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So 😱

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MawBroonsback Fri 28-Jun-19 08:38:29

Oh how this irritates me!
Radio interview answers invariably start with a pause, then “...So.....”
“So” is then repeated ad nauseam
Even when “so” might have been acceptable, it has become like fingernails on a blackboard!

rubysong Fri 28-Jun-19 08:48:10

I agree, it is annoying but I find it is a bit infectious and I have found myself saying it. We have just had American family to stay and DDiL does it all the time (bless her).
What annoys me more is 'like' which we get over and over again when youngsters are speaking. Did we say things like that when we were young? Fab? Groovy?

Framilode Fri 28-Jun-19 09:40:43

Drives me mad, also 'kind of'.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Fri 28-Jun-19 09:46:44

I agree, "so, can I, like, get a coffee?" gathers them all.
Even so-called educated types use them.
Think of the fun you'd have if you had magic powers and could apply a mild electric shock for every transgression.

Grannyknot Fri 28-Jun-19 09:48:49

Everybody's doing it! So I find myself doing it too grin

Charleygirl5 Fri 28-Jun-19 09:56:43

The word "like" used every 3rd word mainly by teenagers. I suppose it is marginally better than f** which one hears a lot in London.

eazybee Fri 28-Jun-19 10:10:39

I have noticed the increase in 'so', not enough, yet, to be annoying.
I became aware when I was teaching how often I used to start any input with 'Well' or as a variation: 'Now then'; it irritated me greatly because I couldn't think of a better alternative, even if it didn't annoy the class.
At least I didn't use: 'now listen up, you guys' as my last student did.

Ellianne Fri 28-Jun-19 10:15:39

I agree, it's SO overused at the start of every sentence. I've started noticing it in texts as well.

Having said that, when I was learning French at school the teacher used to say there wasn't really one word in English to translate "alors" before we speak, but now I realise it was "so." I guess it's just how language evolves.

Ellianne Fri 28-Jun-19 10:17:17

That's funny eazybee our posts crossed on a similar theme!

SueDonim Fri 28-Jun-19 11:10:58

Well, it's really just a modern version of starting a conversation, such as 'Well, when I was a girl....' grin

sodapop Fri 28-Jun-19 14:54:36

That's a cue for my children to get out their air violins SueDonimgrin

Grammaretto Fri 28-Jun-19 15:24:36

Come on Maw you've been away too long. Here in Scotland on the bus, the word F**k is obligatory it seems, as a noun, vowel, adjective, adverb and expletive..
The removal of the t sound is also necessary. as in wa'er, daugh'er and be'er.
So is highly annoying, esp on radio 4 in the morning, but at least it's not the f word.....yet

EllanVannin Fri 28-Jun-19 15:26:45

I get the giggles when it's used as a " pause " and at the end of a conversation.

Grammaretto Fri 28-Jun-19 15:27:04

I was like, isn't it? I was like and we was like. My DGC have started already. sad

Greta Fri 28-Jun-19 18:04:58

'So' really irritates me. It seems it is now almost obligatory to start every sentence with 'so'. I don't remember we used to begin every utterance with 'well'.

Also, I keep hearing "it's not in my/his/her gift..." Is this something new?

anitamp1 Sat 29-Jun-19 09:41:57

I've raised this subject previously because I find it so irritating. I find it particularly prevalent in young, educated professionals. Have watched interviews on Sky news where every answer is begun with 'so'. Tempted to say 'so annoying, but will stick to 'annoying'.

NanaSuzy Sat 29-Jun-19 09:44:50

Agree with all of the comments on here, these so-called millennials seem to have cornered the market in irritating bits of jargon. 'So' is much more annoying than 'well', tho' I'm not sure why! Cos it is (as we used to say!)

sarahcyn Sat 29-Jun-19 09:47:42

"It is what it is"
What does this mean?

Camelotclub Sat 29-Jun-19 09:50:21

I hate the way they say "and stuff". What stuff?

NoddingGanGan Sat 29-Jun-19 10:06:36

"Can I get" (a coffee, a doughnut, the steak etc.) and no "please" on the end. What on earth was wrong with, "please may I have...", or, if feeling lazy, "I'd like.....please"?

trisher Sat 29-Jun-19 10:16:59

So... I actually think I'm guilty of this! I also use terms like "Can I get an Americano to go" I do add "please" at the end. And I have said "It is what it is" -a more polite way of saying "like it or lump it".
I blame a lifetime habit of picking up accents etc, as a result of which I say a Southern 'ar' in ba(r)th and gra(r)ss and a Northern 'u' in butter and buses. I just can't help behaving like a parrot.

Lindaloulabel Sat 29-Jun-19 10:23:05

“Do you know what I mean” is another phrase that seems to be used trouble is depending on my mood I answer no even when I know perfectly well what they are talking about....

Watching Pointless that too has people answering with so. We counted it used 5 times but even more annoying is zander (hate that too) telling people that’s right when they are repeating what they told him the previous episode.
So that’s it for now lol

Apologies for rant over Pointless should have looked or started thread.

Stella14 Sat 29-Jun-19 10:25:51

Has anyone noticed how many people in the media begin a reply with “yes, no . . . .” or “no, yes . . . .” Well, which is it, no or yes? confused

Heather51 Sat 29-Jun-19 10:46:03

Completely agree about the annoying use of ‘so’ at the start of a sentence. It seems to be spreading at a great speed and it’s not just youngsters either. I’m afraid that I can’t stop myself shouting at someone being interviewed on TV or radio when they start off with so. Even the interviewers do it! Don’t get me started on ‘get’ 😂

Craftycat Sat 29-Jun-19 10:47:29

Oh me too. I had to turn radio off yesterday as some daft woman was starting every sentence with SO.
It makes no sense at all.