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My DS says I'm old and eccentric

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Romola Sun 22-Jan-23 15:17:48

My DS has been to visit me this weekend, DiL being away working.
The weather is really cold and I'm wearing a thermal vest, cotton roll-neck and a really thick cardie. also thick socks and tights under a warm skirt. The central heating is on and I'm not cold.
DS arrived wearing a t-shirt and a thin jumper more suitable imo for a warmish day in April. I have still got one jumper which belonged to his father, my deceased DH, which I offered him but he declined.
He said I should be heating the house more and that it would "make me happier" if I did.
I said that I was fine with the heating, plus gas fir if required, since I do wear suitable clothes for the season.
He said "Mummy, you are old and eccentric."
In truth, I think he's the eccentric one.

Riverwalk Sun 22-Jan-23 15:30:24

I'm wearing a thermal vest, cotton roll-neck and a really thick cardie. also thick socks and tights under a warm skirt. The central heating is on and I'm not cold.

That's a lot of clothing to be wearing indoors - and you have the heating on so I'm not surprised that you're not cold!

HowVeryDareYou Sun 22-Jan-23 15:34:30

You are wearing quite a lot of clothes for indoors. My husband wears t-shirts in the house. Our heating is on from 8am to 9pm.

VioletSky Sun 22-Jan-23 15:35:28

Eccentric is a massive compliment as far as I'm concerned

M0nica Sun 22-Jan-23 15:37:04

What is wrong in being considered old and eccentric? Our children have been saying we are eccentric for decades.

In fact when DS was 14 he came home from school one day and said to me 'I am so glad I have eccentric parents' and wandered off. It quite took me by surprise, I thought we were fairly run-of-the-mill.

However both children, now AC, seem to think we are eccentric - and consider it a virtue. So I have given up wondering why and just accept it.

AS for age - that is a matter of fact. If you are over 60, you are in the last third of your life so you are old.

So Romola take it as a compliment. If it is any help, I am dressed almost exactly as you are, the stove is lit and take no notice of anything your DS says.

Baggs Sun 22-Jan-23 15:39:45

I'm wearing a short-sleeved cotton t-shirt, a long-sleeved cotton roll neck, a thin acrylic jumper, and a thick Norwegian cardigan. I have two pairs of socks on (one cotton, one vicuña wool) and some ancient elk-leather mocsasinny things.

I also have a blanket around my feet.

Heating's on but I've let the wood-stove burn down.

This is standard wear indoors for me all winter unless I'm busy with something physical.

Whadyamean, it's a lot to wear indoors? 😁

Baggs Sun 22-Jan-23 15:41:26

What has wearing layers got to do with eccenticity?

Fleurpepper Sun 22-Jan-23 15:41:38


Eccentric is a massive compliment as far as I'm concerned

oh yes - and accepted with pride and joy.

Baggs Sun 22-Jan-23 15:43:19

I think my response to such a son comment would be along the lines of, well you're young and silly.

Gingster Sun 22-Jan-23 15:43:31

Thermal T shirt, thick jumper, thermal leggings with fleece trousers over them , thick socks. Heating on spasmodically.
This is normal as far as I’m concerned.
When I sit down to watche tv I’ll have a warm blanket over me with a hot water bottle. Bliss!

Oreo Sun 22-Jan-23 15:51:44

You’re not eccentric, we have a log fire going and heating on low and I’m wearing a woollen dress with a vest style top under it and leggings, very cosy.
As for old, bit cheeky really from your DS.

M0nica Sun 22-Jan-23 15:53:40

The Energy Saving Trust recommends heating your home to between 18 to 21 degrees celsius during winter. And The World Health Organisation (WHO) suggests 18 degrees is the ideal temperature for healthy and well-dressed people. Both agree this is also the ideal temperature for sleeping.

Our thermostat is set immutably at 18.5 degrees, which is within the recommended range, /7/365. We do not ever change it. Despite that I feel far colder inside on a freezing cold (outside) day than I do on a warmer sunny day.

So today, with the exterior temperature below 5 degrees and the temperature inside 18.5 degrees, I am dressed the same way as Romola and Baggs. Were the external temperature around 10 degrees and the internal temperature unchanged, I would be wearing several layers less.

In fact I like being all wrapped up in lots of layers, it is the warnth and coziness. I much prefer it to thinner more summery clothes.

Baggs Sun 22-Jan-23 15:59:53

Tell your DS, if he makes such comments again, that if he pays the heating bills you'll warm the house to his requirements.

Grannybags Sun 22-Jan-23 16:16:41

You don't sound eccentric to me. I'm wearing a similar amount of layers.

Nothing wrong with being eccentric anyway!

foxie48 Sun 22-Jan-23 16:17:54

I'm wearing a thin long sleeved base top under a fleece top, leggings under a pair of trousers and thick ski socks. It's 18C in the kitchen and although my body is warm, my hands get cold so I have a pair of Montane liner gloves to pop on which I can type in. My daughter wouldn't dare call me eccentric as she's just come back from hiking up a mountain in the snow in a temp of -15C. Now that's eccentric! I'm happy to be called old though.

GagaJo Sun 22-Jan-23 16:20:27

Well, age is just chronology. As to putting the heating on more, it's not sensible because it's too expensive, and not ecological either!

Millie22 Sun 22-Jan-23 16:26:36

I don't think 60 is that old. Middle aged surely 🤔

Norah Sun 22-Jan-23 16:27:16

Gracious. He's a bit eccentric himself.

It is really cold. I'm wearing a vest, warm long-sleeve cotton roll neck, wool jumper, flannel lined jeans, wool socks, slippers. Appropriate IMO.

CH is on and both wood fireplaces are roaring. I'm warm.

GagaJo Sun 22-Jan-23 16:43:56


I don't think 60 is that old. Middle aged surely 🤔

If you're going to live to 120! I'm almost an OAP and I haven't hit 60 yet.

GagaJo Sun 22-Jan-23 16:45:41

Long sleeved t-shirt. Jersey cardigan. Zip up knitted cardigan. Long fleece zip up robe (what ARE these things called?). Dressing gown.

I'm not cold in a house with no heating on all day. Utility bills are only about £40 a month more than last year.

biglouis Sun 22-Jan-23 16:54:36

Im wearing a thin cotton sweater with a long kaftan over it and thick socks. Heating is on but not full. Earlier I was taking photos by the kitchn door but wearing a thick fleecy robe with hood and fingerless gloves.

Someone very wise once said to me:-

If you are poor and behave in a different way you are odd or crazy. However if you appear to have money and are well educated you are eccentric.

I am definitely eccentric and have been so for years.

Iam64 Sun 22-Jan-23 17:10:40

Thermal long sleeved vest, fleece jumper, thick loose cord type trousers, thick slipper socks - sleeveless fleece was taken off whilst I got warm hoovering and laying the fire, w hi h is now burning merrily. Ch on in kitchen and hall. Fire here in the sitting room.

I apologised to one if my daughters pals when she first visited for the first time, about how untidy the place was. They were studying drama at A level - which may explain why her response was ‘I love it, it’s so bohemian, I’ve always wanted to live in a bohemian house ‘
Take eccentric as a compliment Romola

JaneJudge Sun 22-Jan-23 17:16:52

It was minus 6 here this morning, so you’ve dressed for the weather. If you were doing cart wheels in a bikini he may have had a point

Romola Sun 22-Jan-23 17:25:10

Thanks to all of you who say that they're wearing much the same as I am.
I am 77 so yes I am old.
Eccentric? Others must judge, as real eccentrics don't see themselves as such.

SueDonim Sun 22-Jan-23 17:46:16

I too think being called eccentric is a compliment. Though we’ve a way to go before we’re as eccentric as my late MIL. grin

For the record, I’m wearing a thermal long-sleeve top, cashmere jumper, thermal leggings and jeans, socks and sheepskin slippers. It’s warmed up outside, to +5 today and it’s 22deg in the kitchen. The slow cooker has been on and it’s nice and cosy in here.