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Sex party organiser in Number 10

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growstuff Tue 16-Jun-20 18:52:48

My occasional glance at the Daily Mail is always good for a laugh, but this is beyond a joke:

His wife, Munira Mirza, is the head of the Number 10 Policy Unit, was a former member of the Revolutionary Communist Party and was one of Johnson's deputies when he was Mayor of London. She's been given the job of heading up the latest commission on racism, even though she has written many times that she doesn't believe institutional racism exists in the UK.

WTF is going on? First we had Cummings' attempt to appoint a supporter of eugenics. Now a swingers' party organiser and husband of a former communist.

growstuff Tue 16-Jun-20 19:00:30

It's actually true!

Don't click on this link if you're even slightly prudish:

Galaxy Tue 16-Jun-20 19:01:31

Ha my phone wont let me access it. Obviously thinks I will be scarred fof life.

suziewoozie Tue 16-Jun-20 19:03:48

Some of us have thought that No 10 was a cess pit for some while now, I didn’t expect it to be so literally true. 😂

suziewoozie Tue 16-Jun-20 19:04:30

I wonder if he organised Johnson’s ‘technology lessons’ with Jennifer?

growstuff Tue 16-Jun-20 19:08:03

Bet he has some dirt on some prominent figures shock

growstuff Tue 16-Jun-20 19:14:44

Not so sure suziewoozie. It's target market is daring young couples and vivacious single girls. Johnson doesn't really fit those categories.

WARNING This is the closest you'll get to porn on GN. I wonder if Number 10 employees get a special deal.

janeainsworth Tue 16-Jun-20 19:16:57

You wouldn’t think a sex-party organiser would have a name like Dougie, would you?grin

But the real question is why the Mail is printing stuff that shows No 10 in an even worse light than it already appears. Perhaps they think their Brexit-supporting readership likes that sort of thing.

See what I did there?
Introduced Brexit only 6 posts down the thread grin

growstuff Tue 16-Jun-20 19:31:10

I'm honestly baffled why the DM printed it. Maybe you're right and it will encourage its readers. Maybe they're all into swinging.

Do you think people think there will be more sex parties after Brexit? I don't remember reading anything about it on the side of a bus (or anywhere).

I don't think I've ever met a sex party organiser or anybody called Dougie for that matter.

Do you think they're all in it together (as it were)?

growstuff Tue 16-Jun-20 19:32:27

Ah! Being a bit slow here! Are you implying it's a distraction from Brexit? grin

MissAdventure Tue 16-Jun-20 19:33:56

I'm sure there's a fair bit of pulling out going on.

growstuff Tue 16-Jun-20 19:36:01

Well, don't get too excited! I'm afraid GNers wouldn't be allowed!

"Sexy and good-looking young couples and single woman under 40 may be admitted to taste our forbidden fruits. Every Fever Party welcomes first-timers as well as seasoned partygoers. We reserve place for new faces and travellers from overseas. Dedicated to debauchery with discretion, we vet partygoers for age, looks and bona fides."

NfkDumpling Tue 16-Jun-20 19:38:00

Is this another step in Mr Cummings bid to take over The government?

MissAdventure Tue 16-Jun-20 19:38:02

I think it's safe to say there won't be too many mps going, then.

Pantglas2 Tue 16-Jun-20 19:41:10

Bluddy hell when I turn to the Daily Heil all I get is the odd reference to Harry and Meghan, Katie Price and Kardashian tripe....

growstuff Tue 16-Jun-20 19:48:43

I must have struck lucky then. I avoid all royal family and celeb cr*p like the plague.

But this is actually serious. This man is now employed by Number 10 and his wife, Munira Mirza, is almost as influential as Cummings.

Callistemon Tue 16-Jun-20 19:50:45

My first thought on reading the name Dougie was of Dougie Henshall.
Now you're talking!! Where's the party?


Callistemon Tue 16-Jun-20 19:51:34

Yes, this is preposterous

EllanVannin Tue 16-Jun-20 20:08:59

Too far for me to travel.

growstuff Tue 16-Jun-20 20:22:48

Even the Tatler has picked up the story.

Can you seriously support a government directed by people like this?

Iam64 Tue 16-Jun-20 20:29:25

Is the DM after Johnson do we think? There have been a number of critical articles recently (a friend told me, of course, I wouldn't read it on line - honest)

I was so fed up to read that Johnson is having yet another commission into racism when we've had three recent commissions, all reading similar conclusions. I was even more fed up to learn the latest is to be led by a woman who denies institutional racism exits. Honestly, you couldn't make any of this up.
then to learn the woman's husband makes his living organising sex parties, it would be unbelievable except, we are all becoming used to the unbelievable being passed off as perfectly ok.

growstuff Tue 16-Jun-20 20:37:05

That's what's shocked me Iam64. When you think about the Profumo scandal, it all seems to be normalised. Sex, Russia, corruption, contracts for mates, favours for donations, silencing scientists and other opponents, lying to Parliament, shutting down Parliament etc etc. WTF is going on?

What's happened to the Russia Report?

I have a very bad feeling about all this.

I wonder if the fact that Michel Gove's wife is a DM journalist has anything to do with it? The Sunday Times, Tatler and Mirror have also written about this bloke, but it doesn't seem to have been picked up.

growstuff Tue 16-Jun-20 20:40:09

Is it really to distract from Brexit?

janeainsworth Tue 16-Jun-20 20:57:31

Ah! Being a bit slow here! Are you implying it's a distraction from Brexit?

No you were right first time, I just thought they were perhaps pandering to their readers’ predilections grin

But I agree re Dougie’s wife, serious nepotism there. shock

Niobe Tue 16-Jun-20 21:13:37

It’s obvious that the DM’s owner wants Boris Johnston gone and Gove is being lined up to take over.