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My goodness - that was a truly inspiring speech just now from Boris! ‘UnLeashing Britain’s Potential’.

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Urmstongran Mon 03-Feb-20 11:31:04

Just wow!

newnanny Mon 03-Feb-20 12:05:56

Totally agree Urmstongran. It is great to have a PM that believes in the UK and all our new hard won freedoms and opportunities.

AllTheLs Mon 03-Feb-20 12:09:47

Looking forward to hearing it.

suziewoozie Mon 03-Feb-20 12:26:21


craftyone Mon 03-Feb-20 12:50:11

amazing. An inspiring leader at long last

Jane10 Mon 03-Feb-20 12:52:39

Gosh. You almost don't expect inspiring political speeches any longer. Will watch with interest.

JenniferEccles Mon 03-Feb-20 12:57:40

Is there a link for it please?

Oopsminty Mon 03-Feb-20 12:59:40

It's on Youtube

His detractors will loathe it

I rather liked it

eazybee Mon 03-Feb-20 13:31:54

Is this the speech which was supposed to have been transmitted on Friday evening at 11pm, but the BBC and others broadcasters 'chose' not to ignore it?

Urmstongran Mon 03-Feb-20 13:44:30

No. That was a 3 minute one.
This one is on trade negotiations.

anniezzz09 Mon 03-Feb-20 14:41:19

It's called spin, they all do it, they have speech writers you know?

Bit Orwellian is how I see what's going on at the moment - newspeak, double think and doublespeak. 1984, such a prophetic book.

Baggs Mon 03-Feb-20 14:50:01

I enjoyed it too and I find it difficult to listen to politicians at all, even if I agree with what they're saying. Maybe it's Boris's rhetorical world view as described by Freddie Sayers that makes it good.

Chestnut Mon 03-Feb-20 14:50:41

No matter what he says or does, or however successful Brexit is, the doom mongers will continue to wail like banshees ???? ?

growstuff Mon 03-Feb-20 14:50:47

I've just watched the whole thing. As a matter of interest, what did people find inspiring?

My son does a wonderful impression of Boris Johnson and it honestly sounded like one of his performances (including the lies). He seems to think everybody is stupid.

growstuff Mon 03-Feb-20 14:51:37

Nope! Not a doom monger - just waiting for something honest and realistic.

Chestnut Mon 03-Feb-20 14:54:24

I thought he gave a very inspiring speech in the Commons straight after the election. Not sure how many people saw it. He was very expressive and enthusiastic and looked quite exhausted when he sat down!

growstuff Mon 03-Feb-20 14:55:39

At least we know now that he doesn't want any kind of deal with the EU.

growstuff Mon 03-Feb-20 14:56:26

What was inspirational about it? That's a serious question.

Baggs Mon 03-Feb-20 14:57:22

Read the Freddie Sayers article, growstuff. It's really interesting.

Also, what lies? Were there lies in the speech? Could you point them out for us, please?

Joelsnan Mon 03-Feb-20 14:59:04

Just what we needed. Someone to give a clear vision of the potential future for the UK. A good speech.

Baggs Mon 03-Feb-20 15:01:42

How does one interpret not wanting to kowtow to EU rules as not wanting a deal? I thought Boris was saying we might just as well ask them to kowtow to our rules, many of which he seemed to think were better (which you can argue with of course). But he was saying that neither of those things should be necessary.

paddyanne Mon 03-Feb-20 15:16:33

there are another 27 countries in the EU ,THEY get to make the rules not Boris .England opted out so they he has no say .We either take whats on offer or no deal then we get huge tarrifs on food from other suppliers .Why would we expect anything else? Your corner shop cant negotiate the same or better deals than a major supermarket so why would the other suppliers give Boris a better deal than the 500,000 000 across the channel ? Answer is they wont'

Jane10 Mon 03-Feb-20 15:24:56

Maybe because the UK is a big market that they can't afford to lose.

westendgirl Mon 03-Feb-20 15:25:43

Paddyanne you do make sense. Well written.

Nortsat46 Mon 03-Feb-20 15:33:33

Well, having watched the whole speech, I am quite concerned ... the content was rambling and full of hot air.

I don’t think quoting Cobden and the Anti Corn Law League (c1830) will be particularly useful in negotiations with the most protectionist President the US has had for decades.
Nor do I see such rhetoric having much impact on President Jinping either.

Britain’s position in trade negotiations will not be enhanced by such posturing.