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My cat has kidney disease 😔

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Flaxseed Tue 30-Nov-21 21:56:43

Poor girl. She’s 9.
I recently moved in with DP and she did so well adjusting to the move and adjusting to living with his two older cats. She was starting to socialise more and more, then last week she went off of her food, didn’t want to come out of ‘her’ room and was making odd movements with her mouth.
Vet found her mouth to be really sore and a couple of decayed teeth. She ran some blood tests, gave her antibiotics and pain relief.
Blood results followed by a urine sample confirmed her suspicions of kidney disease.
I need to take another sample down for another test and she needs her blood pressure checked. After these we should know the extent of disease.
If it’s early stage, a renal diet should help. If it’s late stage, she could deteriorate rapidly and I might have to say goodbye sad

Since starting her antibiotics and pain relief, she has really perked up and is eating really well. And if I didn’t know any better, I would think she was fine!

Has anyone else had a situation like this?
Has a renal diet helped and given them a few years more? Or did your cat deteriorate rapidly? I don’t want her to suffer in any way

Deedaa Sat 18-Dec-21 10:18:57

The renal diet is fine if you can get them to eat it! The one my cat had was just a lump of grey sludge. I used to mix a bit of it with his own food and hope for the best. It's a few years ago now but I think he deteriorated quite slowly (he was about 18 at the time)

Flaxseed Sat 18-Dec-21 17:51:01

sparklefizz 3 is really young sad but I am glad there was a happy ending!

germanshepherdsmum Thank you. She’s very well at the moment (albeit a fussy madam), so I am hoping we have her for a few years yet wink