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Can I opt out of contributing to the new royal yacht and put my bit into the NHS please

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Whitewavemark2 Sun 02-May-21 11:24:05

This could not come at a worse time imo

trisher Sun 02-May-21 11:31:28

We truly are entering the world of corruption and division when £200million can be spent on a yacht and yet there isn't enough money to give poor children a decent meal.

hulahoop Sun 02-May-21 11:36:30

It's a disgusting waste of money when people are using food banks and many losing their homes !

Katie59 Sun 02-May-21 11:38:50

Downing Street has not denied the reports, with a spokesperson saying: "The prime minister has an exciting vision for shipbuilding in this country and is committed to making the UK a shipbuilding superpower.

When we become a “Shipbuilding Superpower” maybe we can afford it.
As that is pie in the sky, so is a Royal Yacht

Callistemon Sun 02-May-21 11:40:21

The Royal Family may agree with you

Purplepixie Sun 02-May-21 11:44:58

It is the last thing we need right now and as someone said, I doubt if the royal family want it either. I would gladly put my share into the wonderful NHS. Has Boris forgot that he had Covid and the best treatment to get better with the NHS? He should be giving them the money and not putting it towards another barmy idea.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 02-May-21 11:48:43

No money for the nurses apparently.

Not a good look is it?

No worries. Boris loves being popular, so I’m sure the reaction will se him beat a hasty retreat.

What a fool he is.

NotSpaghetti Sun 02-May-21 12:19:28

Apparently the Queen doesn't want it.

NotSpaghetti Sun 02-May-21 12:20:51

Sorry Callistemon, I know you pointed this out but ofyen people don't bother reading links.

NotSpaghetti Sun 02-May-21 12:21:05

Oops! *often

Callistemon Sun 02-May-21 12:29:09

It's ok NotSpaghetti, I know.

Callistemon Sun 02-May-21 12:31:40

Perhaps the theory is that it will help to being in billions in trade deals which will help the economy and bring in more money for public services.

I am trying to look at the wider picture here 🤔

Doesn't HM have a say?

Callistemon Sun 02-May-21 12:31:57

To bring in

Soozikinzi Sun 02-May-21 12:34:22

Yes can I sign up for that as well please ?

GillT57 Sun 02-May-21 12:39:02

But how will it bring in trade? William and Kate are unlikely to go swanning around shaking hands and leaving the children at home, any of the others are unlikely trade inducers are they? This is blatant flag waving at its worst and a big mistake. If the government wish to do something in Prince Phillip's name, why not open a new hospital and name it after him?

NotSpaghetti Sun 02-May-21 12:39:58

It's yer another vanity project for the man who would be "King of the World".

NotSpaghetti Sun 02-May-21 12:40:39

*yet another

(Sorry again!)

Urmstongran Sun 02-May-21 12:41:24

Helps with unemployment. How about we take it from BBC license fees? Last year the BBC took £3.5 billion to thoroughly demote and undermine this nation, so £200M is a drop in the ocean (ahem), for something to proudly promote the UK around the world.

It would generate millions in trade and prestige!

maddyone Sun 02-May-21 12:48:51

I’m not entirely sure what I think about this, so I will read what you’ve all got to say and then decide.

Nannan2 Sun 02-May-21 12:55:18

Yes the BBC should definitely pay for it! Theyre already taking money for old rope off us for beggar all, for what? Maybe giving us ONE genuinely good series a year ('call the midwife' - also involving and due to the medical profession) and maybe a fair bit of coverage of the news and when a Royal passes on- but so equally do other channels whom we don't have to pay an arm& a leg for in licence fees! So yes, Urmstongran you are right- BBC should definitely foot the bill.It would be one British institution helping another.(shipbuilding)

Peasblossom Sun 02-May-21 13:08:50

Is it real though? Or just another newspaper story. He said, she said.

I’m sick to death of rumours and “sources”.

greenlady102 Sun 02-May-21 13:10:26

fake news

Whitewavemark2 Sun 02-May-21 13:17:05

Yes Johnson has certainly put the idea out there.

But it is typical of the man isn’t it?

Whitewavemark2 Sun 02-May-21 13:18:29

New royal yacht named after Prince Philip to be 'commissioned within weeks', costing as much as £200m


Alegrias1 Sun 02-May-21 13:19:33

Fake news in the Telegraph? Surely not.