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We need a coup

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GagaJo Thu 22-Oct-20 13:52:01

Whether it is an internal Tory overthrow or another political group, we need the current criminal incompetents removed from power. They are willfully causing needless C19 deaths and in-full-view pocketing tax payer money with only the flimsiest of attempts to pretend they're not.

I'm no Tory (god forbid) but bloody hell, what we need now is a Margaret Thatcher to sort this unholy mess Boris and his buddies are making.

Iam64 Thu 22-Oct-20 14:08:08

GagaJo - I almost fell off my chair when I read "what we need now is A Margaret Thatcher". I read it as "we need Margaret Thatcher". I was worried you'd had a brain storm for a moment but yes, we need someone to sort this unholy mess Johnson and co are making.

The cash for pals issue is just disgraceful. They're shameless, that's the problem. They can vote to refuse to provide cash to feed the most vulnerable children at the same time as a handing over colossal amounts of our tax cash to their hopeless mates.

That 80 seat majority is a bit of a problem for those of us who would like to see this government brought down (legally - let's not send in the Army). I wonder how true are the endless rumours that Johnson will resign early next year. Then who do we get? Mr Hunt seems to be positioning himself as the thinking person's Tory. If the awful Gove got it, I'd consider moving to Scotland.

lemongrove Thu 22-Oct-20 14:15:22

I would like to think that Jeremy Hunt will take over, but cannot see Johnson going ( unless he really has ‘long Covid’).
No PM ever goes gentle into that good night....they all rage against the dying of the light ( their career.)
Am not keen on coups!

GagaJo Thu 22-Oct-20 14:21:28

Not just Boris, but all of the cabinet. None of them are capable of their jobs. They are all utterly corrupt. For gods sake, we have an unelected man leading the country. And a rule breaking, corrupt one, at that.

This is way, way beyond party politics now. Whoever can step in and take charge of the whole covid mess and the needless and preventable deaths of thousands of people, and stop the theft of British tax payers money is OK by me, regardless of their political allegiance.

Elegran Thu 22-Oct-20 14:23:09

My first reaction on reading the thread title was "NO! That is the last thing we need after all the chaos and confusion."

Then I read the post and would modify it to say that we definitely need a change of direction, but it MUST be done democratically, legally and without a trace of martial insurrection, bloodshed, or retribution and be solidly based on a sober foundation of research, discussion, consideration for all sections of the population, respect for the rule of law, and the concept of honour and humility in the service of one's country by all in public office.

A tall order.

Jane10 Thu 22-Oct-20 14:26:23

As ever Elegran says it all.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 22-Oct-20 14:31:14

I heard Jeremy Hunt on GMB this morning, very measured and Statesman like.

I am not a Boris Johnson fan, but I honestly cannot see him resigning willingly

A coup is the last thing the UK needs in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and 9/10 weeks until the end of the EU-UK withdrawal agreement.

Iam64 Thu 22-Oct-20 14:31:46

Elegran, as we have government with an 80 seat majority, how can we influence the change of direction which I agree we need. My impression is the ERG is losing influence within the Conservative party. We don't need another Thatcher, what about another Ken Clarke, or similar one nation Tory to step in and shift the party away from the right, and out of the hands of Demonic Cummings. Johnson is bad enough but the idea of an unelected SPAD running the country, with a view to destroying our Judicial processes, the civil service etc is infuriating.

growstuff Thu 22-Oct-20 14:35:00

How many "one nation Conservatives" with cabinet/senior experience are left?

GrannyGravy13 Thu 22-Oct-20 14:35:41

I also doubt very much that enough Conservative MPs will/would vote against the Government.

Our armed forces swear allegiance to the Queen not the Government, not sure that the Royal Family have the appetite for a military coup?

Eviebeanz Thu 22-Oct-20 14:40:12

I think any MPs who would have stood against the government were already sacked at the first sign of dissent...

Sparklefizz Thu 22-Oct-20 14:42:34

We most definitely do not need a coup in the middle of a global crisis with the pandemic. shock

Eviebeanz Thu 22-Oct-20 14:48:12

Can anyone think of a single person on either side of the house who might make a good job of it?

Davidhs Thu 22-Oct-20 15:15:25

Not a coup, or even an overthrow, yet. BJ will be replaced, next spring is my guess then a new team will take over. Hunt didn’t impress me although I’m sure he is a nice guy, Gove is my bet and the first dismissal will be Cummings.

M0nica Thu 22-Oct-20 15:15:45

I am horrified that anyone on Gransnet could even contemplate, let alone suggest, that we need a coup.

Britain is, and has been for many centuries a democrat country and has been proud to take our model of democracy to the rest of the world. isn't bad enough that we have this dreadful incompetent,in charge of our government, surely we do not want to reduce ourselves to the level of some tinpot country run by dictators.

The ony thing that keeps me going is the thought that the alternative at the last election was Jeremy Corbyn and at least we have been spared that. I talk only of the personal merits (if any) of our current leader and Corbyn. What party they lead or policies they espoused are immaterial.

paddyanne Thu 22-Oct-20 15:24:50

GrannyGravy13 Lizzzie is quite happy with how things are ..shes being compensated for her INVESTMENTS failing to do well..its only the rest of us that might lose the roofs over our heads .Thats why we are SUBJECTS and she is queen.
This needs the people rising ,sadly the apathy makes that very unlikely even Tory voters dont like how the WM government is being run for the benefit of the PM's pals but they wnt stand up and say so

Rosalyn69 Thu 22-Oct-20 15:29:45

Time for Guy Fawkes.

vampirequeen Thu 22-Oct-20 15:29:59

Spared JC? Do you really believe that he would have cocked it up even more than this lot? Do you really believe he would have been so corrupt and given £billions to his mates, deprived the NHS of much needed funding and deliberately not made a deal with the EU?

Well it's academic anyway. We live in a democracy and the people voted for this lot. They knew Johnson was a liar. They knew that the Tories had been corrupt for the previous 10 years . They knew that the rich had got richer and the poor had got poorer. They knew all of this but still voted them in so they got what they voted for. The most corrupt government this country has ever had.

EllanVannin Thu 22-Oct-20 15:40:35

The current crisis would test the mettle of anyone as who'd have thought we were going to have a pandemic on top of the nonsensical Brexit as well ?
I admit that the government have gone the wrong way about things concerning the handling of this virus and should have followed what they did in China where it began and where their population is greater than ours.

In China, they physically went from door to door, prompted aggressive quarantining and authoritarian measures to stem the virus but it paid off. Would the UK stand for this kind of treatment ? Not to mention what happened to those who broke the law there !

GagaJo Thu 22-Oct-20 15:45:45

Thank you vampirequeen. We have the wholesale plunder of the very funds that we desperately need to save lives going on in front of us, not even being hidden.

When we got the election results, I vowed to stay away from politics. Our system is broken but the stranglehold of power is so tight, it can't be changed. I accepted that and disengaged.

It is ONLY because of the pandemic that we need this action. If it hadn't been for that, I wouldn't have the slightest interest in their corrupt machinations.

But we are dying in our thousands. We need a very strong leader to take control. And unfortunately, we are stuck with probably the worst PM we have had in decades.

Any politician that can steal public money while the countries citizens die deserves to be in prison. It is as if we are becoming a 3rd world country, with the level of corruption our leaders are indulging themselves in.

You talk of changes being made legally MOnica. Our leaders are criminals. Someone needs to take them out.

GagaJo Thu 22-Oct-20 15:46:55

Ooops, sorry. It was Elegran that spoke of it being done legally.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 22-Oct-20 15:53:22

Gagajo. someone needs to take them out ? Have you been on the hard stuff ?

sodapop Thu 22-Oct-20 15:53:41

I hardly think we should be looking to China considering their role in this pandemic.

EllanVannin Thu 22-Oct-20 15:58:05

Why not sodapop ? They got rid of it too.
Can you suggest anything ?

EllanVannin Thu 22-Oct-20 15:59:17

It's screaming out loud that we should have had a total lockdown, no ifs, no buts.