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New babies this year?

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grannyactivist Wed 02-Jan-19 00:44:52

Last year we welcomed two new grandchildren into the world, but there are none on the horizon for 2019. So, who's going to be a grandparent this year? Feel free to share the excitement here. smile

Tartlet Wed 02-Jan-19 00:55:33

My third great grandson was born less than an hour ago weighing in at 9lb 1oz. Mother and baby both fine. He was born around midnight so I’m not sure whether he’s a New Year’s Day baby or not.

He has two siblings, 8 and 2, and we are all curious to see whether the little one will be jealous or not.

crazyH Wed 02-Jan-19 01:10:03

Hope not Grannya . I have 6 already and my bank account has been cleaned out , post Xmas. 😂 However money cannot buy the joy they bring. A few days ago I had to raise my voice at my little 3 year old bcause he was continuously putting his head over his 15 week old baby'sbrother's head, kissing him but annoying the little one, who started crying. Anyway, before I left, I gave him a big hug and a kiss and told him I loved him.
Today, out of the blue , he tells his Dad (my son), "my Nanny said she loves me " . I don't know what prompted him to say that because I always tell the little ones I love them. Perhaps me raising my voice made him think I didn't love him. What goes on in kids' minds 😘
Congratulations on the arrival of your grandchildren. Lots of fun to come 💐

Grandma2213 Wed 02-Jan-19 02:45:00

I have 5 DGC the youngest of whom is about to be 7 years old. 3 of them live with me and their Dad 3 to 4 days a week plus more in the school holidays. The other two I see at least weekly and more in the past. This summer I got rid of all baby stuff, pram, cot, steriliser , baby alarm, potty etc etc. Oldest son is now expecting an unexpected baby boy. Deep joy and 'Can I really do this again?' Cousins are all wild with excitement. I guess 72 is not too old then!!! 'Age is all in the mind,' I tell myself. shock

morethan2 Wed 02-Jan-19 04:18:25

I’m going to be a great Nanna in mid March. Today we discussed what names we’ll all be called by the new baby. I can still be Nanna I’m really pleased about that. My husband will be grandad bob aka grandad-fixit./grumpygrandad depending on his mood. Our family need some joy in what looks like being a very bleak year indeed and a new baby is such a joy

crystaltipps Wed 02-Jan-19 05:50:10

Looking forward to number 6 due in 3 weeks time. We will be under the same roof as youngest DS and DiL ( expected baby is their first) are staying with us as the building work on their new house has overrun ( bad timing or what?) and it could be 3 months or more before it’s finished. We are overrun with baby clutter but I tell myself it won’t be forever and I’m quite excited in lots of ways. All being well, OH and I are planning a little holiday away for a week or two when DS is on paternity leave so the new parents can have some space and her parents can come and visit etc without us being here all the time. I’m quite excited about that as well!

kittylester Wed 02-Jan-19 06:22:58

We had another grandson, too, last year (Our 9th dgc) but doubt we'll have any more, this year or ever.

Dd3 was had an extension built while she was pregnant, crystaltipps. The builders had just left for the day when she gave birth on the lounge floor.shock

mcem Wed 02-Jan-19 07:28:06

My Dd's 4 (21,18,9,8) are excited at the prospect of a cousin in April ( DS's first).

I'm now worrying even more that the extension won't be finished by then! All was going smoothly but there has been a holdup with steels design, so the builders' tenders haven't yet come in.

Contingency plan means that DiL and baby may have to decamp to her parents home for a while.
This will disrupt DS's paternity plans and I'll have to be patient as far as seeing the new arrival goes.
Still, I'm sure all will be well but I hope she avoids the unplanned home birth!!

She is a doctor but is not an obstetrician.

At the 20 week scan they decided not to ask if it's a boy or girl and there are no clues about names.

Surprises in store!

tanith Wed 02-Jan-19 08:14:39

My two eldest GDs are both expecting in the Summer so apart from the 9 GC I already have I will then have 5 Great GC as well. It’s so lovely that I get to see my family welcome new babies.

baubles Wed 02-Jan-19 09:40:55

DD expecting her 4th child early next month so we are all excitedly looking forward to that.

Teetime Wed 02-Jan-19 09:44:35

Congratulations to all here with new babies and/or new babies expected- grandchildren are lovely and not because you can give them back - it is juts lovely to see them grow and be part of that. I became a Great Grandma in 2018 to little Isabelle and although I wont see her often she pops up in Instagram all the time.

Anniebach Wed 02-Jan-19 10:03:05

I wish, younger daughter has accepted she will not have a baby after 14 IVF treatments and many miscarriages . But not unheard of is it?

Bellab Wed 02-Jan-19 10:27:04

Our daughter in law had her twins four weeks ago,three months early,both weighing under two pounds. It was ,and still is,a very worrying time. Both boy and girl are doing well now so looking forward to the future. We have four grandchildren now,doubt there will be any more. Over the moon with what we've got.

EllanVannin Wed 02-Jan-19 10:58:03

Whether or not there'll be any more GGC on the horizon I don't know as my 3 GC in Oz haven't " produced " as yet. 2 men in their 30's and 1 young woman in her 20's who has a long-term partner------so we'll see.

It would be sad in a way as I'd be the only GGParent living and I wouldn't see them only by Skype. Heartbreaking.

Consolation being, that I have 7 GGC not too far away and more step-GGC than you can shake a stick at and I get bogged down with them all hahahaha.Kids everywhere.

FlexibleFriend Wed 02-Jan-19 11:03:42

My first Grandchild is due in February.

Maggiemaybe Wed 02-Jan-19 11:42:36

Oh, I wish! I’m told I’ve got all I’m getting, but I won’t be getting rid of all the paraphernalia yet, just in case. smile

Many congratulations to all of you who are looking forward to welcoming a new baby this year. flowers

ninathenana Wed 02-Jan-19 12:24:59

No Annie it's not unheard of.
DH had an appointment to give a sample as we had had trouble conceiving. The day before I did a test which proved positive after 12 yrs of trying.
Your DD may find that once the pressure is off things happen.

We will not have any more babies in our family. DD doen't carry well and both DGSx2 have health issues. I don't think DS will ever have a partner.

Anniebach Wed 02-Jan-19 13:49:30

ninaathenana I am not too hopeful, but there is some hope thank you.

M0nica Wed 02-Jan-19 22:44:20

I have my 2 and do not expect more. DDiL is 50 this year and DD decided as a child that she never wanted a live-in partner or to have children. She is 45 and has never changed or even been marginally unsure about her decisions.

Jalima1108 Wed 02-Jan-19 23:11:19

Oh, I wish! I’m told I’ve got all I’m getting, but I won’t be getting rid of all the paraphernalia yet, just in case.

But getting rid of all the paraphernalia is sometimes the trigger Maggiemaybe!

Maggiemaybe Wed 02-Jan-19 23:26:27

I know, I know, and I have been tempted.... I’ve taken one high chair of the matching pair to the charity shop, but no news so far! grin

Grammaretto Wed 02-Jan-19 23:47:33

We're the same. We have accumulated car seats and high chair, cot and crib. Toys and stair gate. I don't think we'll have any more DGC We are very happy to have seven.

lemongrove Wed 02-Jan-19 23:54:37

There won’t be any more in our family but we love the ones we have, and as we are very ‘hands on’Grandparents not sure we would want to start again with a baby to help look after, especially as we have planned a lot for this year.
But for those who are hoping for a grandchild, it will happen at some point.
We have several friends who bemoaned their lack of DGC but it happened eventually for them.👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼

DanniRae Thu 03-Jan-19 16:51:07

My 45 year old daughter is giving us our first grandchild in May/June and we are all thrilled. Everyone assumes that she had IVF but no, it was all natural. I have longed to be a grandma and can't believe that my dream has come true! grin

Grammaretto Thu 03-Jan-19 18:13:22

Such lovely news DanniRae.
I hope the pregnancy and birth go well.
Our DS and his partner were also older first time parents. Everything went well. They are stopping at one.