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Bea65 Thu 05-May-22 17:04:11

How busy are the local election you feel weary of voting when most are unknown candidates or, you vote for the same old....I had a long list to choose from ....

Pittcity Thu 05-May-22 17:10:48

I have no idea how busy they are as I always vote by post. We only had 4 to choose from and it wasn't a difficult choice for me.

AGAA4 Thu 05-May-22 17:12:46

Very quiet in the polling station I went to. Only four candidates and two of those were independents.

Yammy Thu 05-May-22 17:18:00

Very quiet station quieter than usual I was told . Nobody seems to know any of the candidates. Not much choice to get rid of Boris and the Boozers.

Kate1949 Thu 05-May-22 17:19:26

Very busy by us. For the first time since we've lived here, the school where we vote was open. So there were voters, parents and children leaving the school at the time we went.

TillyTrotter Thu 05-May-22 17:20:54

It was quiet in mine but I went mid morning to avoid being there when busier.
We had a choice of 4 - all local well-known faces especially in the last 4 weeks!

DillytheGardener Thu 05-May-22 17:24:08

Ours was very quiet. Lots of conservatives with ribbons at the entrance who’s necks I could have gladly wrung.
I voted tactically against them.
I doubt there will be a high turnout, they were door knocking today to try drum up more voters to attend the polling station.

Mollygo Thu 05-May-22 17:26:28

Very quiet near us and none of the candidates have been round to drum up business. It could be a bit like the OP said.

nadateturbe Thu 05-May-22 17:31:52

Very interesting here in NI. SF are hopeful of having a majority and getting First Minister post. Unionists will be trying to prevent this of course.
I hope we don't lose our wonderful local MLA to DUP because of this.

tanith Thu 05-May-22 17:45:01

Ours was quiet at 8am but I had to wait while the teller explained to a young lady how to vote. There were lots of candidates and she couldn’t understand why she was given 3 votes but didn’t have to use them all if she didn’t want to it took ages and I don’t think she really got it.

HousePlantQueen Thu 05-May-22 18:05:10

Steady flow here. 4 Candidates..

Casdon Thu 05-May-22 18:42:02

Only a choice of two candidates in my rural community. I knew both of them, and both have been out canvassing. I think our turnout will be good, I’ve seen people walking and driving past to vote all day - including on their tractors.

grumppa Thu 05-May-22 18:48:39

Not busy, and only one party fielded three candidates, which made voting problematic.

LauraNorderr Thu 05-May-22 19:00:05

Thought of spoiling my paper but decided to rule out what I don’t want. Ended up with three crosses against the best of a bad lot.
We were the only two there at 2.30 pm.
None of our adult children have voted today, apathy, disillusionment, too busy, who knows.

Zoejory Thu 05-May-22 19:03:05

Hardly anyone here. The church is across the road and I've not been staring constantly but have only seen couple of people.

We are quite rural here and I guess people just aren't bothering.

ExDancer Thu 05-May-22 19:18:46

We are rural but voting was brisk and I had to queue for my ballot paper. I've had no contact from any of the candidates, no-one knocking on the door and no leaflets through the letter box., acquaintances were the same.
I don't know why, but we've been 'attached' to a nearby town that is not where locals shop or have many dealings (like GPs and dentists) with. Other people I spoke to felt the same.
I wouldn't have bothered but my Mum drummed it into me that the suffragettes went through a great deal of suffering to get women the vote, so i should always use it!

grannydarkhair Thu 05-May-22 19:28:28

Voted by post. For the first time ever in 50 years of voting, I thought about not bothering or sending my paper back with comments, but finally voted for candidates who I hope will be good councillors for my area if they are elected.
Only had leaflets to go on, no visits. I think turnout here will be very low.

varian Thu 05-May-22 19:34:31

We voted by post. If you have a vote and still haven't voted I urge you to get out and vote for the candidate most likely to beat the corrupt lying Conservatives.

Devorgilla Thu 05-May-22 19:49:59

I, too, would echo both varian's sentiments to get out and vote. I really cannot understand why people don't.

Soozikinzi Thu 05-May-22 20:01:56

We only had a choice of two here in definitely not rural Wigan ! Even the staff in the polling station thought tgat was odd .Was quiet only me in to vote .

Fennel Thu 05-May-22 20:30:47

We have postal votes too snd made sure we sent them off. We live in one of the NE 'Redwall' constituencies and have always voted Labour. Don't want to say more about the others.
But you never know.
Still can't understand why my hometown of Blyth switched from L to C in the last general election.

Blossoming Thu 05-May-22 20:37:02

Ours is always quiet in the day, most voters here are at work until evening.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 05-May-22 20:47:25

No voting in our area, but drove through a couple of villages in another part of Oxfordshire this afternoon and the car parks looked very busy.

Jaxjacky Thu 05-May-22 20:54:46

Very disappointed with people I know not voting, only a very small representation, but it’ll be interesting to see the stats.

paddyann54 Thu 05-May-22 21:51:55

Looks quiet here ,traditionally a Labour seat but went SNP last time.No idea how it will go