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Leaving Archie behind

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Lizbethann55 Sat 07-Mar-20 17:19:25

Am I the only one who thinks it was a bit unkind of Harry and Meghan not to bring Archie to the UK with them on this trip? It's not as if Meghan would have to sit with Archie on her knee for nine hours in cattle class and then have to drag him around with her. I very much doubt that they will come to the UK very often and Prince Philip is obviously ailing. We read many posts on here from grandparents who never see their grandchildren and are so upset by it. The royal family may have different lives from the rest of us, but they are still human beings who love their grandchildren/ great grandchildren. I think it was a mean, even vindictive, decision.

vegansrock Sat 07-Mar-20 17:34:12

Ooh let’s put the boot in about something else....taking a baby on a long haul flight isn’t great and having to get them over jet lag for a short visit...not a good idea.

jura2 Sat 07-Mar-20 17:44:35

Indeed- is she had brought him- others would have had a go.

Atqui Sat 07-Mar-20 18:03:06

It’s a valid observation I think. Even if not actually vindictive , I think it’s strange they wanted to leave him behind

ineedamum Sat 07-Mar-20 18:07:28

How long are Harry and Megan staying in the UK?

GagaJo Sat 07-Mar-20 18:11:09

Oh get over it! I very much doubt if Phillip is interested. He's never been particularly warm and friendly with his own children, let alone those twice removed. The Queen would probably like a look at him, but she too is too elderly to be a 'get down on the floor' granny. The Queen and Phillip have the luxury of having lots of family around them, unlike most elderly people, many of whom are alone most of the time. Save your sympathy for them.

Beckett Sat 07-Mar-20 18:18:00

Isn't there already an anti Harry and Meghan thread going? Personally I don't care one way or the other about any of them and don't understand why so many GNs are so concerned about the lives of people they don't know. Go do something useful - like help out at a homeless shelter

Lucca Sat 07-Mar-20 18:22:49

Agreed Beckett I can’t believe there’s another of these moanathons about harry and Meghan.

Anniebach Sat 07-Mar-20 18:28:15

So you know people in homeless shelters , you know the posters who choose to post their opinions on people they don’t know ,you know which posters help or don’t Help
at homeless shelters

That’s a lot of ‘I know’

Jabberwok Sat 07-Mar-20 19:09:37

They managed to take him to Africa without any qualms, surely that was long haul flight?
As for saying the Queen and PP are too old to care one way or the other, what a horrible comment! My DH's Granny was in her 80's when our son was born, and she loved our visits and him! Presumably P.C is too old or too disinterested to care as well as other family members. There certainly are some spiteful posters on here!

Barmeyoldbat Sat 07-Mar-20 19:15:52

I don't think we will see Archie in this country again, he will never get to mix and know his cousins and the rest of the family. Just think she is vindictive as you said.

Smileless2012 Sat 07-Mar-20 19:27:45

Our ES's GP's, his children's GGP's wouldn't be able to get "down on the floor" either with their GGC, but would have liked to have been able to see them.

I don't suppose the Queen and Prince Phillip are any different.

kircubbin2000 Sat 07-Mar-20 19:30:17

Far too long a journey when he will be well looked after by his Nanny.Im sure no one is interested in him and it is a short visit.

Beckett Sat 07-Mar-20 19:32:03


1. Yes I know people in homeless shelters (I help out several times a week)

2. I very much doubt those posting about Harry and Meghan actually know them

3. You frequently post as if you know what the Queen, Prince Philip and the rest of the RF think and feel

Kettle and Pot

Smileless2012 Sat 07-Mar-20 19:32:08

I'm sure his GF and GGP's are very interested in him.

Anniebach Sat 07-Mar-20 19:35:09

How can anyone say they are sure no one in his extended family is interested in the child .

mumofmadboys Sat 07-Mar-20 19:38:49

Surely it is Harry and Meghan's decision to make and should be no concern of the rest of us. Leave the poor couple alone!

Smileless2012 Sat 07-Mar-20 19:38:58

Maybe those who are saying so haven't experienced what it's like to not see your GC Annie and know how hurt the child's GGP's are that they don't get to see them either.

Greymar Sat 07-Mar-20 19:43:10

I know somebody on GN called Meghan a bitch? Does that help at all?

Smileless2012 Sat 07-Mar-20 19:45:10

No I don't suppose is does help Greymar but neither does condoning hurtful and inappropriate behaviour.

Greymar Sat 07-Mar-20 19:48:03

How can you know who is hurt? Do you know the RF? a hotline to Phillips phone on his bedside table?

Smileless2012 Sat 07-Mar-20 19:53:33

No, but I know what it's like not to be able see my GC and for my mother and m.i.l. not to see their GGC Greymar. How do you know they're not hurt? Wouldn't you be?

starbird Sat 07-Mar-20 19:57:19

I expect the Queen would have liked to see Archie - her and Charles would have been able to say to Harry things like ‘ you did that when you were his age’. That is an irreplaceable tie and when Archie grows up he may blame his parents for keeping him away from his extended family, especially as there doesn’t seem to be any substitute on his mother’s side.

But at the end of the day if that’s what Meghan wants......

She appears to be very much one of those people who are vivacious and charming and loveable - as long as they get their own way.

Anniebach Sat 07-Mar-20 19:59:43

I am the poster Greymar is referring to, my post was reported and deleted !

Barmeyoldbat Sat 07-Mar-20 20:01:39

Its not just about the gp, there are cousins who he will probably never get to know and join in the family fun. Also they took him to Africa which didn't seem a problem.