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Violence at Stop violence against women march

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tickingbird Thu 17-Mar-22 12:51:56

I have just watched a woman being interviewed and she became quite upset as she attended a stop violence against women demo in Manchester and they were attacked by trans activists.

She explained that this was organised to follow International Woman’s Day and was about stopping violence against all women and girls. They had paint thrown on them and various other attacks. This poor lady was bewildered and upset, understandably, that trans activists could behave this way. I don’t understand it either and it does seem to me that some of these militant trans activists aren’t trans at all; they just hate women. It’s about time we all said enough!

grannydarkhair Thu 17-Mar-22 13:44:56

Police removed a man for menacing women before the march even started. Another man then started shouting pro transgender slogans, over the voices of the women chanting Stop Violence Against Women. During the march one woman had glass bottles of milkshake smashed over the back of her neck/shoulders. The second attack was so severe, she ended up in hospital with whiplash. Because of the violence, a number of the marchers left, fearing for their own safety and who could blame them?
The assailant was a man with pink hair wearing a dress and identified as Erin Dawson, a student at Salford University. Some of the women took photos/filmed what had happened, and he was later arrested and charged. He is known to police for similar behaviour at other demos/marches.
This was a peaceful march, organised by women, many of whom were victims of male violence already and had absolutely nothing to do with transgender issues.

Iam64 Thu 17-Mar-22 13:46:09

I’ve just read about this on line. The march was part of International Women’s day. Women took their children, as usually happens in this kind of march. They were chanting things like no means no. The sister of one of the organisers had been murdered by a man.
A trans activist in a pink frock threw milkshakes at women, shouting trans are women to.
S/he went away but returned with friends. A number of women were assaulted, some retaliated.

I’m waiting for someone to come along and talk about the oppression trans women experience. We ordinary women of course, we’ve no idea about oppression, domestic abuse and murder committed against us by men

Iam64 Thu 17-Mar-22 13:47:03

X posted with you granny dark hair, thanks for the additional info.

grannydarkhair Thu 17-Mar-22 13:55:33

Iam64 I wonder if any of the women on the march will ever feel safe enough to march again?
And does Erin Dawson have to REALLY hurt someone before he is prosecuted? If he was my son, I’d be horrified, I truly think I would want nothing more to do with him.

Doodledog Thu 17-Mar-22 14:00:16

. . . some of these militant trans activists aren’t trans at all; they just hate women.

I think this nails it. I'm not talking about 'ordinary' transpeople, but militant trans activists (whether or not they identify as trans themselves) do not have the best interests of women at heart. Not by a long chalk. They can dress it up as 'inclusivity' or 'intersectional feminism', but the bottom line is that nobody who advocates a system whereby men can simply say 'I identify as female' as though they are magic words, and be given access to sleeping/changing/medical areas that were designed for females only can be anything other than misogynist. Ditto access to women's sport.

VioletSky Thu 17-Mar-22 14:09:14

That's awful, I hope the people responsible are punished.

Iam64 Thu 17-Mar-22 14:14:16

And some posters question why many of us do not want self ID to dictate women’s sport or safe places. It’s not good enough to minimise the transactivists assaults on women, their bullying, the way 3 friends of mine were threatened with ‘being raped to death’ and more.
There’s a problem with transactivists and self ID which needs acknowledging and confronting. It’s just not good enough to say trans women are women. They’re trans women, deserve the same respect as everyone else. Except for trans activists who present a danger to women

Chewbacca Thu 17-Mar-22 14:17:23

Oh no surely not??? Could the trans allies that usually try to defend the indefensible please explain why natal women, peacefully asking for violence against them to stop, have been violently attacked by trans activists? hmm

JaneJudge Thu 17-Mar-22 14:28:40

how deeply unpleasant

VioletSky Thu 17-Mar-22 14:30:28


Oh no surely not??? Could the trans allies that usually try to defend the indefensible please explain why natal women, peacefully asking for violence against them to stop, have been violently attacked by trans activists? hmm

Literally no one does this.

Please don't try and turn this awful subject matter into another argument

Galaxy Thu 17-Mar-22 14:30:35

Yep some men hate women saying no. They are generally dangerous.

Chewbacca Thu 17-Mar-22 14:33:54

A feminist campaigner, nicknamed Belstaffie, led the chanting about ending violence against women and girls when a man interrupted them shouting “transwomen are women,” which was met by the protesters with “transwomen are men.” According to WRN, he left, and the march resumed.

But the women at the back, mostly mothers from WRN with their girls, heard a “commotion up ahead” and saw a glass bottle landing near them, forcing some of the women with children to leave immediately.

“We looked up ahead to see that Belstaffie had milkshakes thrown over her,” while a man with pink hair wearing a dress was running away. The march went on - the protesters thought the threat was finally over. However, moments later, the attacks resumed. Two women were walking together with four girl children aged 2 to 6, when the same man ran past them, grabbing their sign and destroying it.

According to Gemma Aitchison, the event was “a march about violence against women and girls and how the systems are not responding as they should be, women's anger about their right to feel safe.” She was also attacked with a milkshake thrown at her face but tried to reason with the attacker, as Gemma believes that “communication is key to conflict resolution.”

“One of their group said that her friend - the perpetrator in the dress - had felt threatened by us protesting against male violence and was also intimidated now,” said a WRN member.
But, according to Gemma, “violence broke out between the male who threw the drink on me and other women.” She put herself between the man and the other women to stop the man from assaulting the protesters, but ended up being punched and knocked to the ground.

He then reappeared with his coterie, I assume to admire his handiwork,” said a WRN member. “They [the counter protesters] had followed the march and had targeted another woman multiple times,” she added.

Yup; peace and love towards all women.

Iam64 Thu 17-Mar-22 14:35:56

VioletSky Its good to see your condemnation of the attacks by transactivists on women and children.
It isn’t looking for an argument to refer to the indefensible at times being supported because of the oppression trans people experience.
I’ve seen a lot of whataboutery when the issue of oppression and violence towards women is raised

Smileless2012 Thu 17-Mar-22 14:37:59

Absolutely disgusting behaviour and as you've posted Doodledog "this nails it".

It demonstrates how much damage these trans activists are doing to the very cause of the people they claim to be supporting.

We will have to wait and see what the trans allies have, if anything to say Chewbacca. Let's hope it's unreserved disgust and shame that some can behave in such a despicable way.

Chewbacca Thu 17-Mar-22 14:38:35

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Iam64 Thu 17-Mar-22 14:39:22

Xposted with Chewbacca and smiles there. Thanks for posting the report chewbacca

MerylStreep Thu 17-Mar-22 14:41:51

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GrannyGravy13 Thu 17-Mar-22 14:47:30

Women in the 21st century are apparently no safer now than in the dark ages.

VioletSky Thu 17-Mar-22 14:49:51

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Rosie51 Thu 17-Mar-22 14:50:24

Sorry to be thick but what does WRN stand for?

I don't understand why any protest about violence against women and girls seems to attract the TRAs wanting to shout them down. To then go on to commit violent acts against the women........ it really is depressing. Well over a hundred years since the suffragettes started to get some rights for women and here we are again with women shut up, be quiet, know your place.

Smileless2012 Thu 17-Mar-22 14:52:43

I'm beginning to think that women aren't as safe as they were in the dark ages GGsad.

VioletSky Thu 17-Mar-22 14:54:27

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Chewbacca Thu 17-Mar-22 14:56:51

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Mollygo Thu 17-Mar-22 14:59:22

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