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Will the Nation accept an apology? Will you?

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Kali2 Wed 12-Jan-22 12:59:55

I won't, for sure.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 12-Jan-22 13:01:04

No it is a resigning matter.

Misleading parliament

MayBee70 Wed 12-Jan-22 13:01:58

He’s only apologising because he’s been caught out. He is the most morally vacant PM this country has ever had. I wonder what other things he has lied about….

missingmarietta Wed 12-Jan-22 13:04:54

No. People were going through hell whilst he was partying with his friends.

love0c Wed 12-Jan-22 13:07:39

It is a 'NO' from me.

MaizieD Wed 12-Jan-22 13:08:03

What I find amusing is that only a few weeks ago at PMQs he was FURIOUS to discover that there had been illegal parties at Downing Street.

He really thinks the public are stupid, doesn't he?

I was also amused to read this morning a piece on Conservative Home which described him as a 'greasy albino piglet' (though in quote marks, so not the writer's own words).

The closing sentence:

The “greased albino piglet” has wriggled free many times before. But he is cornered in a cul-de-sac and the butchers are whetting their knives.

Though I think that 'greased albino porker' might be slightly more accurate...

Shinamae Wed 12-Jan-22 13:08:24

Absolutely not

eazybee Wed 12-Jan-22 13:09:00

I don't expect an apology. I am extremely grateful for the vaccine.

Kim19 Wed 12-Jan-22 13:09:32

Yes, I will but it's simply not enough. I await the findings of the enquiry which, by no stretch of the imagination, can improve his standing. Only hope it is not dragged out for too long.

AGAA4 Wed 12-Jan-22 13:11:19

He was just sorry he had been found out. An apology not nearly good enough now.

Lucca Wed 12-Jan-22 13:14:47


I don't expect an apology. I am extremely grateful for the vaccine.

I don’t see the connection.
Grateful to Sarah Gilbert anyway not Boris.

TillyTrotter Wed 12-Jan-22 13:15:48

It’s a “No” from me too. He never appears to be sincere anyway. About anything much - always looking to put an idiotic twist on it.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 12-Jan-22 13:16:33



I don't expect an apology. I am extremely grateful for the vaccine.

I don’t see the connection.
Grateful to Sarah Gilbert anyway not Boris.

And all the other scientists behind the vaccine, together with the clinicians who administered it and the tax payer who bought it.

Kali2 Wed 12-Jan-22 13:18:51

His reply to Starmer and others was pathetic- and again- after a short apology, went on the praise his vaccine response- hiding behind it- as though it had anything at all to do with it! Just repeating 'ah but didn't I do well with the vaccine' like a robot!

Lucca Wed 12-Jan-22 13:20:20

Oh he didn’t bring up the vaccine again did he ? (Sorry I haven’t watched it yet)

Oldbat1 Wed 12-Jan-22 13:22:42

No not acceptable - it was a weak apology as he still doesn’t believe he is in the wrong.

gillyknits Wed 12-Jan-22 13:23:30

We are being manipulated by Dominic ,Cumming who releases drops of information to tarnish the prime minister.

westendgirl Wed 12-Jan-22 13:24:16

He has lied and stretched the truth too often for his apologies to have any meaning.

EllanVannin Wed 12-Jan-22 13:25:16

The way I see it is that from the first hint that a pandemic had started off in China, everywhere in this country should have been shut down----airports especially, and they weren't !
Hordes of people were crowded at Heathrow, why ? People should have been turned back to isolate for a month from whence they'd come from.

I would have liked to have seen a full lockdown and it didn't happen----no use crying over spilt milk after everyone had been infected. It's been utter madness from start to finish and as for vaccinations being a " softener " I don't buy into that as an apology either. They're not the be all and end all when we still have thousands who are infected and not all of them are unvaccinated either. Fully jabbed most of them !

There shouldn't have been any travelling done whatsoever !

EllanVannin Wed 12-Jan-22 13:27:00

There's going to be no nursing staff soon. Then what ?

Audi10 Wed 12-Jan-22 13:27:18

It’s a Big fat No from us !

westendgirl Wed 12-Jan-22 13:27:28

Gillyknits if the prime minister acted with integrity Cummings would have no way of "tarnishing "him . I don't remember Teresa May having such charges laid at her door.

M0nica Wed 12-Jan-22 13:30:11

No, it is a resigning issue.

I appreciate Dominic Cummings is digging the hole undr Johnson, but if Johnson hadn't done everything he is accused of , Dominic couldn't do the dirty on him.

What no one seems to have highlighted and I am surprised Keir Stramer didn't pick it up, is that the tone and culture of a work environment is set by the persdon in charge. All these parties happened because everyone knew that Boris didn't give a sh*t what the rules were that he was binding on others as long as he could ignore them.

Can you see this sort of wholesale partying happening if Keir Starmer or Teresa May had been in charge? Of course you wouldn't, because both are honest and honourable people and Boris is neither

Kali2 Wed 12-Jan-22 13:31:32

DC can only dig a hole because he has the spade, the dynamite and the facts.

MissAdventure Wed 12-Jan-22 13:35:02

I think we'll get what we're given, whether we accept it or not.
Nobody cares a jot about what the public want.