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Grany Fri 03-Jan-20 09:52:50

Some Talk on Twitter today
Maybe good idea for a good news thread too.


When you can't sleep and wake up to discover WW3 may be imminent, tell me why Peacemakers like JC are villified and twats like Johnson and Trump are in power ffs

Abby Martin

Imagine for one second what the US would do if Iran just launched a drone strike to assassinate a top US general. This imperial arrogance and bloodlust for war is horrific and must be stopped before it’s too late. #NoWarWithIran #USoutofIraq

Sixteen years ago,
warned the invasion and occupation of Iraq would set off a spiral of conflict and hate that would fuel the wars, terrorism & misery of future generations.
Learn, folks, learn. #Iran

Dan Cohen

If this is true, the US has effectively declared war on Iran, which has established militarily ties with Russia and China. It’s not hyperbole to say this could start WW3. Insane.

The Labour Leftie ?

Strange how this 2013 clip of Johnson, saying he believes the UK should STAY IN the EU, was unavailable for download on all but one site.???

He adds "It's fundamentally not just in the interests of this country but of the whole European Union that Britain should be there".

Bipolarita#Socialism values all

Are Tory voters the new Walking dead? Trogging around with their brains switched off. My tory neighbours complaining rail fare increased again. "we thought Boris would sort this out".

Andy McDonald

Germany’s decision is the correct one. As I announced in the General Election campaign, had Labour won I would have been introducing today a 33% reduction in fares. A major shift from road to rail is key to lowering emissions, improving air quality and combatting congestion.

Labour Left

Whilst British rail travellers are hit by eye watering fare increases once again, Germany makes train tickets cheaper in plan to lower emissions

Stephanie Bendixsen

One of the most important and relevant threads you can read re: the current state of Australia at this moment. #AustraliaBushfires

Bodie Ashton

I want to give some perspective for people not from Australia.
More Aussie land is currently burning than exists in the entire country of Belgium. The smoke is causing breathing problems in New Zealand, 2,000km away. Half a billion animals have been killed. Eight people are dead.

Gloria Evans ?️

Reminded me of this, which shocked me at the time.
Max Keiser told by BBC not to talk about Israel

Sue Aitkenhead - Standing up for truth in Poole?
There is a danger that we will get so used to our Prime minister telling lies, that we start to accept it as normal behaviour for a Prime minister. Are you allowed to lie in your job? Would your boss promote you for telling a good story instead of doing your work?

We need to have new sources of news build better news infomation instead of mainly propaganda we are fed.

growstuff Fri 03-Jan-20 23:43:27

It's only reliable if you dig deep into sources and get as close to the truth as you can. Unfortunately, it's known most people don't do that.

By choosing a range of people to follow on Twitter, combined with a range of international media, the view of the world is infinitely broader than anything which could be gleaned on GN.

GagaJo Sat 04-Jan-20 06:53:54

Hahaha, I like Gransnet but no, it isn't a broad view, is it!

growstuff Sat 04-Jan-20 07:45:51

I certainly wouldn't use it as a source of news, but I guess it depends what people mean by "news".

Grany Sat 04-Jan-20 10:03:32

I've written to Boris Johnson requesting an urgent Privy Council briefing and answers to questions following the US assassination of Qassem Suleimani.

Boris Johnson. Missing in Action. AWOL.

Callistemon Sat 04-Jan-20 10:18:00

I beg Dr Bodie's pardon for assuming the name Bodie was a female one.

We can contribute via the Australian Red Cross.
Why have we not sent firefighters there? Other members of the Commonwealth are helping - New Zealand and Canada have sent firefighters.

Callistemon Sat 04-Jan-20 10:24:40

Just checked him out. He's a historian.

His opinions do not add anything further to the perspective we already have. The information he gives is readily available from many sources.

Grany Sat 04-Jan-20 17:03:37


Nobody can say they weren't warned.

He hid all through #GE19. Why wouldn't he hide now.

When the going get's tough Johnson is nowhere to be found. Pitiful.


Callistemon Sat 04-Jan-20 17:08:18

I'd prefer to hear your own thoughts Grany than all these random tweets from random twits.

If I want to read them I'll join Twitter.

Grany Sun 05-Jan-20 06:20:18

Yes but where is Boris?

There is a lot of interesting and breaking news on Twitter
not to be sneezed at.

Callistemon Sun 05-Jan-20 09:48:16

Is Boris not tweeting?

Well, at least that is better than Trump.
Do you follow him as well to get a balanced view?
Or just those with whom you agree?

Grany Sun 05-Jan-20 11:04:16

I don't follow Boris, his tweets are all lies anyway.

I see lots topical tweets like #Marr and #Ridge today.

I do follow those Inagree with naturally

I don't follow Trump but have seen few of his tweets
One disturbing about Trump bombing 52 cultural states in Iran.

So there answered your questions.

I posted tweets things I thought were interesting for others to read and true. If you don't like reading tweets don't read them pass them by. smile

Grany Sun 05-Jan-20 11:17:05

Trumps Tweet


Replying to
Destroying "Iranian culture," then boasting, is a literally genocidal crime against humanity

Trump isn't just attacking Iran; he's trying to erase it

This is fascist and colonialist behavior, based on an urge to totally extirpate an Indigenous people


....targeted 52 Iranian sites (representing the 52 American hostages taken by Iran many years ago), some at a very high level & important to Iran & the Iranian culture, and those targets, and Iran itself, WILL BE HIT VERY FAST AND VERY HARD. The USA wants no more threats!
Show this thread

Callistemon Sun 05-Jan-20 11:19:54

How do you decide whose tweets are lies and whose are not?

Do you have an opinion of your own Grany
Why do you keep retweeting the opinions of others?

jura2 Sun 05-Jan-20 11:23:39

Grany is copy/pasting Tweet which represent her own 'opinion' I believe- or rather what she, and so many with her (me included) think is the reality.

Callistemon Sun 05-Jan-20 11:26:50

I realise that but this is GN not Twitter.

If we want to go on Twitter we will.

If we want to follow interesting links we will.

But posts pasting reams of Twitter opinions is just that. Perhaps a link?

Eloethan Sun 05-Jan-20 11:41:01

Lots of people post their opinions and links on Gransnet. Those who deride the opinions and links tend to do so because they are of an opposite opinion. They don't seem to object to opinions and links which confirm their own beliefs.

That's, I suppose, a fairly natural response that many of us tend to make - but when people start to suggest that certain ideas and information that don't echo the mainstream, or their own, thoughts I think it is a dangerous road to go down.

I guess you decide whether something is likely to be true or not by examining the evidence from a wide variety of sources and reading the commentaries of people who have knowledge and expertise in specific areas, whilst being mindful of their possible sponsors and personal professional and financial interests.

Callistemon Sun 05-Jan-20 11:49:29

Links yes! We can follow or not

But - this is Gransnet NOT Twitter.

If we want to read the opinions of others on Twitter we can join (or not).

So, if we ignore those posts are we then of an opposite opinion?
Not necessarily, perhaps we would just would prefer the opinions of other posters or a link if they prefer, rather than long reams of regurgitated tweets.

growstuff Sun 05-Jan-20 12:41:32

I use Twitter because it's an invaluable opportunity to follow and interact with people I would never usually meet in real life. Sometimes they open up my mind to ideas I would never have thought about otherwise. I also "follow" people with whom I strongly disagree because I'm interested in the alternative viewpoints, but only if the points are well argued and coherent.

I post links as a way of backing up something I've written on GN. My posts are sometimes long enough hmm, even though I try to summarise what I've read. The links are there to back up anything I've written and to provide follow up for anybody interested.

growstuff Sun 05-Jan-20 12:46:48

BTW Trump's Tweets are very interesting. I haven't a clue why he writes them. He's either the biggest fool ever and incriminates himself or there's reasoning behind the madness. He certainly uses Twitter to reach people in a way no other major world leader ever has done. The American electorate seem to be quite impressed (or at least enough of them to make him President). Somebody will write a book about them. They're primary sources of his thinking, in the same way historians seize on diaries of historical figures.

POGS Mon 06-Jan-20 11:14:56

I remember this as just 1 example of how easy it is to create a fake twitter account, it just happens to be about Trump.

The fake tweet is no longer on view and there must be a reason for that so I am leaving well alone. It is an example of how fake tweets are created and so easy to stir those who want to believe so badly a tweeters reputation can be tarnished they suck up any old crap.

The fake

I am not defending Trump by any stretch of the imagination but I am annoyed how easy others use forums such as Gransnet to promote their politics/opinions by not producing factual information, not even knowing who/what/where the garbage they sometimes print emanates from.

It is true we do not know to whom/what we engage with on social media but Hells bells take a bit of personal responsibility and at least try and use your own words and thoughts to discuss/debate.

Of course if it is merely regurgitating other people's opinions / misinformation is what floats some folks boat then nothing nor nobody will stop that. I repeat I think time will come when social media sites will have to be careful what they allow to be printed on their sites and the source it was /is connected to as provenance.

Grany Mon 06-Jan-20 13:14:16

These are truth facts. I shared a few snippets not fake news on a few subjects chosen I had the same opinion on and that all tied together.

Most of the righ is about greed big business corporations and their needs, for them only, that is the way UK is going with Johnson.

France has had several weeks of strikes demonstrations against their right wing neoliberal government but you hardly hear anything reported over here, by our MSM, and they are only 24 miles away.

And thank you to GagaJo who said all I posted about is true.

Ok no fake news here.

I will post from Twitter if I want and like if any who said they don't like it well don't read it. Ok

growstuff Mon 06-Jan-20 13:47:57

You might find following Twitter fascinating POGS.

A couple of the favourite people I follow are Deborah Meaden and Mary Beard. I am in doubt those accounts are genuine. Both have interesting things to say and they do actually respond to things their followers right. I'd never meet them in real life (although I've seen Mary Beard a few times) and I find the discussion stimulating. I also follow people with expertise in my own interests.

I saw the exchange between Trump and Suleimani. It was unbelievable, but I didn't realise for one moment that Trump would take it offline. I'm not shedding any tears for Sulemaini personally, but it was fascinating to watch. Anybody who's interested in history and/or current affairs was witnessing something first hand.

I also read "troll" threads. They're fascinating too and easy to spot, although unfortunately some people probably are taken in by them. They consist of hundreds of posts (usually bots) which reinforce each other. Sometimes they make mistakes, such as posting the programming code rather than producing a message. The Conservatives, Momentum and some governments write thousands of these posts. They're a tool for modern propaganda. It's interesting to see the agendas they're trying to create and messages in the main stream media should be interpreted in that context.

Twitter is just a means of enabling millions of people to interact in real time. As in real life there are liars, bullies, fraudsters, etc. There are also some people with real expertise about topics, about which I know nothing. They usually provide links, which can be followed up.

Being media savvy is a skill which is essential in the modern day world.

growstuff Mon 06-Jan-20 13:50:21

TYPO (gggrrr) "I am in no doubt ...