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Do your husband have any say in what you wear?

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Itsawelshthing Fri 16-Jul-21 19:56:52

Probably comes across random but my husband and I have completely different tastes in clothes which is fine, I couldn't care less what he wears really. I am more of a casual wearer ie. jeans, a plain top with a few patterns on it maybe, and a cardigan to throw on if I feel a bit chilly and a simple maxi dress if it's warm outside. I am always hygienic, my hair is neat and tidy, I honestly like to keep plain and simple and have always been like that. I am not into frilly blouses or chiffon tops or them posh dresses. They look lovely but they're just not for me. My husband seems to always comment on what I wear, saying that am I really wearing this/that when we're about to head out, to which I say yes so what? Then he says I need to really get an updated wardrobe hmm and when we go shopping and end up in the clothe aisle, he is always looking at the woman's section saying I would look nice in this and that and I just thought, FGS I only came here to get some milk! How did we end up in the clothing aisle lol! I think he must be ashamed of what I wear or he is bored of me. I remember when single life is much easier and more independent grin

threexnanny Mon 27-Sep-21 17:42:07

No, he does not have any say in what clothing I wear, but will compliment me if he likes something. However, he does remark on my footwear. 'Are you going to be able to walk in those?' That has more to do with me stumbling while holding his arm than any fashion sense though.