Starmer would be probably the best candidate from the present shadow cabinet, but there are others who are back benchers like Yvette Cooper who would be very good and have plenty of political experience.
The important lesson for the LP membership to learn is that very left wing candidates in the Corbyn mould won’t make Labour an electable Party for the future.

Yehbutnobut Wed 18-Dec-19 08:37:10

I said from those interested but most of all calling for a rational and sensible discussion. That isn’t just throwing out names but justifying your choice and it certainly isn’t inviting mud-throwing but rather a logical reason if there is a candidate you’d rather not support.

growstuff Wed 18-Dec-19 08:37:44

Yehbutnobut Yes, I've heard that there's been a surge in new members.

Grandad1943 Wed 18-Dec-19 08:41:50

What has to be remembered that it will be not only Labour party members that vote in any leadership election which are approximately four hundred thousand in number. There are also the affiliated trade union members (those union members who pay the political Levy) and there are approximately five million of them.

Not a high percentage of those members vote but those that do are strong activists in that movement and those were the people who very much got behind Corbyn in the last two leadership elections and gave him the huge victories he obtained.

They will be looking for someone in Corbyns image whenever this election takes place.

kittylester Wed 18-Dec-19 08:43:07

As a Tory voter, I am interested in who leads the LP because we need a credible opposition.

It seems obvious to me that it needs to be someone who is more centre left than extreme left. I like Keir Starmer a lot but he doesnt have enough charisma imo. Much as I like Yvette Cooper, nor does she.

It is a huge worry that Jeremy Corbyn is trying to keep the party on the same path that lost them the election.

So, maybe a new Centrist party will emerge.

GagaJo Wed 18-Dec-19 08:43:24

I assume this is where you got the info from Yehbutnobut? It's a good article.

GracesGranMK3 Wed 18-Dec-19 08:44:30

I think it will be good to have the interregnum while everyone decides if they are going to stand. We can then hear what they have to say.

I believe there is some talk about who will actually be able to vote too but no doubt we will hear shortly.

As for people using a thread-like this as an anti whichever part of Labour they don't approve of, it's just not helpful. Let's find out what the candidates are standing for and then we will be able to discuss positively. We have had 10 years of negativity; personally I don't need those people or their conversations in my life.

growstuff Wed 18-Dec-19 08:44:56

Attlee was an Oxford-educated barrister, who had a reputation for lacking charisma, being indecisive and uninspiring. Churchill allegedly said of him “He has much to be modest about”.

I think charisma is overrated.

growstuff Wed 18-Dec-19 08:48:01

If they do elect somebody in Corbyn's image, they can forget about forming a government for the foreseeable future.

By the 2029 election, Corbyn will be history. There will be a whole new generation of voters, who will never have known anything except a Conservative government. Who knows how they'll vote?

Anniebach Wed 18-Dec-19 08:51:40

Party members, Momentum members and Unions will vote.

So Yvette Cooper , Lisa Nandy and Jess Phillips are out.

Probably it will be between Stammer and Long Bailey.

Yehbutnobut Wed 18-Dec-19 08:52:43

growstuff please don’t look back but forwards

Yehbutnobut Wed 18-Dec-19 08:54:49

Sweeping statements not acceptable. Please justify your post Annie.

Kier Starmer not likely to be backed by McCluskey you must know if you’ve read the literature.

GracesGranMK3 Wed 18-Dec-19 08:56:33

Have we a list of those who will say they will stand? Not just those who are thinking about it. I would appreciate that.

Anniebach Wed 18-Dec-19 09:01:20

Not a sweeping statement

Yehbutnobut Wed 18-Dec-19 09:01:43

There isn’t a final list year, some are still thinking. It’s clear so far that Kier Starmer and Rebecca Long-Bailey are standing.

Yehbutnobut Wed 18-Dec-19 09:01:59

Yet not year.

Anniebach Wed 18-Dec-19 09:02:18

No one has said they will stand .

Curlywhirly Wed 18-Dec-19 09:02:19

Kier Starmer would get my vote. Wonder why Harriet Harman isn't in the running? She seems to be keeping a very low profile. When we had the last leadership contest I thought Chuka Umunna had charisma in spades, but unfortunately, we all know what happened to him!

kittylester Wed 18-Dec-19 09:02:42

I've not heard that anyone has declared yet but a few are 'thinking about it's - presumably to judge support.

kittylester Wed 18-Dec-19 09:04:51

Charisma might be overrated for people who are engaged but is important for the rest of the population.

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