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Why do some get away with it?

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Pantglas2 Wed 23-Dec-20 21:31:31

In view of Stephen Kinnock, Dominic Cummings, royal family et al misdeeds- how come no mention of Nicola Sturgeons recent ‘oh dear, I made a mistake, forgive me, cos I’m special’?

I did think there would be a discussion.....

lemongrove Wed 23-Dec-20 21:40:49

Well we can start one Pantglas as others seem reluctant to do so 😄
Why on earth did she take her mask must have been a conscious decision.I was amused to see the tartan mask she wears has her embroidered initials on, just in case anyone forgets who she is🤣 even the PM doesn’t go that far, or the Queen.

Luckygirl Wed 23-Dec-20 21:42:46

You have just started one!

What's to say? - she apologised profusely, rather than making up implausible excuses (her eyesight is presumably fine!); and it appeared to be a slip-up of not putting her mask back on when she got up from sitting to standing. Far worse and premedicated "lapses" have been got away with.

LauraNorder Wed 23-Dec-20 21:43:32

I don’t agree with Nicola Sturgeons politics. I would be very sad to see the United Kingdom broken.
I do, however, think that she has handled the Covid crisis better than most and must be feeling angry that she let herself down with the mask lapse.
I wouldn’t want to call for her resignation as she is doing a good job.
Leaders should practice what they preach but I hope her sincere apology is accepted.
I do think that the stupid MP who travelled on a public train knowing she had covid should be charged.
What do you think Pant?

Whitewavemark2 Wed 23-Dec-20 21:43:34

Honestly? It won’t have gone unnoticed. I recognised the hypocrisy, but honestly I think I’m feeling like a lot of people - tired to death of the way our leaders conduct themselves and the crassness of it all.

Tangerine Wed 23-Dec-20 21:45:59

The other day I walked into the Post Office without my mask on. I realised within a second or two and instantly put it on. To be honest, I don't think anyone had noticed but it is easy to slip up.

I accept I was in the wrong.

Grannybags Wed 23-Dec-20 21:47:41

She doesn't seem to have put a foot wrong so far during this pandemic so I suppose she had to slip up sometime.

I wonder which politician will be caught visiting relatives on Boxing Day?

Marydoll Wed 23-Dec-20 21:53:08

The difference is that Dominic Cummings made a deliberately choice to break the rules, Nicola Sturgeon didn't.

Nicola Sturgeon, had been wearing the mask all through the funeral she was attending. She stepped outside, took the mask off, someone called her name and she stepped back in, forgetting to put the mask back on.
She apologised profusely right away and I have never heard her claim to be special.
Is she to be pillored for one mistake? How many on here can say that they are whiter than white?

I am not an SNP supporter, but I have nothing but admiration for the way she has handled this pandemic in Scotland. She makes Boris look like a bumbling fool.

The other day, she was nearly in tears, when she gave her daily briefing, apologising for the stricter measures which were being imposed. I have every confidence in her. You only have to watch the daily briefings to realise how hard she is trying to support the people of Scotland.

As a shielder, I won't be criticising her for one mistake.

Doodledog Wed 23-Dec-20 21:57:18

I think that anyone can make a mistake, and it must be really stressful to have to live in the public eye knowing that the slightest slip will lead to accusations of hypocrisy, and that there will always be those who are ready to pounce.

Was the funeral of a friend or relative? If so, she was probably upset as well - give her a break.

It's not at all the same as breaking lockdown to use public transport or drive to test your eyesight.

Ngaio1 Wed 23-Dec-20 21:58:08

I think it could not have happened to a better person!! She takes every opportunity to bash Boris and criticise instead of doing her best for the whole Nation. A thoroughly unpleasant woman! About time she tumbled back to earth from her high horse.

Jane10 Wed 23-Dec-20 21:59:16

There's a composite picture on twitter of all her many apologies and apparent tears. She's playing the empathy card for all she's worth. She's on TV every day and it's not made a blind bit of difference to Covid figures in Scotland.
I'm sure paddyann will be along shortly.

Lucca Wed 23-Dec-20 22:01:24

Dear oh did she really say “forgive me because I’m special “??
No ? Ah so in that case I imagine
She had a momentary lapse, she didn’t drive anywhere, she didn’t attend a dinner party or visit a lover or take a train back home.
I have certainly walked into a shop and then remembered my mask and put it on.
any excuse to put them boot in to someone who many people agree has conducted herself well this year regardless i of what her or your politics are.

Calendargirl Wed 23-Dec-20 22:01:24

I thought her apology was sincere, she didn’t try to flannel her way out of an obvious misjudgement.

She held her hands up and admitted she got it wrong, and I’m sure she deeply regrets her error.

Lucca Wed 23-Dec-20 22:01:44

The boot

Wheniwasyourage Wed 23-Dec-20 22:01:54

What Marydoll said.

I too have stepped into a shop before realising that my mask was in my hand, not on my face, and quickly put it on, feeling really guilty. I've seen other people do it as well, although mask-wearing is very good round here - anyone can make that mistake. The important thing is to try very hard to be careful.

Nicola Sturgeon was criticised for wearing a tartan mask early on, but I noticed that the Duchess of Cambridge was wearing one which looked remarkably like tartan the other day. Presumably that's ok, as she is not a politician?

lemongrove Wed 23-Dec-20 22:02:18

Bound to be Jane ....and with an explanation why Sturgeon
Has a large embroidered NS on her tartan masks.

Lucca Wed 23-Dec-20 22:03:06


I think it could not have happened to a better person!! She takes every opportunity to bash Boris and criticise instead of doing her best for the whole Nation. A thoroughly unpleasant woman! About time she tumbled back to earth from her high horse.

Totally disagree. She does not bash Boris. In what way is she a thoroughly unpleasant woman ?

Lucca Wed 23-Dec-20 22:04:51

Is that a sin to have your initials on a mask? Maybe somebody gave it to her,
I hope paddyAnne doesn’t bother to join this mean minded thread,

Wheniwasyourage Wed 23-Dec-20 22:05:10

Maybe she's so busy that she can't remember her name. lemongrove. Of all the things to complain about, that seems to me to be a bit OTT, even for a Boris Johnson supporter like you. It seems to annoy some people if anyone suggests that Mr Johnson could tuck his shirt in, or, as George Clooney said, get a comb and use it.

Puzzler61 Wed 23-Dec-20 22:11:01

My hand’s up. I’ve left my car, mask on, into a cafe and sat down, taken mask off, got up to go to the Ladies and forgotten to put it back on to move around.
I’ve only been wearing the blooming things for about 6 months and more than 60 years without ever wearing one.
I think whoever you are, it’s possible to make mistakes.
Apologies are always accepted.

Chardy Wed 23-Dec-20 22:16:53

I don't see a lot of Nicola Sturgeon, as I'm on the south coast, but I've always had a positive opinion of her. I've certainly never perceived her 'being on her high horse'.

I too will be heartbroken to lose Scotland, but why would they want to stay in a London-obsessed UK. And thanks to Brexit, we will lose Northern Ireland too, which is so sad.

Marydoll Wed 23-Dec-20 22:19:19

Today is the first time I have ever heard her bash Boris. Ngaio, would you be able to give some examples of Boris bashing to support your statement?

This is turning into a particularly nasty thread. Surely we can give an opinion on the incident, without resorting to personal attacks?

SueDonim Wed 23-Dec-20 22:27:07

I don’t have much time for NS but I cannot be bothered to bash her for this infraction. It sounds like a mishap that could happen to anyone.

I’ve found it more difficult in these winter months, juggling with a coat, my bag and my gloves. And then remembering I need my mask as well.

I’m baffled, though, that people think Scotland has dealt better with the virus than anywhere else in the UK, when it’s torn though care homes and there have been thousands of deaths as well as people paying the price in other ways.

SueDonim Wed 23-Dec-20 22:29:47

Oh and her constant emoting gets on my nerves, with all the ‘I want to cry’ stuff. She makes it all about her - ‘This is hurting me more than it’s hurting you.’

Blossoming Wed 23-Dec-20 22:36:29

I greatly admire Nicola Sturgeon. I don’t necessarily agree with all of her politics. She forgot her mask, then put it back on. She apologised. Non-story.