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Since when did a customer services adviser become an advocate?

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merlotgran Sat 18-Aug-18 10:54:54

I phoned Argos customer services yesterday for some advice on how to return a faulty product. The automated message told me I was in a queue (what a surprise) and urged me to wait for the next advocate to become available.

Eh?? I googled 'advocate' as a distraction from the jangling racket in my ear. Every few seconds I was assured an advocate would be with me soon. I was really impressed by learning I would soon be talking to an expert in the field of law - possibly a barrister or solicitor. Argos must be paying well these days so maybe it was time to switch on my 'Margot Leadbetter' telephone voice.

Instead, I got someone I couldn't understand and who didn't have a clue so gave me a reference number to take with me when I return the item.

I might as well have been talking to an avocado. grin

MawBroon Sat 18-Aug-18 10:58:02

Perhaps you were?
Or someone glugging a beaker of Advocaat?
My father used to love what he referred to as boozy custard.

toscalily Sat 18-Aug-18 11:56:59

Argos Avocado Advocate grin this made me laugh. Having only this morning sat and waited & waited & waited at the end of a telephone queue I can sympathise.

mumofmadboys Sat 18-Aug-18 12:02:41

I saw a job at Asda advertised as a Petrol Colleague!!

Grankind Sat 18-Aug-18 12:44:40

Oh Merlotgran - I have been feeling sorry for myself this week - went down with a nasty norovirus amongst other things- and your post has just made me laugh so much that my coffee went up my nose!! Brilliant! But one does wonder who dreams up these grandiose expressions - must be a jobsworth. At least your call was answered though. House of Fraser are not answering any calls or e-mails, and at the moment it seems as though the parcel I returned 2 weeks ago ( a very crushed ill fitting sale dress that I foolishly sent for) will not get me a refund of £65.
So far all my e-mails have been ignored too. I feel sorry for anyone who has alot more invested.

sodapop Sat 18-Aug-18 13:22:19

Oh dear when did everything get so pretentious, love the thought of talking to an avocado Merlotgran

What on earth is a petrol colleague Mumofmadboys ? Do these people realise how ridiculous they sound.

OldMeg Sat 18-Aug-18 13:33:56

My horrible SiL’s daughter in now apparently working as a barrister - at Costa!

OldMeg Sat 18-Aug-18 13:35:26

Grankind it was your post about snorting your coffee that reminded me 🤣🤣🤣

Marmight Sat 18-Aug-18 13:40:09

waste management and disposal technician?
This could be an interesting thread..

Marmight Sat 18-Aug-18 13:43:31

'Co-ordinator of interpretive teaching' anyone?

Jalima1108 Sat 18-Aug-18 14:45:17

Media Distribution Officer (newspaper seller or paperboy/ girl)

merlotgran Sat 18-Aug-18 17:59:25

Colour distribution technician - painter and decorator.

annsixty Sun 19-Aug-18 08:15:46

That made me laugh as my H who has dementia went in Costa with my SiL to help carry the coffee and came out having asked the young man which uni he was at
His badge said trainee barista and my H presumed he was doing a holiday job from his law course.

OldMeg Sun 19-Aug-18 08:18:57


Nandalot Sun 19-Aug-18 08:43:22

Feeling thick, here, Marmight, can’t get the ‘ co-ordinator of interpretive teaching’ one. Will probably kick myself when you tell me.

Jalima1108 Sun 19-Aug-18 11:09:36

Perhaps if you enrol for this course at Exeter University, Nandalot, you may find out:
Interpretive Methodologies in Educational Research

You could become an Interpretive Methodologist in Education Research and become a Co-ordinator as well!

Jalima1108 Sun 19-Aug-18 11:09:59

Educational - sorry
I need edjukating

toscalily Sun 19-Aug-18 11:47:23

Oh heavens, are we still allowed to call a spade a spade?

merlotgran Sun 19-Aug-18 11:50:23

I think you'll need a glass or two of Maw's Aardvark to understand it. grin

mumofmadboys Sun 19-Aug-18 11:53:55

An outdoor activity centre in the Lakes is called A centre for experiential learning!!!!

sodapop Sun 19-Aug-18 12:36:40

I'll go further toscalily and call it a bloody shovel if only to counteract the pretentiousness.

Do people think these ridiculous titles make them sound more impotent important.

wot Sun 19-Aug-18 13:18:14

I love avocado but can't seem to buy it outside of the Christmas period!

Marmight Sun 19-Aug-18 13:51:15

Museum Guide Nandalot !!confused

Katek Sun 19-Aug-18 15:26:49

I had cause recently to call the non emergency police line to be told that a customer service advisor would be with me shortly. I didn’t really see myself as a customer as I wasn’t buying anything-more a member of the public.

Nandalot Sun 19-Aug-18 21:05:03

Thank you, Marmight. I would never have got that. But then I am not very good at cryptic crosswords either!