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Scottish Election 6 weeks away.

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Granny23 Wed 24-Mar-21 15:30:21

Now that the brouhaha around Salmon has been resolved and become yesterdays chip paper, it is time to turn our thoughts to the forthcoming Scottish Election. As a life long supporter of the SNP and Independence movement, I am confident of a good outcome for us. With a failed vote of no 'confidence' in the First Minister, the latest opinion poll giving a 6 point lead to YES re Independence and a further 12,500 members joining the SNP in the past week there are 'reasons to be cheerful' and hope for a future free of the shackles of an incompetent/corrupt Westminster Government. For me the only current dilemma is whether I should vote SNP 1& 2 or give my list vote to the Greens.

It is probably wishful thinking but I hope any responses to this post will come only/mainly from those Grandsnetters who will be voting in this election.

Riverwalk Wed 24-Mar-21 15:40:43

Sorry Granny23 I won't be voting but am an interested outsider!

Just wanted to say that if I were a resident of Scotland I would vote SNP. I think NS has had such a rough ride considering she's not responsible for the whole debacle - the blame lies with the 'no angel'.

Anyway, I wish you all well in the forthcoming

Granny23 Wed 24-Mar-21 15:51:12

Thank you Riverwalk

Floradora9 Wed 24-Mar-21 16:39:09

I admire the SNP's handling of this covid pandemic and think they have done a great job but I do not think independance is a good idea. It is all very very to think how lovely it would be not to have the English government in charge of Scotland but looking at the figures I do not think we would be as well off and well provided for if there was a split. I speak as a grandmother whose son wife and family are coming back to Scotland to live and I fear for their future. We , the parents , will be fine with good pensions from work plus our OAPension but I can see tax rates rising for those who have good jobs.

SueDonim Wed 24-Mar-21 16:40:50

I won’t be voting SNP or Green. They’ve thrown women under the bus, in particular the two complainants in the Salmond affair. The things I’ve been hearing this week about goings on in the SNP have absolutely turned my stomach.

Alegrias1 Wed 24-Mar-21 17:05:06

To be honest, the way that government has behaved lately has given me pause about how to vote. Salmond's latest shenanigans today have convinced me though. What we need is a bit of stability, not vindictive point scoring like a bairn who didn't get their own way. And as for the Tories, no other party supported them in the vote of no confidence which was clearly motivated by the attempt to smear Nicola, because they have nothing else.

SNP 1 and 2.

Granny23 Thu 25-Mar-21 10:26:58

Yesterday's News:
In Scotland a grade 1 nurse payscale is £22,000 per annum for a qualified nurse.The 4% (for service and dedication) offered by the Scottish Government will increase that in Scotland by £880. However, the minimum increase will be uplifted to at least £1000 so that the newly qualified nurses won't lose out. Also the payrise is backdated to December 2020 plus a 5.4% increase for those on the lowest payband. Therefore, even though it's taxable pay, each nurse will end up with a decent thank you.
I wish it was much, much more but I suppose it's a good start. We owe these people our lives.
Nicola says, "Our NHS staff deserve more than applause and 1% is not enough...."

Anyone care to argue with that?

Casdon Thu 25-Mar-21 10:47:00

Granny23 I’m not arguing, but here’s my prediction on reactions:
SNP - Nicola is wonderful, this will convince the doubters to vote for her.
Tories - cynical ploy to win votes which Scotland can’t afford.
Labour - we would have looked very carefully to see if we could afford this, and would have been more likely to give a bonus to NHS staff for this year and see how the economy pans out next year.
Greens - we could spend that money developing environmentally friendly alternatives for PPE, but okay if the SNP want this we’ll go along with it
LibDems - we’ve got bigger fish to fry so we aren’t that interested.

Kalu Thu 25-Mar-21 10:48:12

Ruth Davidson has done nothing for Scottish Tories with her blatant backstabbing at Nicola Sturgeon. As a long serving Conservative voter, I feel RD has had her shot and blown it. Labour will be nowhere in the voting. How well would any other political party have done leading the country, remarkably committed as Nicola Sturgeon has shown? Credit where it is due.

Granny23 Thu 25-Mar-21 10:57:41

Casdon grin and that's it in a nutshell

Alegrias1 Thu 25-Mar-21 11:02:14

The Scottish Conservative leaflet for the election has just landed on my doormat. At first sight, a concentration on how they will fix the potholes and a nice picture of Ruth and Dougie having a socially distanced walk.

To be fair, our SNP candidate looks about 12 but I suspect he's doing it for the experience as we will return the same Lib Dem MSP whatever happens.

Thistlelass Fri 26-Mar-21 01:15:20

SueDonim oh I don't think the SNP threw any women under a bus! The justice system returned a not guilty verdict on Salmond and I feel certain SNP did not orchestrate that. Shenanigans in the Party - no more than the other contenders. Certainly a lot less than bolshy Boris and co. No I'm proud of SNP and look forward to Independence.

FarNorth Fri 26-Mar-21 03:39:44

SNP 1&2 doesn't make sense except maybe in the Borders or Highlands & Islands.
ISP, Independence for Scotland Party, is the only one that does not support a policy that men can become women, and vice versa, hence they will be getting my list vote.
I haven't decided whether to vote at all in the constituency vote.
(I'm currently an SNP member, since 2015, but won't be renewing membership.)

Kim19 Fri 26-Mar-21 04:59:27

I'm very interested in the 'list' system but don't really understand how it works. Anyone care to give me a pointer as to where I would find it explained simply, please?

Aveline Fri 26-Mar-21 07:33:17

SNP have had 14 year in power. Result we have the shortest lifespans in Europe, highest drugs death rate, education standard has plummeted (the report into the state of education has been withheld by the Scottish government to be released after the election. Wonder why. If it was good they'd be shouting about it.)
They've not disbursed all money sent by Westminster to support business and industry. I could go on. They have been dreadful. Don't be distracted by Nicola and her endless TV outings. Things are bad in Scotland.

Lucca Fri 26-Mar-21 07:39:58


Ruth Davidson has done nothing for Scottish Tories with her blatant backstabbing at Nicola Sturgeon. As a long serving Conservative voter, I feel RD has had her shot and blown it. Labour will be nowhere in the voting. How well would any other political party have done leading the country, remarkably committed as Nicola Sturgeon has shown? Credit where it is due.

Good post. Nice to see a balanced post giving credit where due.

Lolo81 Fri 26-Mar-21 09:15:09

I’ll be voting SNP again too, and think the FM has conducted herself admirably over both the pandemic and Salmond crises.

If we do manage to gain independence though, I’d be more open to returning to my Labour roots, although they have a massive uphill battle to fight in order to regain footing.

Alegrias1 Fri 26-Mar-21 09:28:01

Just in case anyone outside Scotland is reading this thread.

Things are not "bad in Scotland". We haven't quite resorted to fighting each other with claymores yet to get to the last crumb of bannock.

Alegrias1 Fri 26-Mar-21 09:31:40

Kim19 - an explanation of the List system. It's quite an old article but quite good at explaining what's going on.

Kim19 Fri 26-Mar-21 09:45:10

Thanks A. Appreciated.

Parsley3 Fri 26-Mar-21 10:58:08

I can understand your ire Aveline if you live in Aberdeenshire which has lost all the lovely oil money. Be comforted that things are not “bad” everywhere.
According to his leaflet, my local Conservative candidate wants me to vote for him to keep the SNP out. His 5 pledges are so vague as to be meaningless, apart from the one to reverse bin cuts which I thought was a local government issue.
If Ruth Davidson had not bottled it, the Scottish Conservatives might have gained some credibility with me.
Meanwhile, my votes are still up for grabs.

Aveline Fri 26-Mar-21 11:32:11

I have high hopes for Sarwar. He's intelligent and experienced. Just read how the attainment gap has widened yet again in Scotland. It's hard to understand how prospective SNP voters could contemplate more years of their incompetence. I sometimes wonder if they actually read about what's going on. They can only be voting with heart rather than head.
I want a sensible, balanced coalition willing to work with Westminster rather than, pointlessly, against it to score or try to score tiny points. We have so much to gain from being part of the union. Furlough money and vaccine roll out alone must underline this.
United we stand divided we fall - and it will be a plummet.

Alegrias1 Fri 26-Mar-21 11:39:52

Ah, heart over head again.

I have high hopes for Sarwar as well. But IMO he needs to get himself separated from the UK Labour Party and understand that the Labour Party in Scotland needs to have Scotland's needs at the fore, and not be an poor relation of the UK party.

I get a bit annoyed at people disparaging SNP voters as though we are thick. I don't do it for Tory voters, Labour voters or even ISP voters. Its not nice smile.

Kestrel Fri 26-Mar-21 11:40:41

£500,000 of taxpayers money wasted because Sturgeon had a beef with Salmond and wouldn't let go of the legal fight against him? Two women complainants thrown under a bus? Salmond bringing another legal case 6 weeks before election because he has a beef with Sturgeon? How is this a responsible/competent government? Education down the pan etc etc

FarNorth Fri 26-Mar-21 11:50:40

Westminster has shown itself to have no interest in working with Scotland.
Johnson, in particular, is constantly trying to score tiny points.

People vote SNP because they want independence. Some may not like SNP much, now, but feel that it's their only chance to become an independent country.
I will probably vote for my local SNP candidate because I think he will make a good MSP and he wants independence, not just a comfy term in office.
I'll be hoping for independence then to be achieved quickly so that different parties can come forward.