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Camilla for Queen?

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mrsgreenfingers56 Fri 14-May-21 11:37:51

How do people feel now about Camilla becoming Queen? There have been huge changes in the Royal Family and the Queen is a very old lady now. Never personally been a fan of Camilla probably due to the fact there were 3 in my marriage as well and felt sympathy for Diana. But there is no denying the fact that Camilla and Charles are ideally suited and love one another. I think Charles and Diana would never have worked Camilla or not now with hindsight. Views?

Teacheranne Fri 14-May-21 11:49:20

Will she be the Queen or is she called something else? Prince Philip was not called the King.

I guess it’s just a title and some people will object to her role as wife of the King whatever she is called.

Redhead56 Fri 14-May-21 11:52:14

I can think of plenty of titles for her but definitely not Queen.

tanith Fri 14-May-21 11:55:57

No, anything else but not Queen please.

Purplepixie Fri 14-May-21 11:56:16

How will she be Queen? She is married to Charles, who will be king in the future (maybe). Prince Philip was never called the King whilst married to our Queen so there is no reason for Camilla to be Queen.

WishIwasyounger Fri 14-May-21 11:57:04

I don't mind either way: they seem suited and love one another, and that's the main thing surely. My understanding is that she'll be called Consort or something similar.

Calendargirl Fri 14-May-21 12:09:32

When a King marries, his wife becomes his Queen Consort. (It doesn’t work the other way round, a Queen marrying a Prince/or similar)

When Charles married Camilla, she took the title Duchess of Cornwall, he is also Duke of Cornwall, as it was felt disrespectful for her to be Princess of Wales, which she is, because of Diana. It was announced in the fullness of time, when Charles becomes King, Camilla will be known as his Princess Consort. As far as I know, that is still the case.

I for one would be perfectly happy for Camilla to be Queen Consort, as that is what she will be, whatever her official title.

I think when push comes to shove, Charles will go for that also.

Startingover61 Fri 14-May-21 12:15:52

Like it or not, Camilla is Charles’s wife and one day we expect him to be King, so she’s likely to be his Queen Consort. Personally, I have a lot of time for Camilla and it’s evident that she and Prince Charles are ideally suited. Her Reading Room on Instagram is a great success.

Anniebach Fri 14-May-21 12:20:41

Yes she should be queen Camilla, should all second wives not be allowed to take their husband’s surname? No difference

She should be queen consort as was the queen mother

Sarnia Fri 14-May-21 12:21:37

I think she should be Queen. Such a shame they didn't marry when much younger.

timetogo2016 Fri 14-May-21 12:26:40

Totaly agree Sarnia.

sodapop Fri 14-May-21 12:27:19

Queen Consort is exactly right for her future role. I think Charles is much happier now he is married to Camilla and I like her no nonsense approach.

Soozikinzi Fri 14-May-21 12:29:03

Not Queen but consort would be ok

Blossoming Fri 14-May-21 12:31:47

I don’t really care.

vegansrock Fri 14-May-21 12:34:58

Can one of you constitutional experts tell me what would happen if Charles died tomorrow would Andrew then become the heir? As next son of monarch?

Daisend1 Fri 14-May-21 12:41:40

Like Catherine, when William becomes king. Camilla will be consort.

jacqrose Fri 14-May-21 12:42:50

I couldn't care less what she would be called but in answer to your question vegansrock I think William would still be the next in line.

Juno56 Fri 14-May-21 12:43:35

I don't claim to be a constitutional expert vegansrock but no it won't be Andrew, it will be William.
As far as the OP, Camilla will be Queen Consort as the wife of the King. Whether she will be publicly known as Queen Camilla is another matter, I hope she is.

Mapleleaf Fri 14-May-21 12:43:59

I saw on either a tv article or newspaper article, that it has long been decided that she will be known officially as Princess consort rather than Queen consort in respect for Diana. I don't know how true this is though. Personally, I have no objection to her title being Queen consort, but I imagine many might feel unhappy about that.

eazybee Fri 14-May-21 12:44:47

No. Prince William is Charles' direct heir, followed by Prince George, then possibly Princess Charlotte, as the rules governing female inheritance have changed, then Prince Louis.

Redhead56 Fri 14-May-21 12:45:09

William is next in line to be king if Charles died.

Mapleleaf Fri 14-May-21 12:47:31

Sorry calendargirl - I've more or less repeated what you have said - I only read the first few posts, I should have read on. 😁

eazybee Fri 14-May-21 12:48:53

As for Camilla being Queen, either crowned or consort, it wouldn't bother me now, although it did at first. Out of all the trials and tribulations, and they were guilty parties, they have come out best and seem the happiest. Life is strange , isn't it?

Alima Fri 14-May-21 12:58:22

I would be fine with Camilla becoming Queen when Charles takes the throne. They appear ideally suited and as mentioned by sodapop , Sarnia and timetogo2016 it is a shame they did not marry when they were younger. Have found myself thinking today, after yet more “stuff” from PH being aired for all and sundry to hear, if Camilla had given birth to PC’s sons the younger one especially would be far less woke with all that entails. But hey, who am I to have an opinion.

EllanVannin Fri 14-May-21 13:05:27

I agree Alima.