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My cat has kidney disease 😔

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Flaxseed Tue 30-Nov-21 21:56:43

Poor girl. She’s 9.
I recently moved in with DP and she did so well adjusting to the move and adjusting to living with his two older cats. She was starting to socialise more and more, then last week she went off of her food, didn’t want to come out of ‘her’ room and was making odd movements with her mouth.
Vet found her mouth to be really sore and a couple of decayed teeth. She ran some blood tests, gave her antibiotics and pain relief.
Blood results followed by a urine sample confirmed her suspicions of kidney disease.
I need to take another sample down for another test and she needs her blood pressure checked. After these we should know the extent of disease.
If it’s early stage, a renal diet should help. If it’s late stage, she could deteriorate rapidly and I might have to say goodbye sad

Since starting her antibiotics and pain relief, she has really perked up and is eating really well. And if I didn’t know any better, I would think she was fine!

Has anyone else had a situation like this?
Has a renal diet helped and given them a few years more? Or did your cat deteriorate rapidly? I don’t want her to suffer in any way

Forsythia Tue 30-Nov-21 22:01:47

My dear cat was 17 so a lot older when he was diagnosed and he did go downhill quickly. If it had been caught earlier, things might have been better controlled. I hope your dear cat has been caught early and lives a good long life xx

MissAdventure Tue 30-Nov-21 22:12:41

I have had around the age of yours, who had kidney disease.
The decline was fairly steady, but it was soon clear that his quality of life was very reduced.
He would pull his fur out, and it wasn't fair to keep him going any longer.

Gwyneth Tue 30-Nov-21 22:17:04

So sorry to hear about your cat flaxseed but hopefully the kidney disease will be at an early stage and can be treated. It is so upsetting when our pets become ill because they really are part of the family.

Suki70 Tue 30-Nov-21 22:20:25

My cat is 18 and was diagnosed with kidney disease over a year ago, it’s quite common. The vet always feels his kidneys at his annual check up and they’re now a quarter of the size they should be. He hasn’t been prescribed a special diet but has a daily tablet. He also has two very bad molars and has had an abscess but the vet is reluctant to remove the teeth as a sedative would be needed and he thinks the state of his kidneys would make this dangerous. His breath smells dreadful , which is because of the kidney disease.

Ladyleftfieldlover Tue 30-Nov-21 22:23:24

Two of our cats had kidney disease. China was 18 and Bluey was 15. I’m afraid they went down very rapidly despite special diets and medication. We had to make that awful decision.

MayBee70 Tue 30-Nov-21 22:26:14

I think it’s because cats have to have such a high protein diet that they often get kidney disease. And, unlike dogs they can’t eat more in the way of vegetables etc. renal diets do help. Maybe check out turmeric which is good for kidneys if your pet will eat it. There’s a Facebook page devoted to giving turmeric to various pets and they do advise if it is ok with certain medication.

SueDonim Tue 30-Nov-21 23:06:20

My two 14yo cat brothers were diagnosed with kidney disease just over a year ago, after they’d lost weight at their annual check up/injections appointment. They were put on meds and a special diet and responded well.

Sadly, one of them died over the summer, but of lymphoma, nothing to do with his kidneys. The remaining brother has stayed well and healthy.

I hope this offers a bit of reassurance. smile

Shelflife Wed 01-Dec-21 00:04:01

My lovely cat had kidney disease, she was given medication for it , but no special diet. She was eating well and seemed relaxed. We had a family wedding to attend and after great deliberation we booked her into the cattery for two nights , she was familiar with the boarding facility and the staff were very happy to give her the medication. You guessed it, my precious companion died while we were away. Flaxseed, my cat died soon after the diognosis, do hope you are more fortunate, although I recognize you would not want her to suffer. I felt very guilty for leaving her but consoled myself with the knowledge that she was a rescue cat and had 13 happy years with us .

shysal Wed 01-Dec-21 07:52:24

My 16 year old cat was diagnosed with kidney disease a few years ago when blood was tested for his hyperthyroid, for which he takes medication. I was advised to give him renal food which he hates. I have tried every brand on the market and he just won't eat them. I was then advised to give him a quality senior food which he will eat. It is Royal Canin for ageing over 12s. He keeps well and shows no symptoms apart from drinking a lot. I have been warned that he could go downhill at some point but he has so far been fine.
I hope your cat continues to stay well.

Allsorts Wed 01-Dec-21 07:58:28

My cat developed it at age 9. He was hospitalised at the vets twice for tests, but it stressed him, afraid he went downhill very quick. I would not put another animal through that. Maybe your cat, having decayed teeth taken out and antibiotics plus a change in diet can carry on for years I don’t know. If she isn’t in pain that’s what matters. 💐

Grandmajean Wed 01-Dec-21 08:35:01

My daughter's cat was at the point of being put down when she developed kidney disease aged 11. The vet decided to have one more go at rehydration and drugs. Unbelievably , she rallied and is still doing well at 13. Fingers crossed for you.

Hetty58 Wed 01-Dec-21 08:55:07

It's tricky, as dental infections harm kidneys - yet any stress is harmful too. Vets have to balance the risks and benefits of treatments. One of mine had kidney disease and I had him put to sleep, straightaway, rather than risk any suffering, bless him.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 01-Dec-21 11:02:30

I can’t offer any advice Flaxseed but I hope your cat responds well to treatment and has many happy years ahead of her. 9 is only middle aged so I hope the prognosis is much better than if she were much older.

grandtanteJE65 Wed 01-Dec-21 15:01:28

You have all my sympathy. Nine isn¨t all that old for a cat, so I hope the improvement lasts.

My own choice is every time to let an old cat live as long, but only as long, as he or she is clearly enjoying life, then to act speedily when the dreaded day comes when life becomes a burden to them, or they start suffering.

The vet should be able to advise you about the long-term prognosis, especially if you tell him/her what you wrote at the end of your post. Often vets hesitate to bring up the subject of terminal care for fear of either upsetting the client or being thought to be advising putting an animal to sleep too early.

LadyGracie Wed 01-Dec-21 15:28:15

My BSH was diagnosed with kidney disease in May 2017, we tried everything but he did deteriorate quite quickly, I think, we had him put to sleep in December 2017, he was 13. I still miss him.

Flaxseed Wed 01-Dec-21 16:06:16

Thank you to everyone for sharing their stories. Some of hope, some so sad. sad
The vet who rang me the other day did broach the subject of euthanasia sensitively. We both agreed that we would wait until the next lot of results before deciding the next step.
Whilst I don’t want her to suffer at all, she does seem too well to even think about it at the moment.
I picked up some sample sachets of renal food today, but she’s a fussy madam and I’ll be very surprised if she does anymore than just sniff at it!
I really don’t think I want anymore pets after her. Each one of pets has taken a little bit of my heart with them.

Visgir1 Wed 01-Dec-21 17:31:33

My Beautiful Cat got Renal disease when she was about 17 yrs old
We managed to give her a good quality of life until she was almost 20. She had special food, and Meds.
It's a long term problem and can be experience. I had good Pet insurance but still had to pay towards costs, about 20 %.

Our dear beautiful girl knew when she was ready to go.
I cradled her in my arms as we took her to the vet and held her until she was in no more pain.
Still miss her , she has a very special place in our families hearts.

Best wishes to you and your dear Cat.

Forsythia Wed 01-Dec-21 17:35:38

Our little cat, as I’ve said earlier, was 17. We knew when the end had come. He wasn’t eating and he didn’t want cuddles which was highly unusual. He lay on his side panting. It was sad to watch so, the vet came and we held him while he was put to sleep in his own home. A very very sad day. 😢

Flaxseed Wed 01-Dec-21 22:03:09

Such sad stories. sad
Well I was right regarding the food. Sniffed and walked away. I left her for a while but it stayed untouched and when I returned, she miowed around me, hungry. I tried with a different flavour. Same response.
DP & I came to the same conclusion - she might as well eat what she enjoys if her days are numbered sad
I’ll see if the vet agrees when we speak again.

shysal Thu 02-Dec-21 08:17:07

flaxseed, I was advised that a good quality senior food is the best option if she won't eat the Renal.

Flaxseed Sat 18-Dec-21 10:05:52

So after all the investigations which included 2 urine samples, blood tests and BP reading, the results are in.

She had stage 2 disease. At this stage, the only treatment required is a renal diet. I think she would rather starve than eat that though! She simply won’t touch it confused. So the vet has suggested a supplement called Ipakatine which should arrive today. It works by reducing the uremic toxins absorbed.
Luckily, she seems really well at the moment but will be assessed every three months unless she deteriorates.

Fingers crossed the supplement works 🤞🏼

Sparklefizz Sat 18-Dec-21 10:12:01

So sorry to hear the sad news about your cat Flaxseed. She's no age at all. Maybe this will lift your spirits .... my lovely cat Buster was diagnosed with kidney disease aged 3 and was put on a renal diet, which he didn't like at all. There are different renal diets and eventually I found one that he would eat.

At the age of 14 he developed diabetes (thank goodness for pet insurance) and I had to inject him twice a day. He carried on, bless him, and lived till the age of 17.

Sparklefizz Sat 18-Dec-21 10:13:19

Just seen your latest post Flaxseed - hope all goes well.

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 18-Dec-21 10:17:27

Fingers crossed Flaxseed. It's amazing but true, cats would starve rather than eat something they don't like.