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RIP Nicholas Parsons

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trisher Tue 28-Jan-20 11:13:43

Just heard this legend has died. Such a funny, sympathetic and nice man. Love Just a Minute. A long and fantastic career. He will be much missed.

phoenix Tue 28-Jan-20 11:44:07

Sad indeed, but how wonderful that he had such a long career and seemed so well and active for so long.

lucywinter Tue 28-Jan-20 12:06:57

No! That is very sad.

geeljay Tue 28-Jan-20 12:11:22

I didnt hear he had died. Good presenter, witty and entertaining. R I P Nicholas Parsons.

Anniebach Tue 28-Jan-20 12:14:45


helenrowena Tue 28-Jan-20 12:20:50

So sad another of the "old school " gone , and who will replace them ? Legends such as Terry Wogan, Bob Monkhouse, Bruce Forsyth , Leslie Crowther to name a few,

I can`t see myself lamenting the likes of Wossie or Carr or Rylan when the time comes

GillT57 Tue 28-Jan-20 12:22:28

OH no, I thought he was eternal! Such a bright, witty, articulate man.

crazyH Tue 28-Jan-20 12:25:03

Loved him .....great presenter ...loved him on Sale of the Century. r.i.p.

Nortsat46 Tue 28-Jan-20 12:34:56

I loved him on Just a Minute on Radio 4, he was funny and generous and polite.
I have heard a number of the younger generation comedians remark upon how kind and funny he was on JaM.

I expect he is now chairing the great Just a Minute in the heavens and reminding everyone that we don’t want ‘repetition, deviation or hesitation’.

Sincere condolences to his family.
RIP Nicholas.

JessK Tue 28-Jan-20 13:22:01

A truly talented and unassuming man who will be greatly missed by those he worked with and those who loved to listen to him.
Condolences to his family who loved him deeply. RIP

timetogo2016 Tue 28-Jan-20 13:23:56

RIP Mr N Parsons.

Urmstongran Tue 28-Jan-20 14:09:18

Belonged to a generation of good, clean comedians. Another loss.

Rip Sir.

Grannybags Tue 28-Jan-20 14:14:52

Will miss him on Just a Minute. Can't think of anyone who could replace him

GillT57 Tue 28-Jan-20 14:22:49

I thunk his passing may be the end of Just a Minute grannybags, he was the core of the programme. Although I was never fortunate enough to meet him, I always had the sense that I would like him; a funny, clever, erudite gentleman.

threexnanny Tue 28-Jan-20 14:35:00

He must have had a very eventful life. I remember seeing him in 'The Rocky Horror Show' I think, wearing fish net stockings. Great legs too!!

jura2 Tue 28-Jan-20 16:54:44

Died today aged 96 - same age, and also same shape, posture and dress style as my dad, who also died at 96.

He was absolutely fascinated by horology- and did a wonderful documentary a few years ago about our most famous 18C watch maker, Breguet. He retraced the amazing saga of his best masterpiece, the Marie-Antoinette watch - for the French Queen of that name- ordered by her lover Prince Fernsen of Sweden. She was guillotined before the watch of all watches was finished, and even Breguet never finished it- but his son.

It was sold several times, and was finally bought by a very rich man from Jerusalem- and was kept in the Museum of Islamic Art there- but was stolen by a collector. They searched high and wide- but it was only found by the collector's wife after he died- and restituted to the Museum where it is now under very strict surveillance. In the meantime, Breguet watches made a copy from all the drawings and technical instructions Breguet left - but the twins have sadly never been re-united and compared properly. A fascinating story.

I wrote to Mr Parsons after the documentary to give him other bits of information- and he was so pleased and wrote me a lovely long letter back- and promised we would go our for lunch on his next visit- although he was not sure he would be able to come again. Lovely, gracious man. RIP.

NanKate Tue 28-Jan-20 17:24:47

RIP such a lovely, funny man and such a gentleman he will be greatly missed. ?

annep1 Tue 28-Jan-20 17:37:19

Very nice person and a great presenter. I loved him on Just a Minute.

whywhywhy Tue 28-Jan-20 17:48:07

RIP to a great man. X

jura2 Tue 28-Jan-20 17:52:46

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Callistemon Tue 28-Jan-20 17:58:57

GillT I thought he was eternal too.

RIP Nicholas Parsons, you were charming, always articulate, never lowering his standards.
And a wonderful comedian and genius straight man.

RIP Nicholas

merlotgran Tue 28-Jan-20 18:05:04

How good that he will be remembered for such a lengthy and successful career.

RIP Nicholas

LullyDully Tue 28-Jan-20 19:59:42

Just an old friend who was there all my life. A wonderful version of Just a Minute on Radio 4 at 6.30 with clips going right back in time.

Nandalot Tue 28-Jan-20 20:45:27

He will be missed. I can not imagine Just a Minute without him.

jura2 Tue 28-Jan-20 20:56:05

Before I go, listen to him

he was a passionate Reamainer and often talked of the folly and disaster that Brexit is, and more importantly, will be.