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Coming out as transgender

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varian Wed 30-Mar-22 20:10:05

UK Tory MP comes out as transgender amid culture war escalation

GagaJo Wed 30-Mar-22 20:13:00

Yes, read this earlier today.

Poor thing. Dealing with rape and blackmail on top of trying to stay in the closet.

VioletSky Wed 30-Mar-22 20:16:32

I read this earlier too, an incredibly brave thing to do right now

Allsorts Wed 30-Mar-22 20:18:22

Felt sorry for him, being raped and blackmailed, glad he stood up to the bullies. I hope they get the people concerned. He got good support in the House.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 30-Mar-22 20:27:22

I hope they get the support needed, very brave to come out publicly.

GillT57 Wed 30-Mar-22 23:04:49

Very brave and has had to deal with some horrific blackmail and rape but before we all feel too sorry for him; he owned a Sugar Daddy business which is basically pimping, and had numerous complaints against his business upheld by trading standards. Not withstanding his personal issues, he has made a business out of demeaning women, perhaps he will think differently when and if he transitions. Being a person with identity difficulties does not make a person sainted.

Anniebach Thu 31-Mar-22 08:02:51

Be interesting to see if he stands at the next general election

Urmstongran Thu 31-Mar-22 08:13:22

Good to hear Boris was very supportive of him. Poor man it sounds as if he’s had a very traumatic time. I hope his announcement brings him personal happiness.

Robin49 Thu 31-Mar-22 08:14:49


Be interesting to see if he stands at the next general election

I sincerely hope not. How can he be an effective MP with all that going on in his life. As for the Sugar Daddy business, well, words fail me.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 31-Mar-22 08:16:04

GillT57 WOW I had no idea of his business interests how can someone who feels like a women think it’s acceptable to exploit them?

No sisterhood, no let’s stand together, sounds a bit like me me me.

Rape is wrong, but I am feeling uncomfortable that as he was due to be exposed he chose to come out, we will never know if he would have kept quiet without the threat of blackmail.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 31-Mar-22 08:19:54

What is it with this obsession with a tiny minority in the U.K.?

Blimey it is getting worse than H&M!😄

Anniebach Thu 31-Mar-22 08:20:48

He will not stand for Bridgend ,he only won that seat because
of Corbyn

Katie59 Thu 31-Mar-22 08:33:42

If he thinks reassigning his identity is going to stop bullying he’s going to be sadly disappointed, it’s going to make him more of a target.
As for running a sex business, you would have thought the local Tories would have cold shouldered him, on the other hand maybe some were clients.

Doodledog Thu 31-Mar-22 08:47:26

Hasn’t he come out as trans in mitigation against a charge of driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident?

Callistemon21 Thu 31-Mar-22 09:49:10

I'm really pleased for him that everyone is so supportive now and that he gets over the ordeal of what happened.

I hope also he can move on from all this publicity because what matters as well in all this are the CONSTITUENTS who voted for him and, of course, those who didn't too.

Coastpath Thu 31-Mar-22 10:07:23

This man's business dealings do not bear close inspection. Multiple trading standards complaints, the sugar daddy business (about which he has lied to the media) and a ban from trading by the Ministry of Justice.

DiamondLily Thu 31-Mar-22 10:28:49

He was previously thrown of his town council for being inherently lazy and unreliable.

With all these things, business wise, the Sugar Daddy thing, and with his personal life, I'm amazed he was picked as a Tory MP to start with.

GagaJo Thu 31-Mar-22 10:33:35

Not at all DL. He's following in his illustrious leaders footsteps.

DiamondLily Thu 31-Mar-22 10:38:39


Not at all DL. He's following in his illustrious leaders footsteps.

It doesn't make it right though. Nothing to do with whether he wants to change gender or not.

He just doesn't seem suitable to be an MP.

Johnson is a disgrace to his profession , but people keep supporting him for some reason. 🙄

Higher standards, from all MPs, would be nice,

GrannyGravy13 Thu 31-Mar-22 11:11:41

The more one finds out the more sordid it becomes…

GagaJo Thu 31-Mar-22 11:21:28

Agreed DiamondLily. And even when we do get the chance of a solid, dependable leader, he's destroyed by the media.

All aside from his trans status as others have said. In the same way I'm disgusted by Boris but wish him no actual harm.

MerylStreep Thu 31-Mar-22 11:59:52

I have to say I was very surprised yesterday at some of the praise heaped on him.
I looked at his past when the news broke.

BeverleyJB Thu 31-Mar-22 12:15:47

I'll reserve my sympathy for his poor wife and children. Nothing he has done is in any way “brave” and those who support such an individual, who clearly has no integrity, should have a good look at themselves.

Rosalyn69 Thu 31-Mar-22 12:23:53

I am tired of the whole trans “thing”. Why do people want to have a label attached? Can’t they just “be”. I am not anti trans or anti any other group but goodness everywhere I read now the big “thing” is trans. Slow news week perhaps.
Just my view.

JaneJudge Thu 31-Mar-22 12:28:53

It doesn't sound like he likes women very much at all confused