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I do wonder- is this what the Brexiters wanted?

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Kali2 Tue 11-May-21 13:24:02

Free Movement of people agreed with India in exchange for Deal?

foxie48 Wed 12-May-21 09:03:14

Me too Maggiemaybe I voted remain and also didn't vote for this government. However, I live in a democracy, so I accept a decision even if it wasn't mine and also that we are experiencing the first pandemic for a 100 years, so we are in uncharted waters and mistakes will be made. No doubt different mistakes would have been made with a different government. Goodness, life is hard enough without seeing half the population as your enemy! (Big sigh!)

jacqrose Wed 12-May-21 09:19:39

It wasn’t altogether democratic though as Vote Leave broke the law and Cambridge Analytica harvested the facebook data to influence voters. However, we are where we are and governments now and in the future will have to make the best of it.

Smileless2012 Wed 12-May-21 14:22:58

What makes you think those who voted for Brexit need to deny "they wanted to halt immigration" vegansrock? I voted for Brexit and halting immigration had nothing to do with my decision.

Will this old and tiresome accusation that all those in favour of Brexit are racist ever cease?angry.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 12-May-21 15:01:51


^Who said they were thick and racist?^

You, vegansrock.

^Let’s face it, those who voted for Brexit will deny they wanted to halt immigration and are welcoming to anyone from all over the world, ( apart from all the French and Germans obvs)^

Are you reading the same words as everyone else😄😄

Cindersdad Wed 12-May-21 15:06:27

The Tax dodging vote.leave crew just wanted Brexit and did not care about the impact on the country. Traitors everyone of them!

Peasblossom Wed 12-May-21 15:41:06

Actually the Vote Leave was strongest in some of the poorest parts of the country who felt they were not benefiting from membership of the EU.

Not tax dodgers. If only their concerns had been listened to we wouldn’t be where we are today.

growstuff Wed 12-May-21 15:59:54

I'm confused.

I certainly remember plenty of people saying they wanted to reduce immigration - not because they're racist, but because this small island is full.

So which is it? Were those people who wanted to reduce immigration making it up?

Why did Farage pay for that poster, if he didn't think it would appeal to some people?

lemongrove Wed 12-May-21 16:08:08

God knows what Farage thought with that poster, as the people shown on it were not European at all, so it was nothing to do with ending freedom of movement within all EU countries which is part of what anyone who voted to Leave wanted to some cases, not all.
Leaving the EU bloc has nothing to do with immigration from India ( or anywhere else in the world.)

Kali2 Wed 12-May-21 17:00:17



As a Remainer I’m glad there is to be exchange of young people between both countries. It won’t make up for the loss of opportunity for study and work across Europe.

You can still apply to work and study in the EU, you’ll have to pay for the education, as you have to in any country in the world. My grandaughter has just got herself a new job in Holland, so to say there are no opportunities to live and work in EU is wrong.

Of course you can. It it just so much more complicated. You have to hae found a job and have a contract before you go, and your future employer has to make the case for employing you. Before, you could go and look for work for up to 3 months, and have same access. And you could go for seasonal contracts with Holiday companies, ski companies, campsites, etc. which is no longer possible. And of course the Erasmus system for students meant it was accessible to all on an exchange basis and properly funded.

Urmstongran Wed 12-May-21 17:44:59


It was ‘interesting’ 😉 to read this.

I think he’s reining in the immigration for France. In the short term - 3 years - for now?

He realises it’s what the French VOTERS want. He’s hoping to appease them - or they will vote for Marine le Pen! Simples.

Dinahmo Wed 12-May-21 17:47:12


God knows what Farage thought with that poster, as the people shown on it were not European at all, so it was nothing to do with ending freedom of movement within all EU countries which is part of what anyone who voted to Leave wanted to some cases, not all.
Leaving the EU bloc has nothing to do with immigration from India ( or anywhere else in the world.)

He knew that, since most people in the EU are white, and he had just shown white people on the poster, it wouldn't have attracted so many people to support him.

Urmstongran Wed 12-May-21 17:59:44

How much will she have to pay for health cover?

My sister is about to move to Spain and the amount of paperwork she has had to do is mind-boggling. She still won't have permanent residence. The amount she and her husband will have to pay for healthcare is much more than I could afford.

It really is not true that it's still easy to move to the EU.

My sister & her husband retired to Spain last August growstuff. They bought a beautiful apartment in Casares, southern Spain. Healthcare in the short term was fine. EHIC cards were still valid plus a passport. GHIC cards since 1 Jan. however all sorted now. Their residency was applied for and accepted and they got their TIE cards last week.

My sister had very extensive treatment for Stage IV breast cancer at the Christie Hospital here in Manchester. She mentioned to her consultant that she was about to retire to Spain. No problem he said! All your scans & letters will be available to your GP and he will then transfer all your records electronically to your new registered health centre in Spain via the S1 system.

I’m pleased to report all is as she was told. Smooth, straightforward and efficient. Modern technology has facilitated this and she lives out there, fully supported and grateful for the smooth transition.

Don’t believe all the scare stories people! Do it right, follow the guidelines and relax.


Kali2 Wed 12-May-21 18:02:22

I am so glad she is OK.

But please, you said clearly that

'My sister & her husband retired to Spain last August' - this is NO LONGER the case now, from the 1st of Jan this year. You know that, I am sure.

Kali2 Wed 12-May-21 18:03:17

S1 is NO LONGER available for those who move post 1st of Jan 2020.

Kali2 Wed 12-May-21 18:05:11

And even then, S1 cover was only for those of official UK retirement age, and not for early retirees. Irrelevant, as said above. as it is no longer accessible for anyone moving after 01.01.21.

Deedaa Wed 12-May-21 18:26:57

I am still at a loss to know what shackles we were trapped in by the EU. I only know the damage that has been done to DD and her research team. Grants no longer being awarded, positions on research committees round Europe being quietly removed and EU students no longer wanting to come here to work.

I see my ex DiL able to stay at the moment but worried about the possibility of the Government changing the rules yet again. And if she leaves what happens to my 7 year old GS? Will his British passport be enough?

Obviously Covid restrictions have meant that travel and trade restrictions haven't really kicked in yet but anyone who follows social media will be aware of the frightening levels of racism and anti immigrant feeling among some Brexiteers. They really aren't going to want more Indians coming over. We're talking about the people who refuse to be treated by a coloured doctor.

Urmstongran Wed 12-May-21 18:32:27

Thank you Kali2 that was kind of you. No, I wasn’t aware of the changes from 1 Jan. I only spoke of what I knew.

Urmstongran Wed 12-May-21 18:38:19

Oh Deedaa I for one have been over this SO many times.

I ❤️ Europe.

We have owned a small apartment in Malaga for the last 16y.
I wanted Brexit & voted for it because of the corrupt, gravy train, unelected EU bureaucracy. They wouldn’t even have their bluddy accounts audited and signed off for 12 years.

Nothing about immigration from me. I have no qualms whatsoever about it.
Unless of course it’s illegal.

lemongrove Wed 12-May-21 18:42:22

Deedaa and others.. you can’t just mix up the people that you think are racists with 17 million UK residents who voted to leave the EU. Of course there are racists around who don’t want to be treated by a black doctor ( not coloured btw.)

It would be nice if posters who voted to Remain could get over the fact that more people voted to leave, so we did leave, and put all the angst and anger aside and stop the snide digs about
Leavers being racist/ thick /deluded etc etc.
This kind of mindset is exactly why Labour is doing so badly,
They don’t understand how it’s happening and blame voters for not having the intelligence/ foresight / understanding to vote for the ‘right’ political party .
We are out of the EU and are getting on with it, it’s a waste of time to keep rehashing events.

growstuff Wed 12-May-21 18:47:48

Urmstongran My sister and her husband can't use EHIC cards. Please don't tell me what I already know. They're having to fork out hundreds of pounds a year a year for healthcare, which they wouldn't have had to do if the UK were still in the EU. It really isn't a scare story. My sister is well off and can afford it, so she's not in the slightest bit "scared". She did her research beforehand. I couldn't afford what she's going to have to pay.

Kali2 Wed 12-May-21 18:48:11


Thank you Kali2 that was kind of you. No, I wasn’t aware of the changes from 1 Jan. I only spoke of what I knew.

But surely you are aware that rules have changed due to Brexit?

Your relatives were able to 'get out' just in time. Others will not- is that fair?

growstuff Wed 12-May-21 18:49:48


S1 is NO LONGER available for those who move post 1st of Jan 2020.

Exactly! I'm afraid it's another fairy tale.

growstuff Wed 12-May-21 18:52:22

Oh dear! Yet another fairy tale! The EU have had accounts audited. You really shouldn't believe all the scare stories you read!

MerylStreep Wed 12-May-21 18:52:49

You won’t have to read far into this article to see that someone at the top of the eu hierarchy is now saying exactly what we ( people who voted to leave) have been advocating for years.

Urmstongran Wed 12-May-21 18:54:59

I think you must mean post 2021 Kali2?

I know EHIC cards are redundant now growstuff but the new GHIC cards have kicked in (we both have one) which cover Spain, That and your passport, presented at a local health centre covers you. Having said that, we don’t live in Spain so our annual private health insurance is belt and braces for us.