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Guardian Journalist admits to being IRA sympathiser.

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GrannyGravy13 Tue 02-Mar-21 21:10:46

Roy Greenslade has resigned from his position at a London University after admitting to being on the side of IRA. The Guardian has been very quiet on this subject.

It was apparently known he was a unionist?

As the Guardian is often quoted in GN political threads, I would be interested in other’s opinions.

tickingbird Tue 02-Mar-21 21:18:51

I was wondering when someone would bring this up. The silence from it’s readership on here has been deafening.

maddyone Tue 02-Mar-21 21:21:40

Well why am I not surprised?

AmberSpyglass Tue 02-Mar-21 21:25:47

I’m trying to find links from publications that aren’t right wing to see what his views actually were (I’m not disputing them, I’d just rather not wade through screeds of anti-left nonsense). Does anyone have any articles they can point me in the direction of?

Casdon Tue 02-Mar-21 21:40:16

Ex columnist for the Guardian GrannyGravy13 - columnist not news reporter, and no columns since last March?

GrannyGravy13 Tue 02-Mar-21 21:47:06

I think he was described as a news pundit
I find it surprising (or not) that if this was a news pundit from the Daily Mail of thread would be 300+ posts............

growstuff Tue 02-Mar-21 21:50:27

Greenslade also worked for the Evening Standard, the Sun and the Telegraph at various times.

growstuff Tue 02-Mar-21 21:51:04

He also worked for the Daily Express.

Casdon Tue 02-Mar-21 21:52:06

Did you read that in the Mail GrannyGravy13, it sounds exactly the sort of language they would use? I’m not defending the Guardian, but I do like accurate information.

growstuff Tue 02-Mar-21 21:53:06

And The Sunday Times.

growstuff Tue 02-Mar-21 21:53:59

It looks like the Mail was about the only national paper he didn't work for at some stage.

growstuff Tue 02-Mar-21 21:55:55

By the way GrannyGravy I was a bit confused because a unionist in the Irish context is a loyalist to the British crown.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 02-Mar-21 21:56:32

Sorry it was on breakfast news yesterday and today, I haven’t read online or physical newspapers for several weeks.

paddyanne Tue 02-Mar-21 21:56:49

Isn't he allowed to be on the IRA's "side" ? I thought we were all allowed differing opinions about politics .I've always believed the UK government had no place in Ireland and that it should be united ....coming from an Irish background and knowing the history it seems the right thing for the ISLAND of Ireland to be united .It should never have been partitioned

GrannyGravy13 Tue 02-Mar-21 22:00:28

It was reported on GMB this morning that he supported the bombing campaign, which I find abominable.

growstuff Tue 02-Mar-21 22:01:33

AmberSpyglass This seems to be what has triggered this now:

The Spectator ran a story about Maira Cahill, who claims Greenslade demonised her.

growstuff Tue 02-Mar-21 22:03:47

His support for IRA bombing is a proxy for his feud with Cahill, but it makes a good headline! hmm

growstuff Tue 02-Mar-21 22:12:07

Incidentally, three cheers for Keir Starmer who, as DPP, ordered a review into the Cahill case and absolved her of all blame. I wonder if that was mentioned on GMB.

M0nica Tue 02-Mar-21 22:18:03

I agree with you paddyanne. I too an part Irish.

However, believing that island of Ireland should be coterminous poitically as well as topographically, does not mean that I have not always condemned and abhorred the violence between the two sides. And both sides should be equally condemned for the violence.

growstuff Tue 02-Mar-21 22:24:19

This isn't about Greenslade's support for Irish Republicans, which has apparently been known about for some time. It's about his criticism of a TV documentary featuring Maira Cahill, who was raped by an IRA member while she herself worked for Sinn Fein. Greenslade was one of the Guardian's media critics and said that the documentary was one-sided. Cahill claimed that his criticism was coloured by his support for the IRA. The Spectator has just written an article about it.

TerriBull Tue 02-Mar-21 22:25:33

Yes many of us here in England, have an Irish background. I believe in a united Ireland, but never, never in a million years could I support the idea of terrorism being used to achieve that end.

growstuff Tue 02-Mar-21 22:26:48


Yes many of us here in England, have an Irish background. I believe in a united Ireland, but never, never in a million years could I support the idea of terrorism being used to achieve that end.

But that's not what has triggered the backlash against Greenslade.

growstuff Tue 02-Mar-21 22:32:57

It makes one wonder if somebody is trying to stir up the Irish troubles again:

M0nica Tue 02-Mar-21 22:35:35

growstuff it was known Greenslade supported a united Ireland. It was his support for violence that has led to the understandable reaction to his views.

What people are making clear in their posts, is that support for a united Ireland is not the same as a support for violence and in stepping across this line Greenslade has rightly become a pariah.

growstuff Tue 02-Mar-21 22:38:05

MOnica So why is it news now?

I am well aware that support for a united Ireland isn't the same as support for violence. That isn't the issue here.