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Is It Just Me...?

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Anniebach Thu 24-Dec-20 10:52:49

King James Bible

Luke 2.7. And laid him in a manger because there was no room for them in the inn.

MawBe Thu 24-Dec-20 10:48:52

No, it’s got to be an Inn, like this one perhaps.

FannyCornforth Thu 24-Dec-20 10:43:50

And an 'Innkeeper' is, of course, vital to The Nativity!
What would the Guest House equivalent be? The 'Proprietor'? tchconfused

Luckygirl Thu 24-Dec-20 10:38:44

Premier Inn would be better.

vampirequeen Thu 24-Dec-20 10:35:35

Oooh no it has to be 'inn'. Guest House just doesn't work. Sounds like a seaside bandb

Calendargirl Thu 24-Dec-20 08:32:56

Mmm, WWm2, no, don’t think teetotal!

In normal circumstances, wine is served at Communion.


Whitewavemark2 Thu 24-Dec-20 08:18:50

May be the service was run by a tee total group. Inn with its association to alcohol was unacceptable so guest house with afternoon tea was more acceptable🙂

petra Thu 24-Dec-20 08:07:39

According to the Bible society and Sandi on QI last night the bible states that there was no 'rooms' at the guest house.
So assuming that they were only able to offer 'room' where the animals were kept. Which was normal for the time.

M0nica Thu 24-Dec-20 07:55:31

Why guesthouse? Not a common use word, usually B&B, AirbNB, small hotel.

But I agree, a quite unnecessary change from 'Inn'

Calendargirl Thu 24-Dec-20 07:52:28

Went to a Drive-In Carol Service the other night.

One of the readings made reference not to ‘No room at the inn’, but to ‘No room at the guest house’.

I know we have to move on, but.....

At least I didn’t hear mention of Baby Jesus being dressed in a babygro.