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Who has been the UK's worst PM?

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GagaJo Thu 11-Aug-22 12:21:36

It's widely held that Trump is the worst President the US has ever had.

Who do we think is the UK's worst Prime Minister?

It's very easy to jump, and say Johnson, but is he the worst?

Poppyred Thu 11-Aug-22 12:24:12

Tony Blair by a million miles……

Biscuitmuncher Thu 11-Aug-22 12:24:45

As I believe America thrived under Trump. Thatcher was the pure embodiment of evil

Calendargirl Thu 11-Aug-22 12:26:18

Anthony Eden didn’t handle the Suez Crisis very well.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 11-Aug-22 12:27:15

Well he is the only prime minister who was pushed from office because of his behaviour and not for his policies.

He is the only prime minister who has be ordered to face the standards select committee because he mislead parliament.

He is the only prime minister who was taken to court over his illegal prorogation of parliament

His is the only prime minister to have resided over the giving away £37bn to a crony and it subsequently to have been found illegal

He is the onle prime minister to have has clandestine meetings with a member if the KGB, taking official documents with him and have no security.

That will do for now but you’d be hard pushed to find a worse one.

GagaJo Thu 11-Aug-22 12:29:43

Good case there Whitewavemark!

VioletSky Thu 11-Aug-22 12:32:32

I don't know about worst overall but Boris has definitely been the most destructive.

The damage he has done to politics and public faith towards our political leadership in general is staggering

dragonfly46 Thu 11-Aug-22 12:37:47

I agree Poppyred definitely Tony Blair!

Petera Thu 11-Aug-22 12:41:10


As I believe America thrived under Trump. Thatcher was the pure embodiment of evil

Everyone seems to also forget that, at the point of the Falklands war, Thatcher was polling as the worst PM ever. Then she did something bellicose - it doesn't say much for us actually.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 11-Aug-22 12:41:33

I think if you are arguing for a particular PM, you ought to give a reason.

LadyGracie Thu 11-Aug-22 12:41:35

Agreed Tony Blair!

Dinahmo Thu 11-Aug-22 12:43:24

Not Tony Blair. He took us into war, with the support of the Tories, but he did not create the austerity which we have suffered for the last 12 years.

I would say Thatcher. She sold off the country's "silver" and made it almost impossible for councils to build new houses for rent.

She also took us into a war with Argentina which was probably unnecessary. Apparently during previous administrations the Argentinian used to sabre rattle and talks were held and peace reigned. Thatcher was at a low point with her popularity at that time and so decided that she would engage with Argentina in a different way. She lied about the sinking of the Belgrano which was attacked whilst it was sailing away.

Thatcher also managed to arrange profitable arms deals for son Mark when she was in Saudi Arabia.

Her worst failing, I think, is when she referred to herself as we. as in "we are now a grandmother". I say this because it was a sign of how arrogant she was becoming.

As people have said elsewhere, her actions are causing real problems now.

GagaJo Thu 11-Aug-22 12:56:39

I'd agree with the placement of Thatcher. Having worked with children in some of the mining villages she decimated, I can say the effect on the lives in those areas continues to this day.

Zonne Thu 11-Aug-22 12:57:09


As I believe America thrived under Trump. Thatcher was the pure embodiment of evil

Not sure your definition of thrive would be most people’s.

He inherited a growing economy - although with stagnant wage growth - from Obama, and threw it away.

He’s the first president since H Hoover to leave office with fewer jobs than when he started.

He totally mishandled the pandemic response, damaging the US economy, increasing inequality (as did his tax policy) and forcing people out of the workforce.

He failed to reduce the trade deficit (one of his own aims) amd in fact increased it at a phenomenal rate, and did not increase or even protect US manufacturing (his other big platform).

There were no social advances. His foreign policy isolated America and alienated even traditional allies.

Please don’t point to his nonsense metric about stock market growth evidencing a strong economy, because it’s grown more under most democrat presidents in recent years and anyway the main - and limited - benefit is to a tiny minority.

Sorry, slight detour from the original question. I think ifwe’re are looking at long-term damage to the country, Thatcher and Cameron. It remains to be seen if Johnson’s toxicity lasts as long or impacts as deeply.

karmalady Thu 11-Aug-22 13:02:41

Tony Blair without a shadow of a doubt

Katie59 Thu 11-Aug-22 13:04:19

Eden certainy qualifies but so does Chamberlain.
Wilson was popular enough but left Callaghan an awful legacy then Thatcher overcompensated and destroyed core industries
Major was too busy with Edwina to do much usefull, Blair started well enough but then backed the US in Iraq and then took his eye off the economy.

Not one of them made a success of the job, neither have their successors. Which leaves Churchill and Attlee - depressing prospects.

Blossoming Thu 11-Aug-22 13:05:40

David Cameron.

Forlornhope Thu 11-Aug-22 13:07:49

Definitely Thatcher. She destroyed communities.

Katie59 Thu 11-Aug-22 13:12:11

I missed Macmillan, modest.y successful until the Profumo affair wounded him, then ill health and rebellious backbenchers ended it

GagaJo Thu 11-Aug-22 13:18:35

Poppyred, Dragonfly46, LadyGracie, karmalady, why Tony Blair? You've named him (fair enough) but no one has given a reason. Surely it can't just be because he was a Labour PM?

CountessFosco Thu 11-Aug-22 13:19:33

Gordon Brown - weak, pathetic and not fit for purpose

mayisay Thu 11-Aug-22 13:23:09

Most definitely, Tony Blair.

toscalily Thu 11-Aug-22 13:25:42

I thought Gagajo asked who we thought was the worst, not a list of the many failings of many PM'S!

Think I will vote for Boris as referenced by Whitewavemark2.

Casdon Thu 11-Aug-22 13:26:23


Poppyred, Dragonfly46, LadyGracie, karmalady, why Tony Blair? You've named him (fair enough) but no one has given a reason. Surely it can't just be because he was a Labour PM?

Best not to ask GagaJo or you’ll derail your own thread before it’s got going, it’s really interesting just to hear what everybody thinks in a one liner?

For me there are two - Maggie Thatcher, milk snatcher. Boris Johnson wins overall however for deluded self belief and criminality.

mayisay Thu 11-Aug-22 13:29:28

GagaJo, He lied about weapons of mass destruction, to start with, he took this country into a dreadful war that resulted in thousands of deaths, including British service personnel, and also opened up our borders for all and sundry to come here and live, and we're now living with the consequences!