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The latest “horror” from Braverman

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Whitewavemark2 Wed 23-Aug-23 13:00:09

A scheme to waive visas in order that the HO could employ “foreign workers” on the notorious barge if in the event of an outbreak of an infectious disease, has been considered.

It is expected that because of the overcrowded conditions there is almost certainly to be an infectious outbreak such as scabies, diphtheria, covid and other horrors.

It is understood that the local authority would be totally unable to handle the inevitable outbreak.

However, the HO has decided to at present not go ahead with the scheme.

In my view it is our mess and we should deal with it, not drag in immigrant workers, to be infected and no doubt then sent home.

Freya5 Mon 28-Aug-23 14:17:29


Correct me if I'm wrong - I did not know asylum seekers had a vote??
The 'boats' problem is huge, and has its roots in global issues. It will, in my view, never be curtailed unilaterally, by any UK legislation. We need to get together with the rest of Europe - you know, that group of countries we have just spurned - and work something out that is humanitarian and practical. In the end, I'm afraid, it may just be something that happens in the world - we colonised southwards, refugees drift northwards. I am not saying we should feel guilty, for all countries have done reprehensible things. Nor am I saying we should accept all those who want to come here for we are only a small and overcrowded island. There's lots more room, land-wise, in France, for example. Maybe the European nations could 'club together' to build housing for the refugees, where there is space - but I'm just dreaming.....

No they can't vote, and since the passing of the new bill ,will prevent them from re entering if deported, they will not be eligible for citizenship or settlement, except in limited circumstances. So no they'll never be a voter base for Labour.

Casdon Mon 28-Aug-23 14:26:03

Freya5 what a bizarre statement. Do you really believe that this bill will stand as law permanently?

MaizieD Mon 28-Aug-23 14:29:54


Freya5 what a bizarre statement. Do you really believe that this bill will stand as law permanently?

Has it actually made it onto the Statute Book yet?