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David Cameron and the Greenhill scandal

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seamstress Wed 14-Apr-21 08:34:03

I surprised people on here aren't interested in this. Even the Daily Telegraph are having a go. Or is it just that we are so use to corruption in our current government we cease to care?

Polarbear2 Wed 14-Apr-21 08:37:11

I’m following it but wondering why the media concentration on this when more recent corruption from current Gov has been ignored? It feels like another distraction??

MerylStreep Wed 14-Apr-21 08:44:48

Not just corruption in this government, there’s corruption in all governments. It’s sad to say but I just accept that that is what they do. No point in getting angry. It won’t do me any good and it won’t change anything.
It’s what they do.

Esspee Wed 14-Apr-21 08:51:17

If we allow this type of thing without protest we allow the corrupt system to continue. That makes us complicit.

Polarbear2 Wed 14-Apr-21 08:56:03

Esspee 👏👏👏. What’s the saying? Evil wins when good men do nothing? (something like that). It’s my go to mantra when I start to feel like Meryl does.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 14-Apr-21 08:58:17

With regards to Hancock, it seems that Cameron eased Hancock’s career from when he was simply a hopo after university, through getting a seat in parliament and swiftly promoting him to minister.

Hancock owes Cameron a favour.

eazybee Wed 14-Apr-21 08:58:51

Surely the point is it is being followed up. We wouldn't know about it if it wasn't.

Lucca Wed 14-Apr-21 08:59:30

It’s all too complicated for my small brain......

Whitewavemark2 Wed 14-Apr-21 09:01:53

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LadyGracie Wed 14-Apr-21 09:03:29

Very true Meryl, there is corruption in all governments, there is no point in getting angry, the majority get away with it anyway.

We say we won’t vote this bunch in again, only to find the next are just the same, or worse.

Redhead56 Wed 14-Apr-21 09:05:00

I watched it last night on Sky news Hancock is in Cameron’s pocket.

Anniebach Wed 14-Apr-21 09:05:12

Surely not vitriolic attacks !

Witzend Wed 14-Apr-21 09:05:33

Just because there wasn’t a thread doesn’t mean nobody was interested.
The jaded cynic in me is not surprised. Although I was never a fan of Cameron, I wouldn’t have put him down as one of the dodgier ones, though.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 14-Apr-21 09:06:02


It’s all too complicated for my small brain......

Nothing complicated about it lucca

The plain fact is that Cameron stretched the rules for economic gain. He used unfair access to ministers to persuade them of his case.

At best it is unfair business practice, at worse it is corruption. Even worse is that I have no doubt nothing will be done, and corruption will carry on, using our hard earned taxes to their advantage.

Polarbear2 Wed 14-Apr-21 09:06:21

Anniebach - yes. And why not? Why should we not be angry?

Anniebach Wed 14-Apr-21 09:13:20

Polarbear I agree, and why not, but why can’t all posters be allowed to post their opinions without bring told they are hateful and pouring out bile.

MerylStreep did not deserve the reply to her post and it was
from a poster who condemns criticisms on other threads

suziewoozie Wed 14-Apr-21 09:14:54

I thought about starting a thread on this but it’ll just turn into another binary football scarf one. But seeing as how it’s been started, here’s my scarf’s colours 😀. Johnson’s enquiry is a joke - behind closed doors by an insider but it will provide an excuse for ministers not to answer questions about the issues as it’s ‘subject to investigation’. Like the race commission enquiry, I expect the report has already been written by no 10. Sunak sent an underling to the House yesterday to answer questions on his behalf - he was probably having a drink with another mate of Hancock’s ( whose name keeps popping up all over the place doesn’t it with this and a whole range of other contracts etc) . Interesting point WW about MH owing DC ( and maybe others?) Cynical , moi?

Whitewavemark2 Wed 14-Apr-21 09:15:43

“There is something rotten in the court of Denmark” and it needs exposure and reforming.

Trust is at an all time low. Democracy is under pressure.

suziewoozie Wed 14-Apr-21 09:16:20

Nice distraction and deflection attempts already😂😂😂😂

GrannyGravy13 Wed 14-Apr-21 09:16:55

David Cameron shouldn’t have lobbied so aggresively however, as far as I am aware no Government funds were made available to the company DC was employed by.

Alegrias1 Wed 14-Apr-21 09:17:10

I think Cameron is just a bit thick, really, and was just doing what he thought was the normal thing to do for people of privilege.

The attitude that they are all at it so we shouldn't get too upset by it is what got us into this situation in the first place. We are entitled to expect more of people in public office.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 14-Apr-21 09:21:09


I think Cameron is just a bit thick, really, and was just doing what he thought was the normal thing to do for people of privilege.

The attitude that they are all at it so we shouldn't get too upset by it is what got us into this situation in the first place. We are entitled to expect more of people in public office.

I agree with your post Alegrias1

Unfortunately it happens in every walk of life, right down to mates in the pub asking for a job for their offspring.

I cannot see any Government with a strong enough will (balls) to do anything to change the current system.

Alegrias1 Wed 14-Apr-21 09:22:52

You're right GG13. I think the difference here is that he was in public office.

MerylStreep Wed 14-Apr-21 09:23:50

you are a gift to corruption
I accept that. But don’t think for one moment that I take joy in saying that. It makes me very sad that I accept what’s happening.
After years of ranting, protesting, voting: where has it got us? exactly where we are.
I can’t wait for Cameron to say lessons have been leaned
What he means is: I’ll make sure I don’t put anything in a text or email.

suziewoozie Wed 14-Apr-21 09:24:15

But it is the normal thing for people like him - he didn’t just think it was normal, he knew it was normal. My theory ( conspiracy alert) is that this has come out because it’s damaging to Sunak and it has Gove’s grubby fingerprints all over it. Why do we think MG is so quiet at the moment - he sure hasn’t given up on no 10, has he?