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So sad

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sodapop Fri 05-Feb-21 15:17:06

We have just had our second dog put to sleep this afternoon. He was 15 and had been ill for some time. I know it was the right decision but its so hard. We have lost two of our dogs in four months, never thought I would miss them so much.

dragonfly46 Fri 05-Feb-21 15:20:15

I am so sad for you Sodapop I can only imagine the pain you are in flowers

BlueBelle Fri 05-Feb-21 15:20:52

So sorry to hear this sodapop it’s awful when you lose a much loved pet I m sure both your dogs have had a great life with you

ginny Fri 05-Feb-21 15:21:15

Sorry to hear your sad news. We lost our two at the same age a couple of years ago. Yours too were obviously well loved and looked after. Lots of lovely memories I’m sure. 💐

Georgesgran Fri 05-Feb-21 15:21:43

My condolences 💐much the same as us. Three gone in 3 months - it was terrible. X

Nanna58 Fri 05-Feb-21 15:27:49

Oh Sodapop it doesn’t get any easier does it? The thing I always think is how sad for dogs who aren’t grieved for; the pain we feel is proof of how well loved they were 💐💐

sodapop Fri 05-Feb-21 15:30:23

That must have been very hard Georgesgran they have a special place in our hearts and lives don't they thanks

B9exchange Fri 05-Feb-21 15:31:10

How terrible to lose both so close together, I am sure everyone will be so sad for you and hoping you have family and friends to support you. flowers

Fennel Fri 05-Feb-21 15:34:24

So sorry to hear your news sodapop.
We had our last dog pts at 15 too - she was having increasing epileptic fits and showning signs of dementia. Stone deaf too.
Every day I look at photos of her - she was a real character.
Border Collie.

Puzzler61 Fri 05-Feb-21 15:34:29

georgesgran and sodapop so sad for you both. It hurts so much and leaves a painful gap in your lives. flowers 💐

Nicegranny Fri 05-Feb-21 15:34:33

Sodapop l know how it feels when a loved dog’s time is up it’s very sad and emotional. The one thing that I always felt when any of my dogs time came is my dog had a lovely life with all those walks in the countryside on beaches out riding with me and visiting every one in my family and friends. The good food that I gave them and the excellent health care they had. Just remember how much you loved your dogs and the fun you had together.
Remember the special relationship that you had with your four legged lm sure they had a great life. 🥰

SueDonim Fri 05-Feb-21 15:37:18

We have cats rather than dogs but I am sure the pain of losing them is just the same. I’m so sorry. flowers

dragonfly46 Fri 05-Feb-21 15:42:19

Georgesgran flowers

baubles Fri 05-Feb-21 15:44:34

I’m so sorry sodapop, it is such a painful loss. You let your beloved dog go, the kindest last thing you could do for them. flowers

glammanana Fri 05-Feb-21 15:46:19

I can feel your pain sodapop I had to have my lovely Poppy put to sleep last week she was 12 yrs old we got her as a rescue when she was 12mths old a very mistreated Lhasa Apso who had never been groomed or socialised in her time with her previous owner,she was my late husbands shadow and has never been the same since we suddenly lost him 12mths ago.
You will like me have very fond memories of a faithful friend.

BrightandBreezy Fri 05-Feb-21 15:59:18

So sorry to hear your sad news sodapop. It is terrible when we lose them. Our beloved cross bred rescue lived to be nearly 17 several years ago. When we had her pts the pain was such that we vowed we would never have another. That was until the little dog we have now needed a new home. They steal your heart don't they. You gave him a wonderful life and showed your love for him right to the end. flowers

NellG Fri 05-Feb-21 16:03:50

How heartbreaking for you, I am so sorry. We had to make a similar decision a few years back and I still cry if I think of it. They really are our best friends and the pain of them going is immense. My thoughts are with you. x

Ellianne Fri 05-Feb-21 16:04:30

I'm so sorry. They are such an important part of the family.
Rainbow bridge. flowers

crazyH Fri 05-Feb-21 16:08:20

I lost my lovely, sweetest Rottweiler a couple of years ago. I asked to keep her as part of my divorce settlement. She kept me company during those difficult months ....I literally used to sit with her and talk to her ...she would prick up her ears and listen to my tales of woe 😘

crazyH Fri 05-Feb-21 16:09:39

So sorry for all those who have lost their beloved pets flowers

Redhead56 Fri 05-Feb-21 16:15:51

So sorry for you we lost our Jack Russell who was 14 a year ago. He was a mischief who had to be kept on an extended lead because he ran away. We absolutely adored him and I miss him so much.

EllanVannin Fri 05-Feb-21 16:18:41

I'm awfully sorry flowers I know the pain of losing a pet x

Glam too, poor Poppy x So heartbreaking.

D had to have her beloved mountain dog put to sleep last month.

So many pets leaving us sad flowers for ALL.

sodapop Fri 05-Feb-21 20:29:38

Thank you all for your comforting words, so good to know others understand the sadness of losing a much loved pet.
My sympathy to everyone else who has lost their pet flowers

Nonogran Fri 05-Feb-21 20:58:28

I'm so sorry for your loss. The anguish can be unbearable. We never really get over the loss of our dear pets. It's like losing a family member, because that's what they are really. It does get easier to bear though.
I can still get choked up when I think of Bella who passed away whilst I was on holiday & she was with a dog sitter. I still beat myself up that I wasn't at home somehow protecting her from her sudden demise. I have her ashes in a sweet little teak box with her name engraved on it; she's going in with me when I cross my own rainbow bridge.

Smileless2012 Fri 05-Feb-21 21:09:30

Oh I am sorry sodapop it really is heart breaking isn't it even when you know that you've done the right thingflowers.