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Does anybody else think the Queen has lost weight?

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MayBeMaw Thu 10-Feb-22 07:11:00

Should we be concerned?

FannyCornforth Thu 10-Feb-22 07:16:22

She’s looking her age. That’s how my Nan looked at that age too

FannyCornforth Thu 10-Feb-22 07:17:11

In fact, both my Nans did

Kim19 Thu 10-Feb-22 07:17:58

I don't think we should be concerned. She looks fine to me but, yes, somewhat leaner. Maybe I should follow her healthy example!

mumofmadboys Thu 10-Feb-22 07:20:43

I thought he had lost weight when I saw her in that dress. It looked much too large on her. Hopefully she is just getting slimmer with old age rather than a more sinister cause.

FannyCornforth Thu 10-Feb-22 07:24:26

I think that I heard somewhere that she has stopped drinking alcohol?
Perhaps she should take it up again for those extra calories

LadyGracie Thu 10-Feb-22 07:28:01

I think she looks well, but frail, she is good for her age.

Hetty58 Thu 10-Feb-22 07:28:34

MayBeMaw, she looks frail - but still good for a 95 year old. It's better to be thin than too fat at any age.

TillyTrotter Thu 10-Feb-22 07:33:28

MIL was always a large lady but shrunk in her late 80’s. I don’t think it is unusual.
Her Majesty does look quite tiny now but she has a radiating smile. Perhaps she needs her favourite dresses altering?

JaneJudge Thu 10-Feb-22 07:37:55

I don't think she looks frail at all for her age. My Grandmother who was lucky enough to live until her 90s was very thin too

JaneJudge Thu 10-Feb-22 07:38:24

Tillytrotter, the same with my MIL!

Aldom Thu 10-Feb-22 08:21:19

Age is one consideration, but the Queen was widowed not very long ago. She, like many others, puts on a 'brave face', but as so often happens with bereavement, she has lost weight. The Queen has other 'family' worries too. I'm not surprised the poor lady is thinner.

sodapop Thu 10-Feb-22 08:27:20

I agree Aldom such family problems must weigh heavily on her without the support of Prince Philip.

Lexisgranny Thu 10-Feb-22 08:32:15

She has certainly lost weight, but that often happens in old age, she is also stooping a little, this last year has certainly taken a toll. However she has not lost that brilliant smile.

lemsip Thu 10-Feb-22 08:36:29

yes, her weightloss was mentioned as a concern on the news when she spent a night in hospital and was told to rest back in Oct 2021.
I am concerned.

FannyCornforth Thu 10-Feb-22 08:36:35

The other lady is Angela Wood, who helped to invent Coronation Chicken when she was only 19!

Calendargirl Thu 10-Feb-22 08:42:26

She has certainly shrunk latterly, but so do many older ladies. Also, I bet her appetite is small nowadays, and just doesn’t eat (and drink) much.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 10-Feb-22 08:53:08

No need for concern. Ageing process - she is battling on to 100 don’t forget.

Urmstongran Thu 10-Feb-22 08:57:50

I think she looks thinner but is at that age muscle bulk that’s gone. My 90y old stepfather looks the same. Her face is relaxed and she has a beautiful smile. I don’t think she’s poorly. In fact I think she looks serene. Maybe worrying about her husband’s I’ll health the last few months of his life took its toll. Now he’s gone she’s not worrying anymore on his behalf.
I do think her dresses look baggy now and that doesn’t help - they just accentuate her altered shape but no matter, she’s happy and probably more comfortable.

HettyBetty Thu 10-Feb-22 08:58:43

I don't thimk so one else's health or otherwise is any of our business. Her close family will know what is going on.

HettyBetty Thu 10-Feb-22 08:59:09


Anniebach Thu 10-Feb-22 09:00:11

Her husband has died, her son facing allegations, her grandson
stabbed her in the back and about to do so again, knows her eldest son is going to get criticism when she dies, she can no
longer ride her beloved horses, can’t walk around her parks,
no surprise she has lost weight.

MayBeMaw Thu 10-Feb-22 09:13:23


I don't thimk so one else's health or otherwise is any of our business. Her close family will know what is going on.

It is not necessarily intrusive to feel concern though.

DiscoDancer1975 Thu 10-Feb-22 09:16:18

Yes...but that’s normal as part of the ageing process, and grief of course.

Kalu Thu 10-Feb-22 09:18:52

But, she isn’t just someone. I don’t think the OP was being critical simply concerned.

The death of one’s husband must be so hard to bear without the worry of other family member’s questionable behaviour.
I am not a royalist but feel so sorry for this poor lady.

Weight loss and frailty is not unusual in the elderly.