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Calling all responsible dog owners. Can you shed a light on the mindset of this owner🤷🏼‍♀️

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PamelaJ1 Sat 04-Dec-21 14:07:13

Not the first time it has happened. The owner never comes back to remove it, we give in after about 2 days.
The church doesn’t have an issue with dogs, quite a few villagers take theirs into the churchyard without any problems.

midgey Sat 04-Dec-21 14:14:45

The perpetrator has forgotten. It happens so many times, on my walks, more often than not, I find a poo bag left in an obvious spot…..patently has been there overnight or for a few days. I have no idea of an answer!

BlueBelle Sat 04-Dec-21 14:18:27

They hang them on trees in my area while they are out on their dog walks
(lovely decoration)

PamelaJ1 Sat 04-Dec-21 14:20:39

midgey,it’s places right under the sign and it keeps happening!
Whoever it is doesn’t seen to forget where to ‘store’ it.

Hetty58 Sat 04-Dec-21 14:20:40

midgey, I don't think they've 'forgotton' at all - they're just lazy, selfish, antisocial folk who don't care about littering and polluting at all.

PamelaJ1 Sat 04-Dec-21 14:21:12

Placed and seem !!

Casdon Sat 04-Dec-21 14:30:47

I’d say it’s somebody who cuts through that way on their way to take their dog a walk, doesn’t want to carry the bag with them across the fields or wherever, and leaves it with the intention of picking it up, but then forgets. It’s not right, but I can understand it, and at least it’s bagged.
The best solution to stop poo bags or worse is to provide a dog poo bin somewhere in the village.

Aldom Sat 04-Dec-21 14:32:30

I used to live in a tiny village. The frontage of my house fronted the village road, with the side /back of the house down a lane leading to fields.
Every morning a lady from the village walked her large dog down the lane. My kitchen window looked onto the lane and I would watch as the dog left a large offering. It was never picked up by the owner. I would wait, then go out, collect and dispose of the mess. Until one morning I'd had enough. So instead of disposing of the dog's offering I picked it up on the shovel, took it to the owner's house and left it on the doorstep. It never happened again. smile

Coastpath Sat 04-Dec-21 14:43:47

Aldom there was a poo war of that nature in a village where I used to live. It ended very abruptly and badly when someone lost it completely and dropped a 'forgotten' poo through the open sunroof of the offending villager's parked car shock!!!

PamelaJ1 Sat 04-Dec-21 14:44:59

Casdon there is a private drive just past the churchyard, no cut through available. What baffles us is is the positioning of the poo bag, it couldn’t get nearer the sign if it tried!

Coastpath Sat 04-Dec-21 14:51:40

Would it be informative/fun/cruel to set up one of those hidden wildlife cameras to find out who it is?

PamelaJ1 Sat 04-Dec-21 14:53:28

Yes coastpath but you need Wi-Fi for that and that is sadly lacking near the church.

Shandy57 Sat 04-Dec-21 14:57:25

I'm lucky to now live near a country footpath. My old dog has to go in his stroller part of the way, and without fail, some dirty sod has left their dog poo in the middle of the path. People that do this lack both intelligence and decency.

Oldbat1 Sat 04-Dec-21 15:25:55

You don’t need WiFi for a wildlife camera. Ours has batteries and we set it up as dogs would go mad at one corner of the garden. We thought it was rats but it turned out to be a hedgehog family.

Oldbat1 Sat 04-Dec-21 15:33:55

Sorry forgot to say we had a regular dog walker who allowed their dog to poo on the path outside our house but never picked it up. We printed off an A4 sheet saying next time it happened we would post their photograph on lampposts. (We didn’t know whose dog it was though or who they were). It worked!! When I take my dogs out after dark I always have a torch with me to locate any poos. No excuse!

Mapleleaf Sat 04-Dec-21 15:39:42

Sadly, it’s a regular occurrence, particularly along paths and tracks that are not such main thoroughfares as more open footpaths are. These owners go to all the trouble of bagging up the dog mess, then leave it at the edge of the path for someone else to clear up - disgusting. (It’s not as if there aren’t designated dog mess bins located in various places around our village, too, as there are. These people are unbelievable).

Jackiest Sat 04-Dec-21 15:54:07

It would be good if when a dog is chipped they also took a dna sample. The contents of the bag could then be matched to the dog and the registered dog owner. A hefty fine could then follow.

Hetty58 Sat 04-Dec-21 15:58:25

Aldom, mine was a similar story. A young couple, with two chihuahuas, would regularly stop outside and let them deposit on my lawn, then stroll off. I bagged up the droppings and left them on their doorstep, with a note:

'Yours, I believe. If it happens again, the waste will be posted through your letterbox - minus the bag!' It never did happen again.

eazybee Sat 04-Dec-21 16:09:27

Aldom, similar happened years ago when I was a child, when dog owners regarded grass verges in roads as dog toilets. The house owners watched the dog owners use the grass day in, day out, asked them politely to desist and received a torrent of abuse, so they collected the mess on a shovel and deposited it on their drive, in the dark. Next mornings a huge row erupted because out the dog owners stepped into their dog's mess, but after threats and abuse they took their dog elsewhere and never returned.

sodapop Sat 04-Dec-21 16:53:13

What can I say, there are always irresponsible owners who spoil things for the rest of us. It's a problem wherever one lives I think.

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 04-Dec-21 17:10:33

There is no excuse. It’s one of the responsibilities that comes with dog ownership. Disgusting behaviour. Though having had that rant I have no idea how guide dog owners cope. I would excuse them and anyone physically unable to reach down to do the bagging.

Blondiescot Sat 04-Dec-21 17:12:51


There is no excuse. It’s one of the responsibilities that comes with dog ownership. Disgusting behaviour. Though having had that rant I have no idea how guide dog owners cope. I would excuse them and anyone physically unable to reach down to do the bagging.

Legally speaking, guide dog owners don't have to pick up their dog's poo, although many are trained to do so.

Juliet27 Sat 04-Dec-21 17:34:01

I always use a poo bag and take it home if no bin available but if out in the countryside my dog sometimes shoves himself into a hedge or undergrowth to deposit and I sometimes think that will probably do no harm if just left to rot away if I can’t reach it..
What is also annoying is cats using neighbours’ gardens as toilets.

Smileless2012 Sat 04-Dec-21 17:41:46

I didn't know that Blondiescot but it does make sense.

Elegran Sat 04-Dec-21 17:55:57

I have heard that it has been known for people to put the poo into a paper bag, deposit it on the dog-owner's doorstep, set light to it, ring the doorbell and retreat. The owner opens the door and sees no-one, then notices the burning paper bag and stamps on it to put it out . . . .