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The loss of freedom of speech, of sidelining women and biology

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DiamondLily Thu 12-May-22 12:47:27

I've been asked to repost this:

'Julie Bindel had a pretty horrendous time whilst delivering a (previously postponed) lecture to York University's Free Speech Society.

The activists, who say we must be "all be kind" didn't display much courtesy or kindness to her.🙄

She was abused, accused, screamed at, and had placards thrust in her face. The TW mob were out in force, and she was "invited" to kiss their "man-boobs" and told things she could do with their "trans d*cks".

Meanwhile, in the Court case involving Alison Bailey, Stonewall tell us that there are no such things as male and female bodies. They don't exist...🤔

It sure is a funny old world out there in Trans La-La land.

FarNorth Fri 13-May-22 01:12:37

Have you heard about Allison Bailey who has an ongoing court case?

"Bailey is bringing a discrimination claim against Stonewall and her barristers’ chambers, which she accuses of bowing to pressure from the group to discipline her for making allegedly so-called gender critical comments on social media."

(No paywall on this article.)

DiamondLily Fri 13-May-22 04:32:30

Simon Fanshawe, who co-founded Stonewall, back in the day, has written a very interesting article, for the DM, on how Stonewall are now eroding the rights of (biological) women with pushing the argument that there is no such thing as "male" and "female", and by demanding access to all female spaces.

Mr Fanshawe, despite being a co-founder of Stonewall, and helping to make it the success it was, was "cancelled" by the organisation last year.

And, he feels that by doing what they are now doing, the organisation are destroying the aims and ideals of what Stonewall was set up for.

Smileless2012 Fri 13-May-22 09:25:58

Thanks for the link DiamondLily. He sums it up perfectly in his final sentence; "Let's celebrate our differences, not wipe out our diversity".

All the good that Stonewall has done is being undone. As he says, they are taking a wrecking ball to an organisation that has done so much for the rights of those it was set up to support.

He must want to weep. I want to weep when I see what's being done to women and to those trans men and women who simply want to live a life of peace and acceptance in the gender they feel comfortable being.

DiamondLily Fri 13-May-22 09:38:27

Yes, they were a force for good, and most people recognised that being gay was all perfectly ok, and that gay equality didn't interfere with anyone else's rights.

Now, Stonewall seem to be alienating all sides - women that want to keep their own rights, and not be shoved aside for men, gay men who feel it no longer represents them and straight men who cannot see what they are banging on about with saying there are no biological sexes, but that there are multiple genders . 🙄

Such a shame.🙁

Doodledog Fri 13-May-22 12:39:38

I agree completely. Peter Tatchell is showing himself to have some very dodgy views about children's sexuality, which are also a far cry from the Stonewall of old.

Back in the day, Stonewall was a force for good, and in many ways it is a shame that so many workplaces are withdrawing from diversity programmes. The baby will no doubt be thrown out with the bathwater, which will, again, hurt women most.

It has to be done, though. Stonewall would have us in Gilead tomorrow if they had their way, and the women who claim to be 'allies' would soon find out that their support would count for nothing - in the end, they would be treated just as badly as those of us fighting for rights for ourselves and our daughters.

Callistemon21 Fri 13-May-22 13:04:38

Peter Tatchell is showing himself to have some very dodgy views
Gender, sexuality and Stonewall aside, I found Peter Tatchell to be embellishing the truth on a totally different matter altogether years ago. The point of that was that he had a voice in the msm so was able to spread the misinformation.

Generally speaking, I had respected his views previous to that.

DiamondLily Fri 13-May-22 14:03:22

JKR has delivered another verbal slap to the TWs and their activist supporters:

Posting a picture of the three women on Twitter, she said:

"One day, books will be written looking back at the full impact gender identity ideology had on vulnerable youth, women's rights and freedom of speech here in the UK, and these women will rightly be seen as heroines.'"

FarNorth Fri 13-May-22 14:53:44

I missed seeing this news, mentioned in your link DL

"Her latest tweet comes after judges stepped in to kill a final appeal over the legal ruling allowing children to take puberty blockers without their [parents'] consent."

Googling it, the only reports I can see are from the Daily Mail and Pink News.

SueDonim Fri 13-May-22 15:02:35

I posted this link on another thread. Despite it being about the menopause this article does not mention women once. We have been disappeared. hmmangry

DiamondLily Fri 13-May-22 15:16:23


I missed seeing this news, mentioned in your link DL

"Her latest tweet comes after judges stepped in to kill a final appeal over the legal ruling allowing children to take puberty blockers without their [parents'] consent."

Googling it, the only reports I can see are from the Daily Mail and Pink News.

Oh, no, I hadn't seen that.

In the case of minors, parents should always be informed, and have an opinion, (unless a court rules it unreasonable).

Parental responsibility means what it says on the tin. In my view.

Young people are coming forward, after doing all this, saying it was a mistake, they were just unhappy with life, but have now buggered up their bodies completely.

There is nothing that won't wait until a young adult is 18 - younger than that is too early to make "medication taking/body altering" decisions.

Teenage are generally full of scrambled hormones, confusion and angst - a normal process that they usually grow out of, 🙁

Chestnut Fri 13-May-22 15:57:31

Just catching up with this thread. Well done everyone, some excellent points and I'd like to add my concern into the pot because I agree this is a dreadful state of affairs. These activists are so nasty and aggressive, I guess that's why people are afraid to challenge them. This is definitely a threat to humanity which must be stopped. Youngsters will be so confused when adults are making them question their gender, and this could have serious implications. I'm so worried these idiots will corrupt my dear grandchildren as they approach puberty.

By the way, Piers Morgan is championing this cause quite regularly on his new show, along with other issues that need calling out. It's on every evening 8pm.

Mollygo Fri 13-May-22 17:02:22

12 year old Child x sharing in her online homework group that she will kill herself if she doesn’t get her boobs cut off before she’s 20 and promoting suicide as a way out for others others if their parents don’t support them.
But freedom of speech means she can say that!

Chestnut Fri 13-May-22 17:09:40

Do you have a link to that Mollygo? It's very disturbing that any child could possibly think like that, but does she really or is she being 'trendy'? Or is this even a child, or is it some sick adult?

Mollygo Fri 13-May-22 19:08:20

Not a link. It’s just a screen shot of a post from a child in my DGD’s school. If you think you are a boy, and your parents support that, why insist on going to a girl’s school.
For her it might be genuine or it might be trendy. She’s certainly sucked in a large group and and moved on from just insisting they adopt boys names and that others get in trouble for misgendering, to this latest declaration, but once you’re ‘in the group’ there’s no way out. It’s bullying 2020 style.

FarNorth Fri 13-May-22 20:30:13

I hope the school and parents are aware of this Mollygo.
That's not what should be happening in a homework group.

FarNorth Fri 13-May-22 20:32:53

Freedom of speech?
Would a child be allowed to say these things in class? If not, why in a homework group?

For adults, it is an offence to encourage another to commit suicide. It can't be just 'free speech ' for a child to do it.

JaneJudge Fri 13-May-22 20:36:00

You cannot just ignore this, transactivists are involved with changing law wrt women's spaces and language used

Mollygo Sat 14-May-22 09:55:06


I hope the school and parents are aware of this Mollygo.
That's not what should be happening in a homework group.

Yes the school knows. Right from the start they have been made aware of what’s going on, but being inclusive and allowing one trans has morphed into a large group in one class, and the ensuing bullying/grooming activities which they don’t seem to recognise just keep mounting up.
It has been reported by different parents. With this latter case, I’m not sure, but I think their stance is that they’re not responsible for things that happen online, but it’s being investigated.

DiamondLily Sat 14-May-22 09:57:11

It feels a bit like a parallel universe at times. Science and biology are being overwritten on the back of what sex a person "wants" to be.🙄

FarNorth Sat 14-May-22 10:28:35

Is the homework group a requirement of the school, in order to be able to do the work?
If it is, then the school should take responsibility for it.
If not, why be in it at all?

Stormystar Sat 14-May-22 18:44:20

Isnt it illogical because if there’s no female/male, women/men, but only people/persons where does Trans come into it. Surely the concept of Trans gender has nullified itself. And if medical and other organisations persist in choosing to dehumanise me by reference to my bodily organs as the total sum of my parts ie a person with a Womb then the logical follow up to this is to identify people with penises as people with a bit of dangly skin between their legs Spunkers/ ejaculators and testiclers and Adam’s Applers etc. this could be fun ! If it wasn’t so degradingly tragic

FarNorth Sat 14-May-22 19:28:39

I think the point is that you can choose whether you are a woman or a man, based on which stereotypes you favour.

And, if you like, you can alter your body to try to match the stereotypes better.

Or you can just say you are a woman or a man or non-binary regardless of any changes.

Clear as can be. hmm

Stormystar Sat 14-May-22 19:59:53

We can choose to experience life from any standpoint. If it doesn’t diminish others rights and safety But if the Law itself is founded upon the premise of subjective beliefs or longings which by there nature are in a perpetual state of change then anarchy will become the norm

Elegran Sat 14-May-22 21:45:18

I assume everyone is aware of the imminence in Scotland of legislation on all this? If not then


The Gender Recognition Reform Bill has recently been published and is at Stage 1 of its passage through Parliament. The Committee looking at the Bill has asked for people to submit their views – please read the "forwomen scotland" guide on submitting the form. Anyone can respond, you don’t need to be in Scotland. It’s seven Yes/No questions and a comment box. Deadline for responses is 16 May 2022.

To read more on the subject, see ^
and/or read the ebook "Material Girls: Why Reality Matters for Feminism" by Kathleen Stock, (available on Kindle and in paperback or hardback from Amazon )

SueDonim Sat 14-May-22 21:47:03

I’ve done the GR survey but also found that I had quite a lot to say in the comments section.