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busybee6969 Thu 03-Jun-21 09:01:40

hi in a controlled relationship.i do everything he sits watching tv eating,dad died end last year his house is nearly sold,im buying one with that money just for me, keeping it quiet. i think he will get violent ,so planning to get house we are decluttering ours to sell very soon he knows that,but he does not know we are splitting up, im scared he will hurt me, so this way is safer,only telling him at last minute,ours should sell fast,then give him half our value,anyone done similar

Mattsmum2 Fri 04-Jun-21 17:58:48

So glad you are looking forward and getting out of this relationship. All I will say is make sure you have all your documents safe. My ex stole my passport, mobile phone and marriage certificate that were in our safe. He says he didn’t but he was the only other one with access to it. I also was scared he would take my keys so I slept with them and my purse with credit cards etc. Best of luck, please let us all know you are safe xx

M0nica Sat 05-Jun-21 10:29:59

Come back to us, once you are away, and let us know that you have made your escape and are safe and well.

wondergran Sat 12-Jun-21 06:37:43

I am so glad that you have this escape plan in place. Please sort out all the legalities. If you are married then all assets will have to be shared. Please get advice as to any claim he may potentially have on your new property. Will his share of your current house sale be enough for him to buy somewhere to live? If not, then he may try to get to your inherited house. I truly hope that you can leave him and be safe and happy but please ensure that you have looked into the legal aspect so you can move on and have peace of mind.

sodapop Sat 12-Jun-21 09:19:05

No news from busybee hope she is ok.

busybee6969 Sat 12-Jun-21 19:20:24

no news yet house sale still going through,busy decluttering our house which is going on the market very soon he know this,but does not know we are splitting up,i think he will react badly so for my safety keeping quiet,estate agents doing photos on our house coming tuesday, and up for sale few days after.they think it will sell quickly near 3 local schools for everyage group,got 2 lovely gardens,drive newish kitchen,just needs a decorate all through,fingers crossed it will sell quick,im decluttering at charity shops etc,will update soon thank you