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The Duchess of Sussex and her father

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DillytheGardener Sun 10-Feb-19 16:01:50

Read the latest in sad state of affairs between Meghan and her father today with sadness.

Her letter seemed so reasonable and made good points, her father has behaved in such an abominable way towards his daughter. Rather than pulling his head in after the stupid staged shots he was paid for, apologised and kept quiet till it all blew over he's dug his heels in and embarrassed her time and time again.

I'm not surprised her friends came out in support, even if she did direct it. Has the press no memory of how poor Diana and Fergie were berated and bullied? The idiot rags like the Daily Mail and the Sun are really going for it to make their money. I feel so sorry for her and hope it doesn't affect her pregnancy with all the stress.

I don't understand why the public seem to want her to reconcile with him. He obviously can't be trusted and she's wise to stay well clear, that side of the family is unhinged. Half brother with a DUI and domestic abuse, the other sister seems disturbed, her own daughter cut her off for goodness sakes and by the looks of it for good reason.

Harry was always my favourite, he's a bit older than my two children, but I always felt for him after Diana died. He was such a little mite behind the coffin.

Anja Sun 10-Feb-19 16:25:43

The Duchess is a strong and resilient woman. She must be after all she’s had to overcome. I expect she also has the sense to disdain the rubbish usually spouted in redtops like the Mail and the Sun.,

Anniebach Sun 10-Feb-19 16:35:03

In fairness to her father, he released the letter following her five close friends giving interviews, it had all gone quiet so why did they/she stir it all up again

paddyann Sun 10-Feb-19 16:36:13

O dear ,you'd be on here frothing if it was anyone else going non contact with a dad who has clearly loved and supported her through her life.
As to Fergie and Diana they brought it on themselves ,manipulating the press to suit themselves then playing games to exclude them or in Dianas case play chases with them for the publicity .Harry is all the man he'll ever be,spoilt and privileged though he is .....lots of children lose parents and have a really hard life afterwards ,my own dad lost his mum when he was 12 ..he was dragged out of school by his stepdad and made to work ..oh and then he was sent to live with a neighbour apparently they would only take him in if he was earning so I dont have a lot ...or any sympathy for Harry ...his life has been a beach compared to the lifes "ordinary" folk live .Have sympathy for folk who NEED it,the poor the sick the vulnerable the people literally dying because of tory policies ,not these pampered entitled parasites !!

mcem Sun 10-Feb-19 16:39:13

A rift in a family in which I have no interest.
Why would anyone choose to read and pass on gossip from dubious msm sources?
Sad it may be but it's none of my business.

Fennel Sun 10-Feb-19 16:42:36

Same here mcem.
I refuse to read any of this gossip. It's one of the worst aspects of the 'open to all' culture spreading everywhere now.

EllanVannin Sun 10-Feb-19 17:06:50

The duchess will soon develop a broad back like the rest of the family have done and have had to do !
There's nothing new about families acting like this if a member has made good of their life. It goes on all the time and the best thing to do is ignore them. They're the ones at fault not Meghan.

MawBroon Sun 10-Feb-19 17:14:56

No thank you.
None of our or indeed your business is it?

Day6 Sun 10-Feb-19 17:20:26

Apparently the palace OR team were in the dark regarding the article with revelations from Meghan's "close friends". Presumably they had her approval.

Silly woman. She hasn't the sense to understand how the royal family works. Yes, the Windsors may have stuff upper lips but they don't need an American access to reform them.
She's acquired a titke, wealth, privilege and status beyond her wildest dreams. She is not acting like a member of the family.

My advice to her would be to carry on as she likes behind the scenes with her husband (apparently she ha "emasculated him" ( who knows?) and American friends but for goodness sake, gen up on the family you have married into. They are just a bit high profile love. Appreciate your place in the pecking order, keep your head down whilst enjoying your new found status and privilege. The last thing any of us want is the "Meghan Show".

Anniebach Sun 10-Feb-19 17:28:52

I am amused by the posts saying ‘not interested ‘,

I agree Day6 , I hope she isn’t going to following Diana use the media and complain about their intrusion when she chooses

BlueBelle Sun 10-Feb-19 17:37:38

How on earth do you know how he’s loved and supported her throughout her life Paddyann I don’t read anything about them but the bits I ve been forced to hear on news programmes etc he sounds a total nightmare and quite a controlling and divisive man

sodapop Sun 10-Feb-19 17:42:35

I agree with Day6 too, why can't her family issues remain private at least on her side of the fence.
Using the media in this way is a bit hypocritical indeed Anniebach

Anniebach Sun 10-Feb-19 18:06:54

Thank heaven for William and Kate

PECS Sun 10-Feb-19 18:16:12

I find it confusing why any member of the public, who does not know someone personally, feels they can pontificate on the personal relationships of that person. You don't know!!
Voyeuristic press and media are wanting copy that will draw readers/viewers so / gossipingwill sensationalise anything. Seems to be taking the place of visiting Bedlam or going to the freak show... let's give ourselves a bit of excitement by speculating on people and things we do not know about!

crazyH Sun 10-Feb-19 18:23:55

Family problems like the rest of us 😫

Anniebach Sun 10-Feb-19 18:34:31

I am not speculating, her friends gave interviews to the press about her father , her father then did the same, the press cannot be blamed if people choose to give interviews .

PECS Sun 10-Feb-19 18:56:46

nobody has to print anything ..that is what an editor is for! Also it is not unknown for journalists to pursue stories and manipulate them or even embellish them!

Don't believe all you read!

sodapop Sun 10-Feb-19 21:03:55

PECS I am truly shocked that anything in the media could be untrue.

Anniebach Sun 10-Feb-19 21:13:28

So all that has been written about the Markle family wasn’t true ?

Oldwoman70 Sun 10-Feb-19 21:20:28

I seem to recall that Kate was lambasted in the press for a while - anyone remember the "waity Katy" nickname?, she was also criticised for not having a job, etc. etc. etc. Now the press have moved on to Meghan and Kate is the flavour of the month. I doubt if any GNs know either of these women personally - all anyone knows is what is printed in the newspapers and I like to think GNs are intelligent enough to take everything printed with a pinch of salt!

Anniebach Sun 10-Feb-19 21:26:43

Yes Kate got flack, she remained silent , dignity

M0nica Sun 10-Feb-19 21:39:57

Never complain, never explain.

Anniebach Sun 10-Feb-19 21:42:56

And they stick to it

PECS Sun 10-Feb-19 22:37:52

Do you think Duchess of Sussex is undignified?

Eloethan Sun 10-Feb-19 22:47:01

The royal family is no advert for harmonious family relations or seemly behaviour so I don't know what all the fuss is about.