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Johnson and Brexit

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Whitewavemark2 Mon 09-May-22 07:52:18

The DUP, who like Johnson saw their support draining away last Thursday are demanding that Westminster to renege on the NI protocol. Donaldson is failing to understand that he has no mandate to make such demands as it is certainly not the message that the electorate sent to the NIA.

The real problem is that we have a wounded PM who has nothing left but to try and resurrect the Brexit card to appeal to the U.K. voter. Johnson is clearing prepared to do just that and risk another act of destructive irresponsibility, risking peace in NI and ignoring the message that most people want the parties to form a government and resume power sharing, in order to tackle the many issues facing the NI people.

This should be Johnson’s priority.

Guardian 9/5

FannyCornforth Mon 09-May-22 08:23:11

Could there be a less inviting thread title Whitewave? sad

Whitewavemark2 Mon 09-May-22 08:26:40


Could there be a less inviting thread title Whitewave? sad

😄 well it was succinct I thought😄

FannyCornforth Mon 09-May-22 08:31:24

It’s just all so depressing and predictable isn’t it.
I was listening to the brilliant Darren Adam on LBC overnight talking about it, and oh dear 😢

Whitewavemark2 Mon 09-May-22 08:33:10

Mary Riddell

Tearing up the NI Protocol would invite a catastrophic trade war with the EU. Boris Johnson negotiated an unworkable Brexit deal, thinking he could wriggle out of his commitment. He cannot. We are facing the ugly consequences of a rogue PM and his disastrous Brexit.

NotSpaghetti Mon 09-May-22 09:08:05

It was the "hard" Brexit that they wanted and now they are throwing their toys out of the proverbial pram about it.

Whilst I think it's a terrible Brexit option, I also think we should honour what we have signed up to.

Visgir1 Mon 09-May-22 09:13:50

When I was at senior school my History Teacher told us... Ireland should be either attached to the UK landmass or out in the Atlantic ocean.
At the time never understood why she she'd that..I do now.

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 09-May-22 09:21:03

I may be naive, but from what I’ve read in various publications and interviews I’ve listened to, it seems to me that the only solution is a United Ireland. The North voted Remain so most people should be happy if they reunite. They’d be in the EU once more.

Zonne Mon 09-May-22 09:32:24

ladyleftfieldlovet There remain more divisive issues in Northetn Ireland (even using that description is problematic), than the leave/remain one.

Despite the vote last week, I think there are still more unionists, and so, even if there was a referendum on a unites Ireland (which there won’t be as it’s up to the UK government to decide, ludicrously), staying on the UK would win.

Against that, Johnson is (inevitably) making a total pigs ear of the protocol. As I understand it, most businesses and people in Northern Ireland are happy with the current system, so changes which negatively impact on that might further strengthen pro-unification support.

Grantanow Mon 09-May-22 10:38:31

We really need to start planning to rejoin the EU. Not heard much from Rees-Mogg about the opportunities of Brexit.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 09-May-22 10:49:04

The Irish must be so worried. Their peace is dependent on a narcissist who cares little for anything other than his political survival.

Worried about their economy, which is benefiting from the existing protocol

Worried about all the issues, like health, cost of living and housing that are not being addressed.

But imo most of all

Worried about the fragile peace.

HousePlantQueen Mon 09-May-22 13:57:29

The issue is that Johnson is losing his shine, we know many voted Tory because Johnson promised to 'Get Brexit done' and they were apparently prepared to overlook his many obvious flaws in order to achieve this. But this, in NI, is serious grown up stuff, people will likely die if Johnson effectively rips up the GFA. As for Brexit............there are no chuffing benefits at all. Oh, other than we now will have the right to eat radiation soaked vegetables from Japan.

vegansrock Mon 09-May-22 16:17:10

Oh. Yes - we were worried we’d get chlorinated chicken if they got a US deal( they won’t) so we’ve lessened the regulations to below EU standards and can now have vegetables with higher levels of radiation than the EU permits! Another Brexit bonus!

Whitewavemark2 Mon 09-May-22 18:19:46

And fish

TopsyIrene06 Mon 09-May-22 18:24:38

Don't forget the radio active vegetables from the old nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan. The ban on fish and vegetables has now been lifted by the Food Standards Agency.
Tesco and Waitrose have said they are not planning on introducing the items from Japan at the moment.

NotSpaghetti Tue 10-May-22 12:49:29

Why we have to deviate from food standards we already quite happily agreed is quite beyond me.

Will we now decide we can give up with other safety/health protections such as seat belts and pesticide regulations? hmm

NotSpaghetti Tue 10-May-22 12:54:13

I hope we will at least see the Rafura symbol in use where foods have been irradiated

Casdon Tue 10-May-22 12:57:58

Time to use the farmers markets, and get our allotments producing as much as we can I think. This whole debacle reminds me of my A level French set book.

‘You must have a vast and magnificent estate,' said Candide to the turk. 'I have only twenty acres,' replied the old man; 'I and my children cultivate them; and our labour preserves us from three great evils: weariness, vice, and want.’

Whitewavemark2 Tue 10-May-22 13:00:20

Nothing about NI. Still I suppose they have time.

MayBee70 Tue 10-May-22 13:17:05


We really need to start planning to rejoin the EU. Not heard much from Rees-Mogg about the opportunities of Brexit.

Well, to be fair to him he did say it would take 50 years to reap any benefits….

NotSpaghetti Tue 10-May-22 15:31:06

50 years!
Well we will all be dead by then!

MayBee70 Tue 10-May-22 17:42:41

Supposedly ( I haven’t watched it ) people have complained to the BBC about Countryfile because they said that the shortage of vets was due to brexit. And they shouldn’t have said that. Even if it’s true. Which it probably is.

OakDryad Tue 10-May-22 17:50:47


Nothing about NI. Still I suppose they have time.

Liz Truss is reportedly preparing draft legislation that would unilaterally scrap key parts of the Northern Ireland protocol, removing the need for checks on goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

No bill was announced in the Queen’s speech on Tuesday but the foreign secretary is reported to have asked officials to prepare the draft, which would put the UK in breach of its treaty obligations.

Katie59 Tue 10-May-22 17:51:26

Are the DUP really deluded demanding that Johnson reneges on the NI protocol, even BJ knows the EU are not going to move and the DUP is not worth a trade war

vegansrock Tue 10-May-22 18:08:24

It seems the BBC or any media outlet is forbidden to mention the B word when discussing increased food costs, labour shortages, lorries queueing for miles at Dover, the downturn in the economy, the billions of £s spent on Brexit, the easing of regulations which are damaging the environment etc etc