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This is freaking me out - relative claiming she has second sight

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B9exchange Mon 08-Feb-21 14:20:51

To try and explain, I found a distant relative in the USA and went over to visit her a few years ago. She gave us a lovely time, all seemed fine, and we continued to correspond.

She fell for a rather unsuitable truck driver who was on drugs, and eventually when she found out she had the sense to kick him out. He was found dead in his truck having a couple of days later, taken an overdose. This was about three years ago. Ever since that time she has been convinced that he is speaking to her, and has he has become an angel in her eyes. She was due to come and stay with us and we planned we would show her the sights last October, obviously cancelled.

In an email last Autumn, she wrote that this now deceased chap was telling her that in January 2021 she would meet a new lifetime partner and gave the same Christian name as himself. He also told her that Donald Trump would be assassinated in February at his Mar a Lago golf club.

This week I had another email telling me that her life partner had turned up in January as exactly as her late boyfriend had predicted, and that the new partner had an enormous house with 5 bathrooms and its own private cinema, which she would be moving into next month.

That has freaked me out, wondering if her prediction about Trump will also come true. I can't stand the man, but I wouldn't wish anyone dead, and if it happened as she said, I would feel very uncomfortable with her coming to see us later this year (also predicted, apparently!)

I don't know how to reply to her latest email, obviously I need to wish her new relationship well, but the thought of having a medium in my house later this year is making me very uncomfortable, I was always brought up to have nothing at all to do with the occult. It may be that CV-19 will delay things, but I can't put her off for ever! What would your reaction be?

Poppyred Mon 08-Feb-21 14:24:33

She’s not wasting any time is she?? 😂😂. Sorry I don’t have any constructive advice.

EllanVannin Mon 08-Feb-21 14:27:54

Just tell her not to " bring her work " with her.

Esspee Mon 08-Feb-21 14:30:51

She sounds crazy. It’s up to you whether you wish to host her or not.
I had something really weird happen to me this morning so perhaps I shouldn’t be commenting.

JaneJudge Mon 08-Feb-21 14:33:49

I'd wait until 1st March until you make a decision

Grandmabatty Mon 08-Feb-21 14:43:50

You don't know for sure if she actually has met someone like that. She could be making it up. If you are unsure about hosting her then you don't have to. Cite rules where you live regarding covid.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 08-Feb-21 15:12:28

Well if you cancel her visit she won’t be surprised will she?
She’ll have seen it already.

Esspee Mon 08-Feb-21 15:26:55

😆 Oopsadaisy1😆

B9exchange Mon 08-Feb-21 15:38:03

I don't think she is making it up, she has sent me photos of the house! I don't want to believe there is anything in it, but have to confess I will heave a sigh of relief if we get to 1st March without a major news flash. Of course if she is right, then I will have freaked you lot out as well, sorry! grin

Scribbles Mon 08-Feb-21 15:43:03

I'd wish her well in the new relationship and ask if she intends to bring the new SO when she comes to visit? I'd also ask if she knows the winning numbers for the next Euromillions draw.🤣

Before she visits, let her know politely but firmly that you're uncomfortable with the second sight stuff and, while in your house, she is to keep any visions etc to herself.

Personally, if I liked the woman and got on well with her, I'd be happy for her to visit despite the mumbojumbo. I suppose because that's the way I regard such stuff, I'd feel I could ignore it or laugh at it. But, as has been said on GN many times: your house, your rules.

AmberSpyglass Mon 08-Feb-21 15:44:01

She’s talking nonsense and is probably quite unwell. Just because you’ve seen pictures of the house doesn’t mean she’s going to be living in it! Based on everything you’ve said, she’s either a fantasist or delusional - or simply lying for attention. I’d cut contact if I were you.

polnan Mon 08-Feb-21 15:57:50

o.k Espee,, what is that was weird that happened to you?

I am not sure I believe, but it does interest me...

B9exchange Mon 08-Feb-21 16:29:50

Do tell Espee? smile

Callistemon Mon 08-Feb-21 16:31:31


I'd wait until 1st March until you make a decision

I was just thinking the same!

NotTooOld Mon 08-Feb-21 16:36:43

Oh, I'd let her come. Should be an interesting visit. If you don't believe in it it shouldn't bother you. Come back, Espee - what happened?

Callistemon Mon 08-Feb-21 16:40:38

Get your ouija board and glass ready!

Actually, that can be spooky so perhaps not.

Nannarose Mon 08-Feb-21 17:06:37

I had to deal with a relative who claimed 'premonitions' (drawing on the family history!) and of course, over a lifetime, or or two may come true!
However, it was easier - she lived nearby so I could see her in small doses.
I said to her that I found it very difficult to handle some of the things she predicted and wished she would not upset me by sharing them, but leave me to find out for myself . I asked her to respect that - she saw this as weakness on my part, but accepted it.
When others joked or challenged her, she 'rose to the bait'.

I don't know if you think it would work with your relative, or if that would be acceptable to you. you should not have someone in your home who makes you uncomfortable.

sodapop Mon 08-Feb-21 17:17:36

Sounds to me like your relative has guilt feelings over the way the trucker boyfriend died B9exchange unnecessary of course but we can't help how we feel. She may be manipulating the facts to suit the situation, who knows really. I don't think for a minute she has second sight. I do think she needs to come to terms with the death of the boyfriend.
Just my opinion obviously.

H1954 Mon 08-Feb-21 17:17:38

It's nice that you have discovered this distant relative who obviously appears to be looking forward to visiting you when safe to do so.

In your position I think I would be explaining that, whilst it's her choice to believe what she likes you do not want to be influenced by her "gift". The photos of this amazing house could have come from anywhere and she may well be trying to pull the wool over your eyes. What proof is there that the man friend actually existed too?

cornishpatsy Mon 08-Feb-21 17:29:31

Mediums and people of that ilk have many premonitions but they only seem to remember the one in a hundred that come true.

The same goes for those that believe in god, something good happens is down to their god, something bad is due to human behaviour.

BlueBelle Mon 08-Feb-21 17:39:14

Just ask her what next weeks lottery numbers are !!
For goodness sake it’s all mumbo jumbo anyone can say they saw this that or the other sounds a total nutcase I d cancel the holiday make some excuse up about not travelling and let the relationship die out
For all you know, the whole story from the nasty boyfriend, the kicking out, the death etc etc and everything else was all a load of tosh she sounds mentally challenged I d stay well clear

B9exchange Mon 08-Feb-21 18:56:06

Thanks for your advice, I will make some non-committal response until 1st March and see where we go. You are right, I should just ask her to keep any second sight ideas to herself, and we should then get along fine. She is bringing him with her apparently, I assume he is of the same mind...

Aldom Mon 08-Feb-21 19:22:53

Weird Experience I read about Espee's Weird Experience this morning. It's in Bereavement

JenniferEccles Mon 08-Feb-21 22:30:15

I have read before about the ‘predictions’ that Donald Trump will be assassinated at his Florida home, so your friend could well have heard that too.

My reaction would be to let the friendship drop.

nanna8 Mon 08-Feb-21 22:32:44

I’d just tell her you are not into that stuff and you find it strange. She might think you are agreeing with her if you say nothing. I’d be a little bit wary of her but that is me, I tend to be a bit suspicious.