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Christians in the USA

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vampirequeen Sat 28-Jul-12 19:52:56

I had a friend who joined one of the American Warehouse Evangelical churches that have come over here. I say had because as they got their claws into her she broke contact with all her friends who were not members of the church. Before she broke contact she told us some things. Basically all the things that are wrong in your life are either your fault for not having sufficient faith or the work of the Devil.

If it's your lack of faith it's your responsibility and if it's the Devil you need to pray harder for help to fight him.

Either way it's your problem so deal with it.

Jesus would be spinning in his grave if he had one.

Joan Sat 28-Jul-12 14:30:03

I suppose Christ would get short shrift with those 'Christians', being a poor itinerant with a bad attitude to authority, a person who objected to legitimate money trading, a person who healed people when the authorities decreed he should not, a person who made everyone share their food (loaves and fishes), a person who approved of helping foreigners as in the good Samaritan, a person who valued a poor person's contribution more than a rich person's as in the widow's mite......oh yes, and the Sermon on the Mount: positively Marxist that one!!!

No - he'd be sent back to Galilee as an illegal immigrant.

absentgrana Sat 28-Jul-12 13:42:35

It might have something to do with the American Dream – anyone can achieve anything in America. Of course, it's really an American myth but the converse is that if you haven't achieved something, you didn't try hard enough.

tanith Sat 28-Jul-12 13:19:00

Because when it comes to the 'poor', they see 'poor immigrant', lots of illegals in the USA , and those that have, don't want to pay more taxes for what they see as scroungers of the system many of them illegal claiming free health care etc... and they see rightly or wrongly that Obama is supporting those who are poorer than the norm.. what they forget is almost all 'Americans' were immigrants way back..

Greatnan Sat 28-Jul-12 13:06:15

I am puzzled. Presumably American Christians believe in their founder's views on compassion and the poor, so why do they do everything they can to block any attempt by Obama to give better medical care to the poor. Do they think that a person who becomes ill and loses their poorly paid job must be undeserving of medical care!