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Goodbye little Nell.

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Sago Sun 06-Feb-22 09:27:12

We said goodbye to our little witchy Patterdale terrier yesterday.
She was nearly 16!

My youngest son was 11 when we got her, it seems such a long time ago!
We have lived in 5 houses since she came to us had two grandchildren, set up two businesses and lived through a pandemic!

We took her to our lovely vet after a meal of tuna and rice, she even got to lick the tin!
As the vet did what she had to do we fed Nell little bits of cheese and cuddled her.

It really was quick and painless.
We always said we would not let her suffer and although we’re very sad, I’m so glad we made the decision.

I remembered a thread recently about staying with your pet until the end, I would never have considered not doing but will stress to anyone dreading it, it’s really not so bad.

Witzend Sun 06-Feb-22 09:29:58

So sorry, Sago, I know how heartbreaking it is. 💐
We were very lucky that our vet came to the house for both our dog and cat - we’d had both for over 14 years. I couldn’t have imagined not being with them at the end.

Gingster Sun 06-Feb-22 09:33:53

So sorry Sago. 😥

Redhead56 Sun 06-Feb-22 09:35:34

So sorry Sago it’s hard saying goodbye to our beloved pets. We said goodbye to our Jack Russell just before COVID I am still missing him everyday. There will always be a place for Nell in your heart and memories.💐

TillyTrotter Sun 06-Feb-22 09:36:59

So sad for you and your family Sago on the loss of your dear companion.
The photograph is heartwarming.
It brought back memories of holding my cat until the very last moments at the Vets while he did the only thing we humanely could for her.
We know we have loved them until the end, and we mourn them after.
RIP Nell x

Josieann Sun 06-Feb-22 09:40:48

So sorry Sago. It sounds like she had a great life and gave you much pleasure.
I'm pleased you were able to be with Nell. We were denied that last year with covid and will never ever get over it.

Blondiescot Sun 06-Feb-22 09:42:34

So sorry for your loss, run free now Nell.

cornergran Sun 06-Feb-22 09:45:16

So sorry sago, I’m sad for you all. Wise words from you, Nell knew she was loved to the end.

crazyH Sun 06-Feb-22 09:51:27

So sorry sago - it’s lovely that you stayed with Nell till the end. We stayed with our sweet Flash right to the end.

FannyCornforth Sun 06-Feb-22 09:55:18


lavendermine Sun 06-Feb-22 09:57:45

So sorry to hear about Nell, sago. She had a wonderful life with you and will always be in your heart. I know how hard it is, that last decision we make is the hardest one flowers

TopsyIrene06 Sun 06-Feb-22 09:58:56

So sorry Sago.

Gwyneth Sun 06-Feb-22 10:02:47

So sorry to hear about Nell Sago.

Aveline Sun 06-Feb-22 10:14:58

Very sad day for you all. You gave her a happy life. Be glad of that and enjoy your memories of her.

Callistemon21 Sun 06-Feb-22 10:18:53

Sago flowers

She obviously had a lovely life with you and you did your best for her at the end.
What a lovely picture - she was much loved.

Sparklefizz Sun 06-Feb-22 10:20:15

So sorry Sago for the loss of your lovely Nell. Glad you were able to be with her at the end, painful though it is. Your photo is poignant. flowers

EllanVannin Sun 06-Feb-22 10:25:22

Such a very sad time when pets come to the end of their lives as you can somehow never envisage being without them.
To give them a kind and loving end is all you can wish for and Nell certainly had that. flowers

Shinamae Sun 06-Feb-22 10:29:48

So sad to hear of your loss Sago but a lovely end to her long life… If only human beings could have a peaceful end like your lovely little dog did 💐💐💐

JaneJudge Sun 06-Feb-22 10:32:45

Oh Sago, I'm so sorry. Please be kind to yourself flowers
Nell will have seen and heard things from everyone in your family and has been such a special part of your lives x

shoppinggirl Sun 06-Feb-22 10:43:50

What a very sweet picture. It's always such a heartbreaking decision to have to make. Thinking of you x

Baggs Sun 06-Feb-22 10:47:12

❤️ flowers

glammanana Sun 06-Feb-22 10:53:21

So sorry you have lost your faithful friend Sago I had to have Poppy PTS last January and had to say my goodbyes in the Vets reception as not allowed to go into the surgery due to Covid I had a nice 5 mins cuddle with her and the vet then took her away from me such a sad & a hug for you.

millymouge Sun 06-Feb-22 11:02:33

Sago so very sorry but so glad you stayed with her to the end. I always feel this is so important, they need you then more than ever so we never leave them.. My oldest greyhound is now 14/12 a great age for a hound. We know it is something we will have to consider soon, but I will hold him to the last minute.

SueDonim Sun 06-Feb-22 11:21:12

I’m so sorry, Sago. Our dear little pets are so special to us. flowers

Sago Sun 06-Feb-22 16:15:26

Thank you all for your kind words.