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earnshaw Sat 17-Apr-21 22:48:31

yet another occasion of dog bites child, a dog , not on a lead, attacked a child in london park, the father said it was like a shark attack, the dog owner seemed to feel it was the childs fault because she was running away,

Chestnut Tue 27-Apr-21 16:22:10

Blondiescot I'm firmly of the opinion that there are no bad dogs, only bad owners, despite what some on here have said.
You seem to think a dog's brain is 100% controlled by the owner, like a robot. A disturbed human with mental issues can suddenly lose control, turn vicious and lash out. Surely a dog has a functioning brain which is complex enough to have mental issues too, no matter who the owner is.

Polarbear2 Tue 27-Apr-21 16:39:21

Too many of them around. Needs to be some restrictions. It’s not fair on those of us who don’t like them to be surrounded by them every time we go out. Everyone expects everyone else to think they’re lovely when we really don’t. Some respect for others needs to be applied.

grannypiper Tue 27-Apr-21 16:47:19

This morning in a town about 10 miles from me, a dog that was off the lead attacked 2 smaller dog that were on a lead held by a lady that is 8 months pregnant , she was pulled to the ground. It seems they are all ok thanks to a lady who came to her rescue. No doubt the owner of the attacking dog will come up with a sob story.

keepingquiet Tue 27-Apr-21 16:49:31


Too many of them around. Needs to be some restrictions. It’s not fair on those of us who don’t like them to be surrounded by them every time we go out. Everyone expects everyone else to think they’re lovely when we really don’t. Some respect for others needs to be applied.

Polarbear2 thankyou! I know dog owners who think I have a deficient personality because I don't have a dog. Sometimes I think there must be something wrong with me because I don't have one, especially when I'm out walking and everyone else as one!
Especially during lockdown when we were forced to go walking in the local parks with everyone and their dogs. At a local beauty spot there's even a cafe with an extensive doggy menu when all we could get was a cup of tea!
No one dare mention how bad dogs are for the planet either because they consume so much meat.

Polarbear2 Tue 27-Apr-21 16:55:58

keepingquiet. Do you want to share my tin hat? I suspect we’ll need one. 😂. Glad I’m not alone though.

keepingquiet Tue 27-Apr-21 17:01:09

I'm just sick of feeling like a freak because I live alone and don't want a dog. If I want exercise I'll go for a walk. If I want company I'll ring a friend. I'm surrounded by them but I won't give in, unless a get the biggest, roughest wolf I can find and earn some respect from my neighbours!

MayBee70 Tue 27-Apr-21 22:19:07

We have a lay by opposite our house where people park when they walk to the beach. Today a woman was walking three dogs on the path to the beach. Two of them ran up behind me and nearly knocked me over. She called them back but then opened the boot of her car from a distance (didn’t know you could do that) and shouted to the dogs to get in the car. One of them did but the other one ran straight across the road. Thankfully there were no cars coming. I shouted to her that her dog was on the road (she hadn’t noticed) and then shouted that did she realise although it’s a 30mph limit people speed along that stretch at 60. I do love dogs. But I’m getting seriously sick of the people that own them. I’m sorry to be so boring about it but something seems to happen every day that infuriates me. There could have been a really nasty accident today.

Hetty58 Tue 27-Apr-21 23:07:28

I'm really fed up with the 'off lead' brigade around here. They seem to own the place.

There are fields, woods and the river park for exercise off lead. Why oh why do we have to tolerate dogs flying around in the local park, next to a primary school, too?

The children's play area is fenced off, but getting to and from it involves going through the free run area.

The majority of these dogs are friendly enough - but not under control in any way. They can easily knock over a child. Owners seem to think it's fine that they don't have recall - or much training at all. (Isn't that having a dog dangerously out of control?)

My little dog is on her lead or a long lead when we're out. She trots along beside me anyway.

She gets quite enough running exercise in the garden, chasing birds (except her favourite pigeon friend).

I think this 'off lead' brigade are maybe just lazy - wanting to walk half a mile only and/or stand chatting while the dogs race around. How about taking them for a long trek instead?

muffinthemoo Tue 27-Apr-21 23:28:01

I have lived with/owned dogs all my life, and trained and handled them for show too.

It bothers me that dog owners nowadays seem very rarely to carry an emergency muzzle.

I have never had a dog I have been frightened to handle no matter the situation, and I have never been bitten. However I have had dogs that were injured, in pain or extremely distressed, and all dog owners need to know how to prevent a dog from reflexively biting in that situation. A dog that is injured needs to be handled safely for your sake and the dog’s too. You can’t help them if you are at high risk of being bitten, and they can’t help their base instincts when they are in pain and don’t understand why you are trying to haul them around.

I always have one in the car and one in my pocket by the poo bags. I never expect to have to use it on my big lassie for aggression, but if some reason I did need to demonstrate that she would not bite, I could. I can make her visibly safe to be around even nervous people. It doesn’t hurt her or bother her, and if I ever need to use it on her it will not be a new experience.

Dogs unmuzzled and off lead in a busy park is an invitation for trouble. It will probably not be the poor dog’s fault, but by god the dog will suffer the consequences. It’s essential to be a considerate and civilly-minded owner.

Chardy Wed 28-Apr-21 09:11:46

Have just come in an hour ago from walking dogs off-lead. I'd never take them off-lead anywhere that could be described as busy, for their sake and the sake of others. I look for somewhere 'empty'. And if it's not empty at 8am, I go at 7am.

Iam64 Wed 28-Apr-21 13:14:09

Our local park had three vans each with 6 or 8 dogs . The ‘professional dog walkers’ open the doors and let their dogs out, no leads and no poo bags in use.
I’d gone early to avoid them.
I met a friend who had 8 dogs around her 7 month old on lead pup. The Walker managed to get 5 on lead and eventually, the others followed him.
This is a lovely l.a. Park, football pitches, a brook running through, excellent children’s play area.
Being ruined by these people, no doubt charging over £10 an hour to ‘walk’ these dogs. Don’t their owners care ?!

MayBee70 Wed 28-Apr-21 15:01:04

I thought there was now a legal limit on the number of dogs a dog walker could walk at any one time?

Iam64 Wed 28-Apr-21 18:05:27

Nope there isn’t here. Local councils were given the opportunity to introduce a bylaw. The town next door said max of 6. Our town didn’t impose a max. Consequently, three of the regular vans have ‘dog walking services town x’ on their advertising. They can bring 7mir 8 dogs here, worse, sometimes two friends arrive so 14-16 dogs running loose with 2 handlers.
I’ve spoken to our councillor - too,Kate to change anything, the dog warden, nothing to do with me mate - I wrote to the mp today much good may that do me.
I don’t enjoy whinging but - if I’m irritated, you can imagine the parents/grandparents/childminders who enjoy our lovely park feel

infoman Fri 30-Apr-21 16:53:55

Been watching BBC news about young lambs,very disturbing, please if your any where or in the vicinity of live stock please keep your dog on a lead.