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My new dog

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blondenana Fri 17-Dec-21 14:29:44

After losing my little dog to dementia 2 years ago, i thought i waould never find one as lovely and good natured as her
As i also have cats i was looking for a dog who would be ok with them
At last i found Molly, who was looking for a new home
Molly is 6 and a Bichon Frise.and had lived with a cat
I love her to bits and so pleased i found her, but i keep calling her by last dogs name

Grandmabatty Fri 17-Dec-21 14:32:23

She is lovely. What a great addition to your family.

Elless Fri 17-Dec-21 14:32:46

She's so cute, I'm glad you've found her too I hope she brings you much love and companionship.

Lewie Fri 17-Dec-21 14:34:33

How wonderful that you and Molly have found each other. I hope you have many happy years together. smile

AGAA4 Fri 17-Dec-21 14:35:01

She is gorgeous. I'm sure you will have a lot of good times with her.

Namsnanny Fri 17-Dec-21 14:38:47

Lovely photos. Enjoy your time with her

MayBee70 Fri 17-Dec-21 14:41:39


She's so cute, I'm glad you've found her too I hope she brings you much love and companionship.

A friend of mine has just bred a litter of Cavapoo/Bichon puppies. They are SO gorgeous! We called our latest dog by her predecessors name for ages. I see lots of grooming there!

Witzend Fri 17-Dec-21 14:44:42

What a lovely little dog! 😍🐶

Charleygirl5 Fri 17-Dec-21 14:45:05

She is a little cutie and the two cats appear to tolerate her, sharing the same sofa.

silverlining48 Fri 17-Dec-21 14:48:27

Molly looks sweet. Wishing you much happiness with her.
We have been trying to adopt a small dog fir nearly 2 years without success. It’s been much harder than we expected.

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 17-Dec-21 14:50:18

How lovely. I wish you many happy years together. I still sometimes call my dog by her predecessor’s name too. I assure her it’s a compliment!

mokryna Fri 17-Dec-21 14:52:57

Molly is lovely and I expect that she doesn’t mind what you call her, it’s the tone that counts. All she wants is your love in return for hers. Which out of the three is the boss? My skinny Siamese used to tell my dalmatien what to do.

TillyTrotter Fri 17-Dec-21 14:55:53

What a little sweetheart Mollie is?
With a nice nature I am sure she will soon make good friends with your two lovely cats blondenana.
I hope you will all love happily together.

Kali2 Fri 17-Dec-21 14:55:58

Bravo, well done you for adopting an adult dog smile Wonderful- have many many years of love and joy with Molly.

TillyTrotter Fri 17-Dec-21 14:56:52

Molly, not Mollie. Sorry.

Gwyneth Fri 17-Dec-21 15:45:25

Molly looks just gorgeous. What a wonderful Christmas you’re going to have with her.

Calistemon Fri 17-Dec-21 15:49:11


How lovely. I wish you many happy years together. I still sometimes call my dog by her predecessor’s name too. I assure her it’s a compliment!

My son got used to being called by the dog's name grin
He still laughs about it now.

What a gorgeous little dog, blondenana, I hope you have some happy times together.
I do get quite broody sometimes (for another dog, not a baby).

Patsy70 Fri 17-Dec-21 16:49:04

Molly is such a lovely little dog and you will have such good times together. Before I was born my Mum and the family had a scruffy mongrel called Pat! I came along a few years later, and guess what they called me? Patricia! This really tickles my OH. 😄

Zennomore Fri 17-Dec-21 16:53:30

Molly is beautiful. Congratulations on finding each other 😍

muse Fri 17-Dec-21 17:04:59

Molly is gorgeous blondenana.

I adopted a four year old rescue dog called Mya. They told me that when she came into the centre she was called Oddie. She has one blue eye and one brown one. They thought that a very unfair, uncomplimentary name so changed it to Mya.

One day at the centre, whilst out walking with the other dogs, Mya cowered down nervously when the walker forgot, and called her Oddie😞.

I'm sure you'll get so much love from Molly as I do from Mya. She comes bounding up to me every time I call her name😊. All her nervousness has now disappeared.

Sparklefizz Fri 17-Dec-21 17:05:35

Molly looks gorgeous!!! She is a lucky doggie to have found your loving home. Hope you have some happy fun times together.

Josianne Fri 17-Dec-21 17:10:47

Cute doggy blondenana who will bring so much happiness.

blondenana Fri 17-Dec-21 18:06:29

Thank you everyone, she was advertised on Preloved as people wanting to rehomr her said they were doing it as they were looking afterb mum with Altzheimers and couldn't cope with her,i almost begged the advertiser to keep her until i could get a lift, about 40 miles away,i sent a photo of my very large enclosed garden.
I was told she had separation anxiety, and a few accidents sometimes,but she is very good and lets me know when she wants to go out.
If i am going to be out for long,i put puppy pads down, just in case and she has only used them once,
I roll my rug back and have a laminate floor, so not too worried
She is very funny though when the cats come close to me she crawls across my knee to try to stop them, but never attempts to hurt them
She is nervous of other dogs though, and men who try to stroke her
I did discover after i got her that there was also a chiuahua puppy living in the house, which was never mentioned, anyway i am very pleased i got her, she is no trouble at all

HowVeryDareYou Fri 17-Dec-21 18:13:38

What a pretty dog smile

SueDonim Fri 17-Dec-21 18:14:59

What a wee cutie! ❤️ I rather think those beautiful cats are in charge, though! grin

A friend has a Bichon/Cavalier cross. She looks like a most adorable living teddy bear and is completely bonkers. 😂