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Dog harness - any recommendations?

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NonnaW Thu 26-Nov-20 19:49:30

I’m looking to get harnesses for the dogs, that will help stop them pulling. Does anyone have any experience of these?
I know, if they were perfectly trained they wouldn’t pull, but it’s not for want of trying. The springer was at training club for 4 years, and the cocker for 2 (after graduating through the various stages this tended to be more social but helped reinforce training).

NanaandGrampy Thu 26-Nov-20 19:58:14

Are you talking about a Halti ? It goes round the dogs nose and it’s almost impossible for the dog to pull wearing one.

I used one with a 10 stone dog recently and it works a treat !

NonnaW Fri 27-Nov-20 12:10:52

No, I’ve used Haltis before and the dogs hate them. I use figure of eight leads too occasionally but again, the dogs are uncomfortable in them, in fact the cocker usually manages to claw/rub hers off. I’ll keep looking. Thanks for responding.

Smileless2012 Fri 27-Nov-20 12:17:08

Hi Nonna I recommend a 'Truelove' harness which we bought for our cocker after taking advice from a personal dog trainer.

It's very secure and comfortable for her and stopped her pulling. We got ours online.

MayBee70 Fri 27-Nov-20 12:23:33

I know sighthound owners swear by ruff wear harnesses. Halti also do a stop pull harness. We used both that and the nose one combined with the halti lead and they really helped. We only used the nose one a few times before she stopped pulling (although she has regressed a bit recentl). I’ve just bought a Trixie harness but that’s more for using in the car. It’s nice and soft, though. They do to be able to get out of harnesses though (at least sight hounds do) so I always use a normal collar as well. The beauty of halti leads is you can use two collars or a collar and a harness combined. I’ve got a bad shoulder at the moment and I’m wondering if it’s a repetitive strain injury due to the dog pulling on her lead. She’s good walking on pavements but gets very excited seeing other dogs when we’re off road.

NonnaW Fri 27-Nov-20 13:28:05

Thank you. I’ve never heard of a Truelove harness, I shall look it up.

We did try Halti training harnesses which worked fairly well but DH struggles to get them on and the springer runs and hides when he sees it!

Shelmiss Fri 27-Nov-20 14:04:49

We use the Julius dog harnesses, they’re fantastic. They go straight over their head and then a belt goes under their stomach and the fastening clicks at the side. One and off in seconds!

Doesn’t affect their collars at all.

Iam64 Fri 27-Nov-20 14:18:46

Mekuti dog harnesses are well reviewed by some trainers. I've never used a harness with any of my dogs over the past 46 years. Until my current spaniel joined us aged 10 months. She was a real challenge to loose lead train, spaniels are so scent driven, getting their attention, their noses up off the ground and focussing on walking nicely by your knee isn't something they're particularly keen to do.
I bought a Mekuti , I used it so she could sniff and explore on the end of a long training lead - teach recall and how far should should every go away from me. It also helped on pavement walks, to teach loose lead walking. She's brilliant now, a whole year later.
The main thing though, is harnesses are usually used for sledge dogs, to help them pull. It sounds as though your dogs are good at training you NonnaW. I empathise

Casdon Fri 27-Nov-20 14:26:53

I have a Gencon lead, and it’s the only thing that’s worked with my cocker spaniel, it’s like a halti and lead all in one. He had a harness previously, but he pulled just as much with that as on a normal lead. Cockers are notorious pullers, and he hated it to start with, but after weeks of persisting with it he’s now a different dog on the lead.

SueSocks Sat 28-Nov-20 04:07:44

We use a RuffWear harness, not cheap, but good quality. But I don't know if it will help with the pulling? We clip her double ended lead to the harness and the collar so it gives much more control, needed as she is a rescue and reactive to other dogs. The extra control may help with the pulling.
We used a Halti (head collar) with a previous dog, he learned to turn his head in such a way that he was able to pull with it on!
Owing to our dogs issues we have sessions with a behaviourist and he recommends a harnes and double ended lead. We work alongside another dog class and the most popular harness there is the JuliusK9.

littleflo Sat 28-Nov-20 17:26:11

We use perfect fit for our terrier. It has a D ring between her shoulders and another below her chest. I like these as it the dog is measured to help you get the right size.

NonnaW Sun 29-Nov-20 13:07:08

Thank you all for your input. Food for thought.
By the wat, their recall is good, especially to the whistle, and they are both good at walking to heel off-lead.