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watermeadow Sat 02-Jun-18 19:54:52

I’ve had little pup for two months and she’s been everything I expected - pooing, weeing, biting, scratching, chewing, wouldn’t walk on a lead etc.
Then a week ago she suddenly decided to be angelically good. Tells me when she needs to go out, no wees or poos indoors, started enjoying her walks, does everything she’s told to do. I can’t believe the change and am enjoying the calm before the horrors of adolescence, which are due in about two more month’s time.
Good little pup sleeping sweetly on my lap zzzzzzz,!

NonnaW Sat 02-Jun-18 19:59:22

Enjoy! (How did you do it, btw, our two are still intermittently horrors!)

Anniebach Sat 02-Jun-18 20:37:37

Enjoy the calmness 😀 x

Grannyben Sat 02-Jun-18 20:41:49

She sounds just adorable

Berrydog Sun 03-Jun-18 10:00:59

Sounds brilliant. Just give yourself a huge pat on the back and enjoy!
Magic touch.

LJP1 Sun 03-Jun-18 10:02:26

Great, keep up the good work and enjoy the company!

Rosina Sun 03-Jun-18 10:20:24

Well done! She must feel loved and calm and have settled down now. We had a rescue dog years ago who was not 'wild' in any way but in spite of encouragement to do otherwise she chewed, dug holes in the garden, and peed all over the kitchen floor. After a few weeks she suddenly became well trained and turned into a wonderfully behaved dog. I have had several dogs since her but she was absolutely my 'dog of a lifetime - she felt like my own flesh and blood and was the most wonderful companion. Enjoy your lovely puppy!

Crazypussycat18 Sun 03-Jun-18 10:21:09

Puppy = happiness. I have a little rescue dog, mother unmarried, father unknown. I've had her since she was 9 months old and she's now 14 months. In her first 9 months she was in 2 shelters and 2 homes so understandably she has problems but she has made me so happy I forgive her anything. She doesn't like men and is aggressive with dogs on leads but we are working on it but she is now clean in the house, good on the lead and best of all she adores cbildren, especially my grandchildren. I have mobility problems so our walks are very short, but I have 2 ladies from the Cinnamon Trust who take her for lovely long walks. Enjoy your puppy Watermelon. Your dog will love you forever, even if you are grumpy or or unwell, that tail will say until you smile

Crazypussycat18 Sun 03-Jun-18 10:22:56

Wag not say. Stupid predictive text

sweetcakes Sun 03-Jun-18 10:26:21

It doesn't follow that your little pup will revert back ours didn't just make sure you keep up the training on a daily basis.

ajanela Sun 03-Jun-18 10:35:19

My daughter has a sprocker, (cocker, springer spaniel cross). A little devil, but so loving and devoted. A tail that doesn't stop wagging and absolutely devoted to my grandson. Now at 2 years starting to calm down but still watch your socks and pants or they will be down the garden.

Aepgirl Sun 03-Jun-18 10:41:36

Well done you. Enjoy your lovely puppy and I'm sure he will be a delight to all he meets.

Stella14 Sun 03-Jun-18 11:00:09

We’ve been doing the same. Ours is 9-months-old. I am revelling in every silly, crazy moment of his puppyhood, as I’m aware that he may be the last puppy we can sensibly have. Our dogs are Toy Poodles, so long livers. I used to have Standards. When I lost my last one 4-years-ago, we felt we shouldn’t get another as they are such big, energetic dogs and we might not be able to meet it’s needs every day in future years.

Your baby sounds lovely Watermeadow. Enjoy!

Tooyoungytobeagrandma Sun 03-Jun-18 11:11:19

Awww puppies good or bad are a joy and that greeting you get when they see you is worth the "puppy stage". I love my animals (more than my OH) wink

blueberry1 Sun 03-Jun-18 11:14:41

Your pup sounds wonderful,well done for training her so well!

EllieRose43 Sun 03-Jun-18 11:34:58

She sounds lovely, watermeadow. Our 'puppies' are now 11 & 9 and the older one, Emma, is having problems with her hips and struggles to get into and out of the car now. Dreading the approaching end. The other one is still sprightly but very grey. If/when we lose these two we will be devastated but in our mid-70s we wouldn't contemplate a puppy. Maybe an older, rescue dog. Both these girls were rescues. I can't imagine not having a dog (or two).

Nananolife Sun 03-Jun-18 11:44:38

Oh I’m so jealous... I’d love a dog or a cat my darling says NO and he’s a kind and gentle guy so I have to agree.. I’ve promised him all sorts . Lovely meals, coffee and toast in bed, show him my tits! even sex 😂😂😂😂. Nothing works

sodapop Sun 03-Jun-18 11:48:05

Yes Tooyoung My husband always says he knows who I would rescue first in the event of fire !!
Enjoy your puppy Watermeadow sounds like you have a great partnership already.

luzdoh Sun 03-Jun-18 12:05:27

watermeadow Congratulations on your excellent puppy rearing! Your patience and love have paid off. As for adolescence, I have never noticed this with any of my dogs! I have mainly had bitches, and they might be a little put-out during their first season, moping a little, feeling a bit sorry for themselves.

I've had big dogs and now have very small ones as, being disabled, I can't walk them but I have a good garden and they love playing in it.

I am so glad you have your little dog and I wish you as much pleasure as my dogs have given and still give me! It is a wonderful relationship! I simply adore my dogs and they have helped me cope with some very difficult times too.

luzdoh Sun 03-Jun-18 12:09:44

EllieRose43 You can get rescue dogs which are older and even possibly come from a home where their owner has passed on. I have put in my will a charity which rehouse dogs after the death of the owner, sadly I can't give you its name because my will is at my Solicitor's and my copy is not here at the mo.

farview Sun 03-Jun-18 12:12:42

We got our rescue puppy on Friday,He's nipping a lot,wrecked the garden,poo&wee in the kitchen,can see he's a quick learner,a fluffy Tri coloured border collie,in her short little life,13wks old,he's had four homes!! He had his 'birth' home,was bought they didn't want him,took him to the rescue centre,10days there,now he's with us,so a lot of love and patience needed(of which my H has none!) He's here forever though!!smile

farview Sun 03-Jun-18 12:13:45

Sorry re "her" our last dog was a girl...habit haha

luzdoh Sun 03-Jun-18 12:16:28

Crazypussycat18 just had to say I love your post! So glad you have your dog and that your dog has you - a good loving owner, - after her unhappy early experiences. My dogs are rescued and have their problems similar to yours. I also am of limited mobility but lucky to have a good garden and my dogs are small. Thanks for your lovely post! So heart-warming to hear of another dog loving person who, similar to me, has limited mobility but still gives a needy dog a home. flowers

luzdoh Sun 03-Jun-18 12:30:00

NonnaW Possibly the clue in yours being "intermittently horrors" might be that there are two of them. I have 5, very small rescued mixed breed dogs, well, one is a toy poodle who was so badly treated it amounts to torture and one is supposed to be a small long haired chihuahua, but thinks he's a German shepherd. Having more than one, they play together and remain more puppy-like. They have some amazing games and rituals and also have formed a choir which rehearses when I am not with them. If I am in another room I hear this incredible musical wailing and howling, as if orchestrated. Anybody with me always stops talking and listens awe-struck. Then the recital will suddenly stop, as if the conductor brought down his baton. It is very dramatic!
The other reason for "intermittently horrors" might be their breed, or just that they like doing it! I mean, we can have more than one child and they can be quite different from each other!
I have to say I love my dogs being a bit crazy, it means they are happy. Even though my chihuahua, who tells me he is an undercover Police dog who in real life is a German shepherd, does give me extra work as he tends to pee where he shouldn't!

JaneA Sun 03-Jun-18 12:33:59

Nananolife LOL - you must try harder!