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Daisymae Sun 07-Jun-20 11:35:29

Time and time again we have been told by this government that we will not allow food imports that are produced with lower standards than we currently we have in the UK. However it's not much surprise that now they are in negotiations that's exactly what they would like to do. One way is to allow these low standard foods in but with slightly higher tarriffs - for now. So if you are not happy to be eating chlorinated chicken or beef pumped up with growth hormones then really you should take some action. The NFU has a petition and you could also write to your MP. There's lots of info out there if you want to educate yourself on the dangers, not counting of course the suffering of animals produced intensively.

growstuff Sun 07-Jun-20 11:51:47

I've signed the petition, but I know my MP won't do anything.

Wheniwasyourage Sun 07-Jun-20 12:45:21

Signed. I emailed my MP about food standards a while ago, and although he is a Tory he did reply that he was concerned that any trade deals after Brexit should protect our farmers and food standards (but will he vote to ensure that hmm?).

It's funny how this is being done while we are all taken up with coronavirus, not to mention the Dominic Cummings affair, isn't it? Cynical, moi?

Daisymae Sun 07-Jun-20 13:14:38

What is so irritating is the fact that they swore blind that it would not happen. They are hoping that they can slip it under the radar. They are just incredibly untrustworthy

Davidhs Sun 07-Jun-20 13:24:06

Apparently 40 Tory MPs did rebel and try to amend the legislation, so there are some with a conscience, the rest just do as they are told.

Expect much more of this!.

Davida1968 Sun 07-Jun-20 13:31:59

Jamie Oliver is very concerned about this new legislation. See:

Wheniwasyourage Fri 12-Jun-20 12:51:28

Bumping this one, as I feel that it is very important. I really don't want to have food with no label to say where it is from, nor food full of hormones or washed in chlorine. The American negotiators are pretty tough, by all accounts, so beware!

EllanVannin Fri 12-Jun-20 13:04:17

The overall quality of food in general no matter what it is has dropped enormously. It's certainly nowhere near the quality of what once was. You were guaranteed that there were no additives or any other nasties included.
Now with supply and demand you wouldn't know what it was you were eating.

I'm all for keeping local farmers going so that's where I'll be getting meat from, not some unlabelled product that's going to cause illness.

Whitewavemark2 Fri 12-Jun-20 13:09:15

One of the most outrageous things I think that we won’t even have the choice of avoiding buying food from sources we would rather not buy.

The labelling of meat will not contain the country of origin.

quizqueen Fri 12-Jun-20 13:12:49

Just because American produce may be in the shops, it doesn't mean you have to chose to buy it. It's probably here already anyway. We still trade with the USA, just without a Free Trade reciprocal deal. Products are labelled with their place of origin.

This is one reason why I buy very little meat because I won't eat factory farmed animals and halal meat especially, and that is unlabelled as such although it has been asked for in Parliament on many occasions. I tend to buy free range British pork, which I know won't be slaughtered using that method. I save my anger for the cruelty to animals which happens in this county.

Riverwalk Fri 12-Jun-20 13:22:47

I think you'll find there's not much demand for halal pork!

Whitewavemark2 Fri 12-Jun-20 13:27:14


MaizieD Fri 12-Jun-20 13:40:32

Just because American produce may be in the shops, it doesn't mean you have to chose to buy it

The US wants removal of country of origin from food labels as part of a trade deal. In which case your ability to chose completely disappears.

Of course, you could buy locally sourced foodstuffs 'if' you are lucky enough to have shops that cater for people who want to do that, but most people buying from supermarkets won't have that choice. And I suspect that most of the UK population does buy everything from supermarkets.

If you buy processed meat products (pies, ready meals etc) you certainly won't have a clue of the origin of the meat used.

It's probably here already anyway.

It isn't because we still observe EU food standards for imported foodstuffs. That will include any food products we currently import from the US.

Blinko Fri 12-Jun-20 13:53:30

I've signed the petition, for all the good it will do. I'm disgusted (though not too surprised) at this Government's broken promise that food standards will not be compromised.

Surely if the US wants us to abolish our country of origin labels that indicates they plan to offload some total tat on our doorstep. No thanks!

Riverwalk Fri 12-Jun-20 14:08:50

USDA meat has been sold in the UK for years - there are importers that specialise. As I understand things, it has to meet EU standards, so presumably they're reared separately for the export market.

I've never knowingly bought it as it's expensive but have had it in certain restaurants in the past.

Davidhs Fri 12-Jun-20 15:22:48

Nearly 1 million have now signed the petition and in theory a debate in parliament is meant to take place, but there are a great many exclusions so it may well get ignored. However the bill has to go to the House of Lords and they have already shown concern.

Wheniwasyourage Sat 13-Jun-20 11:08:54

We've been so used to having our food labelled with country of origin and if it is organic, or fairly traded, not to mention what its ingredients are, that it is hard to imagine that that could be removed. At least at the moment we can, if we want to, avoid the Tesco sandwiches and ready meals which contain chicken from Thailand, but for how much longer?

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sat 13-Jun-20 11:17:40

If the petition doesn't work then we'll just have to vote with our purses. I will try not to buy it but to remove the country of origin is downright sneaky.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 13-Jun-20 11:19:07

You can go direct to the farmer. That’s what I am doing.

NotSpaghetti Sat 13-Jun-20 11:26:29

I am most concerned that foods with lower animal welfare standards are NOT permitted in the UK once we leave the EU fully at the end of the year.
Our government PROMISED that this would not happen and yet it seems as though it will.

I am saddened that everything people have campaigned for over the years will be for nothing and that this will also have more of an impact on the very poorest in our society

NotSpaghetti Sat 13-Jun-20 11:30:20

The National Food Strategy group was looking for comment on its proposals.
You can sign up here if interested - I think it may be sending "holding" emails for now but it was supposed to have a consultation document open till October:

Parsley3 Sat 13-Jun-20 11:33:54

Petition signed and shared.

paddyanne Sat 13-Jun-20 11:39:09

they already started mis labelling food ,Scotland THE BRAND is very important to our economy,it promises the highest quality and is the preferred choice of top chefs ,not just meat but soft fruits and seafood.In the past year we've seen a worrying number of companies adorn their food in supermarkets with a Union Jack instead of a Saltire .The actual place of origin may well be on the package but the writing is so small its impossible to read.
Its just a small step into eradicating the area of origin entirely.

Whitewavemark2 Tue 16-Jun-20 08:17:07


Furret Tue 16-Jun-20 09:17:10

When I posted a petition one GNetter replied (inaccurately) that most British farmers supported Brexit so she wouldn’t sign.

No hope when we have attitudes like that.