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My cat has just been attacked by another in our own conservatory

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Nandalot Tue 29-Jun-21 16:00:23

Our beautiful cat is very mild mannered and timid. She is usually an indoor cat but will come out in the garden when we are there and loves to sit in the conservatory with the door open and survey the world which she was doing yesterday.Enter the other cat. This cat is a rescue cat from the Canary Islands and lives in the next street but roams all over, terrorising all. I had already shooed her out of the garden in the morning but in the afternoon heard loud caterwauling and saw flying fur. Our cat seems all right though had an accident in the conservatory in all the kerfuffle and has been sick twice since then. I know there is nothing that can be done as cats will roam. Just wanted to share really as I feel so bad for our Molly,

emmasnan Tue 29-Jun-21 16:07:32

I'm sorry to hear about this as I know how horrible it is. Our lovely gentle cat is often attacked by a very large cat that lives close by. Has once so far had to be treated by the vet for claw and bite marks.
We have tried everything to put it off coming in to our garden but nothing seems to work. Hope your cat is okay.

Aveline Tue 29-Jun-21 16:26:42

Awww poor puss. Sorry to hear this. In the dim and distant past when we lived in a house with a garden we dealt with marauders by means of water pistol. It didn't hurt them but they really don't like getting wet.

Nandalot Tue 29-Jun-21 16:27:52

Thank you, emmasnan, I think she is okay though keeping a close eye on her.

Whitewavemark2 Tue 29-Jun-21 16:29:51

Watch for abscess

Chestnut Tue 29-Jun-21 16:32:03

Keep an eye on her because their teeth are long and sharp, and a bite mark can be too small to see amongst the fur but very deep. Our cat developed an abscess which had to be drained.

Chestnut Tue 29-Jun-21 16:34:41


Awww poor puss. Sorry to hear this. In the dim and distant past when we lived in a house with a garden we dealt with marauders by means of water pistol. It didn't hurt them but they really don't like getting wet.

A hose might be even more of a deterrent. It would have to switch on automatically because the cat would run off if you tried doing it. Why not keep your cat in for a few days and a sprinkler switched on? Can they be triggered by movement?

Callistemon Tue 29-Jun-21 16:35:51

Yes, do look out for a puncture wound.
One of our DGD's inoffensive cats is regularly being beaten up by the neighbourhood bully and has had to go to the vet for treatment.

Aveline Tue 29-Jun-21 16:41:09

Good point about the puncture wounds. You might not notice them through thick fur but they can easily become infected. Poor Molly!

Nandalot Tue 29-Jun-21 17:06:15

Thanks all. Shall certainly give her a good fuss and check carefully for puncture wounds. Good thought.

Auntieflo Tue 29-Jun-21 17:13:09

Nandalot, sorry to hear about your poor cat.
I think you can get cat repellant scarers, that spray water.
Would it be worth having one outside your conservatory, for when the doors are open?

Liz46 Tue 29-Jun-21 17:14:20

We had a kitten who was attacked by a neighbour's cat and he nearly died because he developed an ulcer.

Shelflife Tue 29-Jun-21 18:02:15

Nandalot, the advice here is sound. My cat went off her food for a while , one day I cuddled her and she screeched and jumped out of my arms , I immediately noticed a weeping wound. Not nice , I had burst an abscess, had no idea it was there. The vet found two puncture wounds . She ended up with an anti inflammatory injection , a slow release antibiotic injection and had a very high temperature. I never saw which animal bit her . The wounds are deep and not visible. The vet cut away some fur to clean the wound , it is slowly growing back now. Just a thought , your cat may be injured without you knowing.

SueDonim Tue 29-Jun-21 19:37:15

I agree that you’ll need to be on the look-out for abscesses etc. I’ve been there a few times with our cats over the years. Otoh, cats can make a lot of noise but not actually physically touch each other so I hope that’s the case for you. flowers

Next door’s cat went into my DD’s house the other day, while her own cat just sat and watched. Then a third cat appeared inside and much to my DD’s astonishment, next door’s cat flew at it and chased it off, while her own cat still sat there watching!

eazybee Tue 29-Jun-21 20:15:31

Oh dear, I am very sorry.
I have a cat who was for a time the neighbourhood thug; no particular reason. He came from a good home and was cherished, just like his brother, well-fed and cared for but went into other cats' homes in an attempt to steal their food or sat outside glaring at their owners through the window.
I had serious talks with him but nothing made any difference. He is now too old.

grandtanteJE65 Wed 30-Jun-21 13:03:32

My elderly cat has got tired of chasing marauders off himself, which he is actually still good at, and has adopted a young stray to do the menial work!

I am not kidding. After chasing every and all cats that tried to move in after his brother's death, Trold has now found a youngster whom he likes.

"The waif" started as "outdoor cat" living under the rowing boat that was upended for the winter, or in the workshop when the weather was really wet or cold. He is now allowed (our cat's decision) into the house during the day-time and has long been allowed to help himself to anything left on Trold's plate after 10 p.m. (But NOT before that hour!)

Could you persuade Molly to hire a bodyguard? It costs a little more in cat food, but saves on vet's bills.

Otherwise buy the biggest water pistol you can find, or even better have a hosepipe handy! Cold water will do the intruder no harm and might just get the message across.

How would Molly feel about a tape-recording of a very angry cat playing near the garden fence? Or one of a growling dog`?

And do follow the advice about abscesses, although they are more common in my experience following rat bites than cat bites.

Sparklefizz Wed 30-Jun-21 13:08:12

Love the bodyguard story grandtante. Clever Trold.

Aveline Wed 30-Jun-21 14:14:14

Great idea Trolde!

MayBee70 Wed 30-Jun-21 14:22:48

We had a tabby cat that moved house with us several times and everywhere we lived he would make friends with another cat, but it would always be another tabby. I feel so sorry for the OP’s cat. Maybe a sort of mesh could be put over the conservatory doorway so it could be open but the other cat couldn’t get in. So unfair.

seacliff Wed 30-Jun-21 16:47:38

Poor Cat, horrible to not feel safe in her own home. I would definitely use a powerful water pistol every time the other cat comes in your garden. Give her a good fuss/stroke all over, and watch for any tender spots.

Farmor15 Wed 30-Jun-21 20:57:39

My first cat (about 55 years ago!) was repeatedly attacked by a local stray, and after a number of visits to the vet asked if there was anything I could do. He gave me some sleeping tablets. We managed to lure the stray with food, then trapped it under an old crate. After leaving it a while to get hungry, we gave it food laced with the sleeping tablets. After a while, it fell sound asleep, and I put it in a box and cycled with it on my back carrier to the cats and dogs home - we didn't have a car.

I'm not sure what happened to the aggressive stray - I just handed it in - giving a donation, but our cat was able to live peacefully after that.

Nicegranny Thu 01-Jul-21 02:06:01

Poor little pusscat. I don’t know what I would do apart from blast it with the strongest jet on the garden hose until it disappeared back over the fence.
l would hide like a sniper for a couple of weeks so that the foreign thug cat got the message.

GraceQuirrel Thu 01-Jul-21 11:44:41

As others have said, cat bites are nasty so watch out for abscesses on a previously unseen injury.
I lived next door to an awful cat who would trying to ‘kill’ you through a closed window if you put your hand towards it. I would do it to wind the ba****d thing up!

Jess20 Thu 01-Jul-21 11:51:24

I agree, reluctantly, but a water pistol is a great deterrent. It's harmless and may save your poor cat trauma and real physical injury. If you get on with the owner of the other cat, I'd check they're ok with you doing this first.

Beeb Thu 01-Jul-21 11:53:45

Hope your cat is Ok. I know I’ll be shot down for saying this but … the law which says cats are free to roam and do not need to be confined ( think it’s the Animal Act 1971, but I’m not an expert) needs to change. That was made back in early 70’s and housing density has increased since then. I love cats but there is much more friction between neighbours, danger to cats being run over, attacked, and the issues of cats pooping in other peoples gardens, catching birds in other peoples gardens. My relative has scars from toxoplasmosis in their eye - toxoplasmosis completes its life cycle in the gut of a cat so cat faeces can be a health issue in a garden. There are places in Australia where cats are confined so it is possible to do this but obviously would be very strongly opposed in the Uk by cat owners. Just to emphasise, I like cats and they’re great company particularly if you live alone.
Hope your cat is recovering well.