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Should the President of the Spanish FA resign

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kittylester Fri 25-Aug-23 11:58:23

Or not?

I think he should, then I think he shouldn't.

Should he be forgiven in the light of the excitement prevailing at the time? Or not?

Foxygloves Fri 25-Aug-23 12:44:24

Different cultures do have different attitudes to kissing though, don’t they? Think of those Soviet leaders snogging each other. 🤮🤮🤮
I think he was way out of order, unless of course he just misjudged a cheek kiss (can happen!)

GrannyGravy13 Fri 25-Aug-23 12:46:59

Oh I have definitely had some embarrassing missed the cheek and got full lips moments 🤭

westendgirl Fri 25-Aug-23 12:47:16

Why ?

Foxygloves Fri 25-Aug-23 12:54:20


Oh I have definitely had some embarrassing missed the cheek and got full lips moments 🤭

That’s your story and you’re sticking to it? 🤣🤣🤣

tanith Fri 25-Aug-23 12:55:33

Absolutely he should what he did was totally out of order IMO.
The woman in question already said she didn’t like it.

merlotgran Fri 25-Aug-23 13:18:15

At least the president of the Spanish FA was there!

Juliet27 Fri 25-Aug-23 13:35:03

Shows how much I’d followed the news…I thought it was the President of Spain!

merlotgran Fri 25-Aug-23 13:36:05


Shows how much I’d followed the news…I thought it was the President of Spain!

Spain has a King!

Galaxy Fri 25-Aug-23 13:43:45

I am not keen on social media pressure in order to get people to resign.

M0nica Fri 25-Aug-23 13:49:12


Anniebach Fri 25-Aug-23 13:49:37


Louella12 Fri 25-Aug-23 13:52:02


silverlining48 Fri 25-Aug-23 13:52:16

He held her head with both hands, it wasn’t consensual and now is refusing to go.
What with clutching his crotch..words fail

25Avalon Fri 25-Aug-23 13:52:35

And the hand on the crotch was that ok as well?

FarNorth Fri 25-Aug-23 13:56:42

They were of the same culture Foxygloves and the woman felt it was an assault.
The men in your pics are not being grabbed by the head so that they can't escape, are they.

If it was misjudgement in a moment of excitement he should, at least, make a heartfelt apology but he's done nothing of the kind.

Oreo Fri 25-Aug-23 14:01:08

He was excited and happy by the win and got carried away.
An apology given afterwards would have been enough.

Ailidh Fri 25-Aug-23 14:01:49

He sounds a bit slimy, what with the crotch grabbing and all. At least it was his own crotch but it's tacky public behaviour, IMHO. OVMV.

If a first offence, not sackable but I think sanctionable, somehow.

I'm not one for trial by media but on the other hand there have been so many "oh well, it's just the way he is" characters who've caused real harm, that I don't think it should be swept under the carpet.

FarNorth Fri 25-Aug-23 14:02:04

But there was no apology.

welbeck Fri 25-Aug-23 14:02:08

he should be sacked.

BlueBelle Fri 25-Aug-23 14:08:16

Yes he needs to go he’s a nightmare and obviously a man who wants to be in total control of women

He was grabbing his crotch during the match !!!
he took both his hands to grab her face she was quite out of any control then he kissed her full on the lips then as he released her he smacked her on the bottom as she walked away

Horrid man

FarNorth Fri 25-Aug-23 14:17:54

Wow Bluebelle he sounds repulsive.
I believe the player is taking him to court over this.

Galaxy Fri 25-Aug-23 14:22:29

That's good I would rather it happened through a legal process. Although obviously I would rather women fidny have yo go through that at all.

pinkquartz Fri 25-Aug-23 14:30:13

Sack him. The player he kissed did not want him to touch her.
She never gave him permission. He HELD her head.

Vito Fri 25-Aug-23 14:37:51

yes ofcourse he should, revolting man.