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Putin, Trump and Ukraine

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Whitewavemark2 Sat 13-May-23 06:23:03

Trump has indicated that if he wins the election, he will cease America’s involvement in the Ukraine war.

This must be now Putin’s focus. The war of attrition appeared to be extending into the foreseeable future for Putin , but now Trump has offered him a let out clause.

I suspect that Putin will be assisting Trump as much as he can to win the election.

This would be an utter disaster for Europe and the U.K.

NanaDana Sat 13-May-23 07:15:45

Trump is already being described as "Putin's Puppet" by certain political commentators in the U.S.A... particularly after his recent refusal to say whether or not he wants Ukraine to win the war. He has also consistently refused to describe Putin as a war criminal, which is out of step with virtually all of the western Democracies. Trump is also very focused on America's traditional isolationist policy, underpinned by his frequent reference to the massive cost of supporting Ukraine, all of which could certainly win him votes. Putin will be rubbing his hands with glee at the thought of a Trump win, which would put massive pressure on European nations in continuing to support the defence of Ukraine. Trump has also previously seemed luke warm as to his interest in the NATO alliance, and it's not beyond the realms of possibility that he could withdraw the U.S.A. from it, which would indeed be disastrous for us. Worrying times.

dogsmother Sat 13-May-23 07:19:46

Trump is a self serving disaster. If this what he thinks the people want to hear……

nanna8 Sat 13-May-23 10:42:20

He’ll probably get a fair bit of support,too. He never did relate very well to Western Europe, much more comfortable with the dictators in the East and people like the North Koreans.

maddyone Sat 13-May-23 11:03:52

OMG. I don’t know what to say. Please God that Trump doesn’t win the election.

red1 Sat 13-May-23 11:08:52

both out of the same mould,a bad one. Why are people so stupid to follow them? History will give us an answer to that one!

jane1956 Sat 13-May-23 11:12:28

well biden dosn't know what day it is unless prompted

varian Sat 13-May-23 11:25:49

Trump has long been Putin's puppet. It is unlikely he would ever have won in 2016 without .massive help from Russia, especially online . It is likely that Putin has compromising material dating back many years.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 13-May-23 11:49:14


well biden dosn't know what day it is unless prompted

Do you prefer Trump?

nanna8 Sat 13-May-23 12:56:40

They need to ditch Biden and get a good strong leader for the Democrats to oppose Trump. I’m just betting Trump loves having Biden as his opposition, too easy for him.

HousePlantQueen Sat 13-May-23 12:56:48

This is a terrifying prospect, a Trump win would be a disaster for all, not least because this would give a seal of approval to the kind of behaviour that most decent folk find abhorrent (racism, sexual abuse, fraud, cheating charities etc., etc). Behind all of this, (and Brexit) is people such as Bannerman. I just hope that the Republican party decide that he is too toxic, even for them, and that they let him go down for at least some of his many crimes.

Louella12 Sat 13-May-23 13:06:37

Someone needs to tell Biden , in the nicest possible way, that he needs to stand aside.

Grantanow Sat 13-May-23 15:12:45

Truss got into power by telling the Tory faithful what they wanted to hear however brainless it was. Trump will attempt to do the same with his Republican base. If he gets in it will be a disaster for the US and the world, not only for his playing up to Putin but also for his lack of understanding of climate change.

AGAA4 Sat 13-May-23 16:55:22

Trump still has many supporters. I just hope there are not enough to give him back the presidency. He will be helped by his friends in Russia. It's a frightening prospect for Ukraine and Europe.

maddyone Sun 14-May-23 10:23:18

Do you prefer Trump?

With respect Whitewave one doesn’t have to prefer Trump if one doesn’t like Biden. I prefer neither of them. I don’t need to list reasons for disliking Trump, there are simply too many of them, and pretty much everyone in Britain agrees with them, but my reasons for not liking Biden are that he is rather old although that isn’t my main reason. My primary reason is that he appears to dislike Britain. The things he said in Ireland seemed to suggest dislike of Britain, followed by the snub of not coming to the King’s coronation does suggest to me some dislike. Sending his wife to represent him was very poor form in my opinion. She is not a political figure, merely his wife. She should not have been representing America at such a great state occasion in my opinion.

vintage1950 Sun 14-May-23 12:45:23

Regarding Biden, it doesn't seem to be the custom for US presidents to attend the coronation of a British king. Also, he did attend the late Queen's funeral and appeared at her lying-in-state, when he crossed himself as a sign of respect (being RC).

Whitewavemark2 Sun 14-May-23 12:48:22

maddyone true. I take that remark back.

maddyone Sun 14-May-23 18:09:08

Thanks Whitewave.

maddyone Sun 14-May-23 18:16:09

The last coronation before the King’s was in 1952. Previous to that I believe George 6th was 1938. Transatlantic travel was much more difficult, although possible, on both these times. With so many other Heads of State attending the King’s coronation this time, and all travel being so much easier today, including the availability of private jets, Biden could certainly have made the effort, and it’s disappointing that he didn’t consider this event worth his time. I believe that it boils down to his republican sympathies, but of course, I maybe wrong. It can’t be his health as he visited Ireland only a couple of weeks previously, and as you said, attended the Queen’s funeral.

Callistemon21 Sun 14-May-23 18:25:26


They need to ditch Biden and get a good strong leader for the Democrats to oppose Trump. I’m just betting Trump loves having Biden as his opposition, too easy for him.

I like Biden but I'm inclined to agree, Nanna8

Keeping 🤞 something more will turn up to prevent Trump from running again but he has such support in the USA that things could turn very nasty if anything happens to prevent him.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 14-May-23 18:37:42

The election will take place in November 2024. Let’s hope the war is over by then and of course that Trump won’t win - but I don’t underestimate Putin’s involvement in trying to make that happen, which is possibly why the wretched man made the statement.