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Is this God's plan

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polomint Thu 11-Feb-21 11:45:15

I dont mean to offend anyone, but do you think this coronavirus is part of God's plan to change our lives? There is so much violence , greed, drugs, immorality etc that I've thought of the cities of sodom and gomorrah that God destroyed due to them being so corrupt

Peasblossom Thu 11-Feb-21 11:48:44

He’s going to be very cross about the vaccine then.

25Avalon Thu 11-Feb-21 11:52:53

If He sent the virus then He will also have sent the vaccine Peasblossom.

rosie1959 Thu 11-Feb-21 11:53:59

I do hope not why would a loving God get pleasure at wiping out so many OAPs because they are the biggest sufferers

Peasblossom Thu 11-Feb-21 11:55:58

All part of his mysterious ways I guess.

timetogo2016 Thu 11-Feb-21 12:00:13

Noooooo,he`s sent far too much good/happiness/love etc to do that to us.

Peasblossom Thu 11-Feb-21 12:02:49

This is what Jesus said:

Be children of your Father in heaven. For he causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good and sends rain on the righteousness and unrighteousness.

Mapleleaf Thu 11-Feb-21 12:06:35

No, I think it’s a lot more to do with the way human beings live these days - travel to any part of the world is possible (in normal times), so that opens up the spread of diseases to a much wider area in a shorter space of time.

Also, as a species, we are destroying and exploiting our natural resources at an alarming rate, and wiping out other species without much thought in our ever increasing desire to destroy the rainforest, exploit the polar regions, intensively farm, and spread ourselves all over, etc, etc. Something has to give, so perhaps it’s natures attempt to try to balance things out a bit.

BigBertha1 Thu 11-Feb-21 12:07:58

I have wondered that myself polomint although I'm agnostic anyway. I think it might be Mother Nature pointing out a few timely lessons.

keepingquiet Thu 11-Feb-21 12:12:06

I don't believe God interferes that directly into our petty human lives. I like to believe things happen so that we can enter more closely into His Divine life.

Peasblossom Thu 11-Feb-21 12:12:34

It’s not God or Mother Nature giving us lessons.

It’s just simple cause and effect. Over populate any species and disease spreads.

No need for any higher power.

maddyone Thu 11-Feb-21 12:15:18

No, I don’t think it’s part of God’s plan. I know exactly where I would put the blame, and it’s not God.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 11-Feb-21 12:15:24


I dont mean to offend anyone, but do you think this coronavirus is part of God's plan to change our lives? There is so much violence , greed, drugs, immorality etc that I've thought of the cities of sodom and gomorrah that God destroyed due to them being so corrupt

But the violence, greed, drugs etc. are still there aren’t they and now we have the Pandemic as well.
If there is a God maybe he should start by destroying the evil ones with the Pandemic and leave the good ones unscathed? But he hasn’t.
However, it’s a Faith thing and there are always ways of talking ourselves out of trying to reason why God doesn’t destroy drug cartels and lets them thrive and yet small children die to Cancer, and still believe that there is a good and just God.
Believers will believe.

Elegran Thu 11-Feb-21 12:19:36

Going by Peasblossom's quote, God is not out to punish. The CoVid virus, in any case, is a natural phenomenon, not "sent by God" . It came about because of a combination of circumstances - the presence of various viruses in animals and humans, the close coexistence of those viruses where humans and animals were living at close quarters, the ability of viruses to combine and exchange genetic material, and the human habit of exploring and visiting other places, made easier and quicker by efficient modern transport and the availability of the energy sources to do so.

Centuries ago, travelling was expensive and hard work, and it took a long time to get from A to B. If you caught a disease while in a foreign land, you probably died and were buried there, or you died on the way home and were buried at sea. Perhaps those unexplained abandoned ships (Marie Celeste etc) had held people who died one by one and were pitched overboard, and the last one fell over the side?

With improvements in boat design and more exploration it was more likely that a disease rampant in one country spread to another, and more concentrated centres of population spread it faster. Air travel takes people round the globe in the time it took to travel a few hundred miles, and the fashion for holidays and stag/hen parties in exotic places meant more and more people regard the world as their back garden. That spreads illnesses as well as a taste for new foods!

God isn't to blame for human actions.

Georgesgran Thu 11-Feb-21 12:22:54

I’m with peasblossom - just overpopulation and overcrowding. In the 80’s a Swedish visitor once said ‘that kept in small numbers, rats are clean animals - but once overcrowded, they get diseased, turn on themselves and create mayhem’. Perhaps that could translate into populations?
I’m not a believer, so any God talk’s lost on me.

Blossoming Thu 11-Feb-21 12:30:25

I expect it’s ineffable. Just like the Uk Government’s coronavirus strategy.

polomint Thu 11-Feb-21 12:45:04

Well the devil also has power, so is it the devil's work?

rosie1959 Thu 11-Feb-21 12:47:22

I am agnostic but doubt this virus has anything to do with a God of any persuasion. If there was a God surely he would want to heal the world and quickly

Witzend Thu 11-Feb-21 12:51:01

If you believe in such things, I’d be more inclined to think of Satan enjoying an evil cackle about what he unleashed.

Might add that in Sharia-law Aceh, where a dd worked for a couple of years in the aftermath, divine retribution was said by various clerics to be the cause of the 2004 tsunami.
It was entirely the people’s fault for allowing such ungodly things as cinemas and swimming pools.
Nowt to do with geology.

Luckygirl Thu 11-Feb-21 12:56:07

It is not part of anyone's plan. It is just how the world is organised: survival of the fittest rules. At the moment the virus is the fitter, but we are fighting back.

One could go back a stage and ask by whom or why was the world set up in this way, but I have no answer to that and neither does anyone else.

We just have to accept and get on with the fight against the enemy.

PamelaJ1 Thu 11-Feb-21 12:56:13

Well Jehovas Witnesses do.
Last January we were on our way to Australia. We were on the tube on the way to HR when an incident in our carriage started a conversation with the woman sitting opposite us.
I told her where we were going and we had our masks for the fires. This was just before the Corona virus was beginning to be understood.
Then we heard all about ‘the plan’ and she left us with a leaflet.

3nanny6 Thu 11-Feb-21 13:00:14

Polomint I am not offended by your question.

My thought on this Covid back in Feb/March are this.

Pestilence or plague, in Hebrew tongue. The Hebrew word which properly signifies "the plague" is extended to all epidemical and contagious diseases.
The prophets usually connect together the sword, the pestilence and the famine as the three evils and the three evils usually accompany each other.
People that read the Bible will know of many plagues that have been sent it is anyones choice to believe or not to believe.

cornishpatsy Thu 11-Feb-21 13:04:58

Causing death to the elderly and economic disaster for the young means you have a cruel god.

More to do with people travelling therefor spreading the virus.

polomint Thu 11-Feb-21 13:25:21

Yes each to their own way of thinking. We either believe in God or we don't. I'm a believer and just wondered what other peoples perspective on the virus from a religious point of view was, if any. Maybe you havnt given it a second thought but being in lockdown makes you think of things from different angles. I believe we will get through all this and I hope the world will be a better place eventually

Greeneyedgirl Thu 11-Feb-21 13:46:17

Well if you are religious I suppose it makes sense to look to a higher power for answers.

Personally I think our level of knowledge has progressed from thinking that god/gods may be angry with us and send natural phenomena such as earthquakes and disease to destroy us, or teach us a lesson.

As previous posters have pointed out there are perfectly rational explanations as to why for example the coronavirus has appeared.