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Calling all responsible dog owners. Can you shed a light on the mindset of this owner🤷🏼‍♀️

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PamelaJ1 Sat 04-Dec-21 14:07:13

Not the first time it has happened. The owner never comes back to remove it, we give in after about 2 days.
The church doesn’t have an issue with dogs, quite a few villagers take theirs into the churchyard without any problems.

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 04-Dec-21 18:08:53

What a great idea Elegran!

Thanks blondiescot, I didn’t know that but it’s fair. My dad was blind and I wish he’d had a guide dog. They really are life-changing.

PamelaJ1 Sat 04-Dec-21 18:22:46

Thank you oldbat1 I will look into that. Will also put an article in our local village magazine.
None of you have mentioned the fact that the dogs owner goes to the trouble to put the poo next to the sign asking owners to pick up their dogs poo. Regularly.
Am I the only one who thinks that is strange behaviour?

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 04-Dec-21 18:30:01

Perhaps they can’t read properly?

Aldom Sat 04-Dec-21 18:35:45


Aldom, mine was a similar story. A young couple, with two chihuahuas, would regularly stop outside and let them deposit on my lawn, then stroll off. I bagged up the droppings and left them on their doorstep, with a note:

'Yours, I believe. If it happens again, the waste will be posted through your letterbox - minus the bag!' It never did happen again.

Love it Hetty grin

PamelaJ1 Sun 05-Dec-21 14:17:41

I think I have started to understand this behaviour. It’s passive aggressive! Thank heavens it’s got a label.
I was chatting to a friend about it and she thinks either the dog owner objects to the sign and is telling the council(?) to ** or it’s another person sending a message to the dog owner who left the bag somewhere else🥴

Jaxjacky Sun 05-Dec-21 14:31:27

That made me lol Elegran 🤣🤣

62Granny Sun 05-Dec-21 14:52:48

No would put a sign up saying "God and our hidden camera can see you , please pick up your dogs poo" see if that works before you resort to the hidden camera.🐶🙄

Pammie1 Sun 05-Dec-21 15:29:32

Until recently we lived opposite a small park which contained a children’s playground. I and most of my neighbours had all complained at one time or another about the amount of dog owners we’d seen either not cleaning up after their pets, or just slyly dropping poo bags and walking away. The council put a bin and a sign at the gate and the residents provided a dispenser with free poo bags in it. It was a complete waste of time - the worst offenders just ignored it until they were caught in the act and fined.

Mattsmum2 Sun 05-Dec-21 17:56:58

As a responsible dog owner I’ve seen it all. Even to the extent that I’ve called after someone whose dog had just done a poo and I was ignored twice. People on their phones or those that just don’t look at what their dogs are doing, I try to check on mine all the time. I also use a Dickie bag, to carry poo bags if I’m on a long walk where there’s a likelihood of no bins. Unless you can speak to individuals that do this and other nonsensical acts, you will never understand. The human race has the capacity to baffle me on lots of occasions 🤷‍♀️

Hilarybee Wed 08-Dec-21 14:10:52

Made me laugh Elegran

petunia Wed 08-Dec-21 14:53:44

maybe, just maybe the dog owner has misunderstood the sign and believes it is a collection point for poo? I'm feeling generous today.

sparkly1000 Wed 08-Dec-21 15:14:31

As regards Guide dogs, I was a puppy walker and received pups at 6 weeks old.
We had to have a small confined hard surface area for toileting.
For the first few weeks the pup was let out in the daytime 2 hourly and praised when they had performed.
It took about 3 weeks to establish this.
All Guide dogs are toileted in this way before they start work.
I’ve always used this method with other dogs I’ve had and although always armed with poo bags, fortunately never had to use them.

Nannytopsy Wed 08-Dec-21 15:32:06

This is someone making a point. They are getting at you for having a sign!

Chestnut Wed 08-Dec-21 17:10:52

I thought I heard the recommended method of disposal is to train the dog to use a particular spot in your garden and then dispose of it in a chemical dog loo. It sounds just perfect but I guess people can't be bothered.

Namsnanny Wed 08-Dec-21 21:06:23

I thought something similar Nannytopsy

Daisymae Thu 09-Dec-21 08:10:28

You need to add a little sign warning about CCTV!

Oldnproud Thu 09-Dec-21 08:27:49


maybe, just maybe the dog owner has misunderstood the sign and believes it is a collection point for poo? I'm feeling generous today.

That's exactly what crossed my mind too.

Grammaretto Thu 09-Dec-21 08:38:11

Things have improved over the years. At one time nobody picked up dog poo. Sometimes they kicked it into the gutter.
Where we lived there was a strip of grass and trees between the pavement and the road . My DC would tread in dog poo almost daily when crossing the road or getting into the car.

One evening I came out after dark and found a man with a labrador waiting for the dog to do its business right outside our house. When I spoke to him he said it was a public area and where he "walked" his dog .

He was the husband of one of my friends! But after our meeting, things improved.
No poo bags in those days but some responsible owners took newspaper to clean up after their dogs..

Hetty58 Thu 09-Dec-21 08:47:38

Elegran, brilliant, I'll keep that one in mind!

Juliet27, there's a black and white moggy that will leave it's 'deposit' in the front garden, on the plants, with no digging or covering.

Every scrap of citrus peel is saved, chopped and thrown out there to discourage it. It works (sort of) in that it will choose next door's garden if mine's just been topped up.