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Dianne Abbott gaffes again

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tickingbird Tue 25-May-21 16:10:38

I see Ms Abbott has claimed the female activist seriously injured at a party at 3am was shot due to her campaigning for equal rights for black people. Turns out she was shot by black males shooting from a car - probably gang related.

I wonder if the lady herself would still want the police to be defunded seeing as they are working hard to find the culprits. Maybe if they had been stopped and searched before they were able to drive about shooting indiscriminately it wouldn’t have happened.

I wonder if Ms Abbott will rectify her initial statement?

lemongrove Tue 25-May-21 17:00:18

Dianne Abbott said the first thing that came into her head ( as usual) why does anyone ever ask her anything, that’s the mystery!

Chestnut Tue 25-May-21 17:24:46

She has opened her mouth without engaging her brain and if this inflames racial tensions and results in another murder then she will likely be responsible. Some hot-headed people may only hear half the story and act on impulse.

Nanna58 Tue 25-May-21 17:30:56

Remember, this is from a woman who once managed to wear two shoes from different pairs!!!!🤣

NotSpaghetti Tue 25-May-21 17:33:57

I understand from "real" people that she's a great constituency MP. I really think (sadly) she is not good elsewhere.
It's a pity people keep asking her to comment, I feel.

Callistemon Tue 25-May-21 17:46:17


Remember, this is from a woman who once managed to wear two shoes from different pairs!!!!🤣

I did that once (I went to work in them).

But TV reporters tend not to ask me my opinion so it doesn't really matter.

silverlining48 Tue 25-May-21 17:48:23

She has put her foot in it at times but it says a lot that she has continually held her seat fir so long. She must be well regarded by her constituents, but she is the most vilified female mp with threats of violence and worse online which must be horrible.

NotSpaghetti Tue 25-May-21 17:54:01

Exactly, Silver.

JenniferEccles Tue 25-May-21 17:55:42

Even the news item I saw last night inferred the woman was shot because of her support for the BLM lot.

You’ve got to love Ms. Abbott haven’t you? If she can get something wrong, bless her, she will !

BlueBelle Tue 25-May-21 18:02:40

She has been treated abominably throughout her years in politics mocked and vilified Most others would have long ago left to have an easier life
Stop looking for fault, the press and people on here just can’t let anything go when they decide to dislike someone

annodomini Tue 25-May-21 18:47:13

As Chair of a primary school governing body, I discovered, during a meeting with the HT that I was wearing odd shoes - one black and one navy. I said nothing and she said nothing!

JaneJudge Tue 25-May-21 18:52:09

I just did a quick google search on Dianne Abbott and the only three sources were from;
Daily Mail
The Sun
Daily Express

Calendargirl Tue 25-May-21 18:53:32

She has put her foot in it at times

Matching shoes or not?


BlueBelle Tue 25-May-21 18:57:55

Well I went to work with my last nights knickers tucked down in the calf of my skinny jeans
I didn’t get the sack or people mocking me we all had a good laugh then it was forgotten

trisher Tue 25-May-21 19:04:51

I suspect this has more to do with the police fears of racial unrest than any reality.
Diane Abbott is as usual being targeted for one tweet, simply supporting the woman. The question of why the woman was shot remains open. One organisation the Taking The Initiative Party has said
"However, how have the police come to this conclusion without being able to speak to Sasha regarding the death threats and investigate?

"Do the police know who the target of the attack was, in order to conclude that Sasha wasn't? How does one manage to shoot someone in the head accidentally?

"Surely, to end up in hospital having sustained a bullet shot to the head, makes a death threat more credible."
If the woman has had death threats surely this was possibly due to her activism and perhaps Diane Abbott is right.

welbeck Tue 25-May-21 19:22:44

apparently the police previously dismissed ms johnson's reports of death threats as not credible, without even talking to her. not surprising that her supporters doubt the police.
and the attackers burst into the premises, not shot from outside.
there needs to be a more thorough investigation before the motivation or target can be determined.

welbeck Tue 25-May-21 19:25:02

i once cycled to work, wearing cut-away at the ankle trousers with stirrup strap, so showing quite a bit of sock.
in my haste i had inadvertently put on one black and one white sock.

Urmstongran Tue 25-May-21 19:33:49

It's great to see 'dippy Diane' back. She's always good for a laugh.

BlueBelle Tue 25-May-21 19:43:37

And you’re rude urnstongran better to be ‘dippy’ in your language, than unkind

Alegrias1 Tue 25-May-21 20:24:14

Dippy Diane is it?

First Black woman MP

Longest serving Black MP in the House

First black MP at the dispatch box at Prime Minister's Questions.

Her father was a welder and her mother was a nurse and she became a senior politician

Served as Shadow Minister for Public Health, Shadow Secretary of State for International Development, then Shadow Health Secretary, and eventually Shadow Home Secretary.

Won The Spectator magazine's "Parliamentary Speech of the Year" award in 2008.

Supported a number of pro-choice amendments to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill.

But I'm sure someone who has made great contributions to the public life of this country will come along and tell me she can't count and wears shoes that don't match.

Callistemon Tue 25-May-21 20:25:28


As Chair of a primary school governing body, I discovered, during a meeting with the HT that I was wearing odd shoes - one black and one navy. I said nothing and she said nothing!

That's what I did, same style but different colours, but my boss did point it out to me; I told him he was very observant 😁

BlueBelle Tue 25-May-21 20:36:27

Thanks for posting the positives alegrias
Some of the posts and personal comments on here are disgusting and people should be ashamed

Alegrias1 Tue 25-May-21 20:41:28

BlueBelle 👍

I once went to work with one black shoe and one blue one. Didn't notice till about 4pm.

I also forgot my specs one day and had to spend the whole day working in my sunglasses. I was very cool. 😎

EllanVannin Tue 25-May-21 20:51:40

I'll be straight in saying I can't stand the woman.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 25-May-21 20:58:28

It’s ok to berate Jacob Rees Mog, Boris Johnson, Keir Starmer but not Diane Abbott?